The pain of just your simple touch

It'd Kill Us Both

We walked in silence back across the street to the school, laying in the shadow cast by the buildings around it. I grabbed his hand that was lying at his side. He let out a sigh and followed me into the main office.
“I’m Frank Iero, my mom registered me a few days ago,” He said softly to the secretary.
“And you need?” She said quite rudely
“My schedule… so I can get to class?” he said slightly annoyed at her. She grabbed a slip from the printer and slapped it on the desk and went back to her typing.
I clung onto his hand like a little kid does when its afraid to get lost, I saw the people that had made me miss the past few days of school, it was around Wednesday now, I had been gone since about Friday. They shot me a look that was utterly priceless, but I still held on, for dear life as he led me through the halls I knew so well.
“ Frank, the bell isn’t going to ring for another… 15 minutes” He looked down at me and we stopped walking, he wrapped his arms around my waist and I did the same to him, he placed a soft kiss on my lips. I felt so secure in that few seconds, I just hoped he wouldn’t be so upset all the time, I don’t think I could handle the pain of seeing him like that, so upset, and acting so emotionless, it’d kill us both…