The pain of just your simple touch

But I Thought...

“Mom, this is, no, not what you’re thinking.” I left my face emotionless, trying not to stare at his bare chest. She gave him a glare.
“Oh is it now? Then what is it?” She questioned.
“I could hear her crying or something in her sleep so I came in while she was sleeping to keep her company and make her feel safer. That’s it.” He said calmly, he sounded truthful.
“Fine, but no more! Not for the whole night and not unless I know.” She turned and left the room, closing the door behind her.
“I was crying…?” I whispered. He looked over and nodded I turned and looked out the window, I couldn’t see any light. I was shivering, the shirt he gave me was really thin, and it was really fucking cold. He wrapped his arms around me, resting his chin gently on my collar.
“Want something to eat?” I nodded, but I didn’t want to move. But he dragged me onto my feet and led me down the hall to a small kitchen; there was coffee in a pot and a note on the table. It was folded in half to hide its contents. Frank put two cups of black coffee on the table, and put down a bowl of sugar and a spoon. I sat down on one of the chairs and watched him in silence as he slowly put 2 waffles in the toaster, and he argued with it for not working. Until he realized he didn’t plug it in. I managed to keep my giggles at bay. He sat down across the table from me, putting 2 scoops of sugar in his coffee and practically swallowing half of it in one sip. I hadn’t even come close to drinking that much. He looked up and stared in my eyes.
“Um, Rina… I-” He was interrupted by the door opening loudly and someone stomping through the house towards the kitchen. Franks eyes closed, and a tear had formed at the edges of his eyelids.
“Frank, why the fuck are you up? And who’s your little friend here?” The man’s voice was harsh and scary. When he said that he gave me a look, but one that creped me out.
“She’s my Friend and I have to go to school-” The man cut him off, again.
“So your little whore of a friend came this early, just to go to school with you? When the fuck did you start going to school?” He laughed at frank, and I wanted to hit him for calling me a whore.
“Don’t you dare call her a whore and I started to go once you had to leave, which I wish would have been longer than what, a fucking week?” He snapped.
“You watch your tongue, I’m your father and you’ll treat me with respect, cause your little Whore and your mother wont always be around to save your sorry ass.” He growled, holding Frank’s chin in his hand.
“Fucking try it.” He growled back. His father dropped his hand and stormed off in the direction he was headed.

I went to say something but frank just picked u our bags from the floor, shoved the note in his pocket and went off outside. I followed quietly, ad worried behind him. I grabbed his arm, he spun around.
”What!” He yelled. I flinched on impulse, he didn’t say anything.
“I’m sorry, but you’re scaring me, what’s going on?” I said, almost crying, his
“You want to know whats going on? Then fine, remember what jay did to you, my DAD beat me on a daily basis, kept me home from school since I was ‘of age’ and has been raping since then. My mom finally had the sense to call the Cops, but no, they couldn’t prove it, so he’s off free, leaving me and my mom to suffer.” This time he was on his knees crying, and I was there beside him.
“I thought you moved, how did he find you?”
“Cause, we never moved, we thought we’d be fine and I guess we were wrong...”