The pain of just your simple touch

You Are in SO Much Trouble

Frank led me to a simple room, a bed and a dresser.
“Um, I think I have some clothes that’ll fit you.” He said smirking, and then leaving me in the room, I wanted to just plop down and sleep, but I was soaked. So I sat on the floor till Frank came back.

”Here, these should be good…” Frank walked in and handed me a shirt and loose black pants. I stood up and laid them on the bed. He just kinda stood there watching me.
“Frank, you think I can get some privacy please?” He gave me a smug grin.
“I could, but I’m not sure I want to.” He wrapped his hands around my waist and kissed my neck, biting is softly then kissing up my jaw line.
“Frankie, I’m tired, please.” I pouted. He gave me a final peck on the lips and looked down into my eyes.
“K Hun, and Frankie?” He tilted his head a bit.
“Yeah, I like it. It’s very… you.” I said smiling; he nodded and kissed my cheek.
“I’ll see you in the morning doll, night.” He called
“Night love.” I whispered back.
With that, I slid into the warm, dry clothes and lay down in the bed, drifting to sleep almost instantly.

Wow, I'm surprised you haven’t screwed up yet you stupid failure. You’re not good enough to be happy, you won’t last a week.

My dreams consisted of the usual argument between the voices and ended in me getting a horrid sleep. I didn’t care, cause I woke up to Frank laying beside me.

“Frank Iero, you are in so much trouble you won’t believe.” He popped up and his eyes went wide. His mom was standing in the door.