Sequel: The Forbidden Baby

Daddy's Little Doll.

Peyton has a huge secret.
A secret only her and her dad knows.
Her daddy loves to touch her.
Ever since her mother died before Peyton turned six her father started to "comfort" himself with her.
As soon as she realized that Daddies and Daughters don't normally do that she became distant.
She went to summer camp and meet Dylan Merr.
She fell in love with him and they kept going to camp for a couple of years until it was the summer before twelfth grade.
Dylan wanted to take it a step further and they did.
Peyton found out she was pregnant and when she told him he didn't talk to her.
Her father kept her home until she could deliver the baby and she had to keep her.
Her name is Maybell.
Now Peyton has to go back to school.
She's going to began the twelfth grade.
  1. My name is Peyton Mercy.
    Descibing Me.
  2. His Name is Marc Rider.
    Looking at him.
  3. Her name is Maybell Mercy.
    Being exposed.
  4. My grandparents love me.
    Sleepy days.
  5. Her name was Maybell June Mercy.
    Missing her.
  6. I am a teenage mother.
    Say something jackassed.
  7. His car is green.
    A ride home.
  8. His name is Dylan Merr.
    Missing Dylan.
  9. His favorite place is the kitchen.
    I hate this, I hate me.
  10. I made a cut.
    Beating is better.
  11. Cyrano de Bergerac.
    Roxane the Harlot.
  12. I should know her name.
    I will not be seduced.
  13. Her name is Trinity.
    This is Halloween.
  14. The Author is Unknown.
    "Sex without love is merely healthy exercise." -Robert Heinlein
  15. His sport is Lacrosse.
    Sports are violent.
  16. They want to babysit.
    A mall visit.
  17. I forget the malls name.
    Meeting and Almost Beating.
  18. My heart wishs just to know, what it's like.
  19. His parents?
    Surprise and Getting kicked out.
  20. What is her name?
    Why am I angry?
  21. I am a mother.
    I have these feelings too.
  22. I know who she is.
    I bet his sheets are silk.
  23. Death has no name.
    I wish death was easier.
  24. There were alot of names.
    Maybe if Juliet never had to be alone.
  25. My feelings are called love.
    Living is only good with them two.
  26. She thinks of him as a novel star.
    Thank god you did it yeah it's done.
  27. My grandmothers name is Millie.
    I wish he would call..
  28. How did we get here?
    I hate sunlight.
  29. One of the Nurses names is Lenore.
    After School Activities.
  30. Hitting isn't an answer.
    Bruise and cuts.
  31. His relatives are nice.
    Don't worry I'll be gone when the morning comes.
  32. Are Swiss army knifes swiss?
    I don't want a cut.
  33. The name of the supermarket is SuperQwik.
    This cold.
  34. Love really has no name.
    This is what he had to say.
  35. This is an ending chapter.
    Life is normal.
  36. My heart does ache.
    I hurt him really bad.
  37. He is a cheater too.
    A little bit of love.
  38. I want to run to California.
    I need you to spill your guts.
  39. I am Peyton Mercy.
    An unfortunate event.