The pain of just your simple touch

Leave me here to die

walked through the halls; my head was down, my hair falling into one eye.
I spoke to no one, and no one spoke to me.
My books pressed on my skin with unbearable pressure; I bit my lip to ignore the pain.
I opened my locker and placed my books inside. I pretended to be looking for something ands lifted the sleeve to my black hoodie that I wore everyday except weekends, unless I went out, with me, that’s just about never.
The parts of my skin that were cut into an intricate bracelet of crosses and daggers were red and swollen. The rest of my arm had random hearts, half healed, but still painful.
I sighed and left my locker, slinging my bag over my shoulders.

I walked out into the cold sunlight and shielded my eyes from its bright light with my hood. I put on my head phones and let Billy Talent pour into my ears, the music blocked the footsteps, my bag blocked the forceful shove from behind, my sore and cut arms blocked my face from the cement. The ear buds slipped out of my ears and shouts filled them.
“Stupid little emo! Why don’t you just fucking leave? We don’t want you here so either get a life, or take yours!” I was greeted by a kick to the face and random strikes all over my body. I felt a pain I'd felt before, metal on my skin. They lifted the fabric of my sleeve and had cut my wrist. Fuckers better not have screwed up my bracelet. I rolled on to my back once their footsteps had faded. I tried to sit up but it hurt too much. I smiled that insane smile I got every time I wanted to kill myself. I guess I'll just lay here until someone comes by, or a murderer or a rapist, then they'd move me. Knowing my luck,that'd be what would happen.

I heard footsteps running towards me, or maybe it was just my imagination. I felt a hand upon my face, i leaned into the touch.
"Are you alright?" They asked. I groaned, i was too sore to speak.
"I'll get you fixed up." They Wrapped an arm around my shoulders and got me to my feet.
"Can you stand for a second?" I nodded. They turned, i knew it they were gonna run. No, he reached over his shoulders for my hands and let me wrap my arms around his neck, then he lifted me onto his back and carried me out of the park, to a little dark house.
Fuck, I knew it was too good to be true