The pain of just your simple touch

I Didn't Quite Get To Ask You Earlier...

“Frank, like you told me, if he does anything, I’ll call the cops.” He looked up and sighed.
“Doesn’t fucking matter, they wont do anything unless they can prove it. Otherwise that bastard will keep on beating me, and then move to my mother. I don’t think she can handle much more, and I love her to death, I want the best for her, but he obviously isn’t.” He got back on his feet. He spoke so highly of his mother, and it does seem like she’s a wonderful lady. I grabbed his hand.
“We’ll find a way to get him, you helped me, and so, I shall help you.” I gave his a kiss on his cheek and hugged him.
“We’ll find a way.” I let out a giggle, at a totally bad moment; he just looked so weird with his eyeliner dripping down his face.
“Laughing at me?” He scoffed. I nodded, and we started walking towards a park near our school.
We sat on the swings; the sun was just rising off in the distance. My watch read 6:15. Wow only what 2 more hours till we had to go to school? I looked over at Frank; he was digging in the sand with his shoes and looking down at the ground. The sun was outlining his slim form in a line of black and red. I mentally slapped myself for thinking like that so early, and after such a morning.
“Rina, I didn’t quite get to ask you earlier, but um, I wanted to ask you if, and I know it’s only been maybe a week since we met, but, do you want to go out with me?”