How I Missed You.

Isabella and James have been best friends since they were born. But when Isabella moves away, how do they cope?

Now, Nine years later, James is in high school and Isabella is far away. Their mothers are keeping secrets from them, but about what they don't know.
  1. One of Those Days
    This first bit is just a bit of background information
  2. The Test
    James has a few problems with his grades.
  3. The Phone Call
    Is James' mother keeping secrets from him?
  4. The Phone Call
    Isabella's point of view
  5. Plans
    James has a weird dream
  6. Just Like Old Times
    We plung deeper into Isabella's present life.
  7. A Change for the Better
    Isabella and Jamie get closer
  8. Defensive Much?
    We meet James' other friends, but are they really his friends?
  9. Awkward Small Talk
    James starts to think about what Arianna said
  10. A Change in Schedule
    Guess who's standing on my front lawn!
  11. One of the Good Ones
  12. Who said that?
    I looked up from my shoes and gasped. This couldn’t be happening.
  13. Reunion
    It was, but it couldn’t be, but it was.
  14. Pretend it Never Happened.
    It happened when it shouldn't have and now everything is different.
  15. It was worth it, but it wasn't.
    Isabella and James are sick, but it wasn’t the ice creams fault.
  16. Greetings Stranger
    Isabella meets James's friends.
  17. A Picture Says a Thousand Words
    Isabella askes James for a favour.
  18. Alright, you don't have to be so pushy!
    Jacob makes James uncomfortable and Isabella confused
  19. Rain Check.
    Mitchie gets in on the 'secret'
  20. Wide Screens and Facial Expressions.
    I know it's none of my business but I just had to tell you.
  21. Did you ever think that maybe you were wrong?
    My anger flared, so that’s why he liked her!
  22. You’re in for it now.
    I'm falling faster, but I don't see the ground coming any closer.
  23. How was I supposed to know that would happen?
    Pretending otherwise was never a good idea.
  24. Unspoken Words.
    We all know it's better to ask for forgiveness than beg for permission.
  25. Don’t speak if you have nothing to say.
    “I see a bunny!” “No, it’s clearly the devil.”
  26. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll stay out of my way.
    Private tour.
  27. I Know, I'm Stubborn
    Never forget
  28. I want my Mummy!
    I'm very observant on some occasions...but this is not one of those occasions.
  29. In the Dark
    When the world turns upside down, I stay standing upright.
  30. Call it Friend's Intuition.
    ......And begins......
  31. The Mysterious Caller
    Look into the dark and there you will find...the terrifying truth.
  32. Pessimistic
    We all have our moments
  33. It's a Mouse!
    Tell me, where exactly did that come from?