The pain of just your simple touch

The Plan

The day went on and it was antagonizingly boring, not to mention that after my missing of almost a week, I had plenty of work to catch up on. Overall it was quite un-eventful, asides from a few things pelting me in the head like eraser bits and broken pencil led, I didn’t hear and comments thanks to the music player I had been sneaking around all day.

After my fourth and final boring as all hell period of the day, I waited for my Frank at my locker. He smiled and gave me a kiss on the forehead. Secretly within I cursed my shortness, but didn’t want to get my head in an uproar.

On our walk home we stopped at a park along the way to talk, I just had to make him tell me anything, make some sort of plan to get rid of his father once and for all.
I decided to break the silence
“So that was what you slipped the day I spilled to you, when you said you didn’t want me to go through it too…”
He simply nodded. Then it hit me.
“I’ll sneak in your window and hide in your closet with a video camera, when he decides to do something, I’ll get it recorded, then that’s hard evidence against him! Frankie its perfect, please, we have to try it at least, I cant see you get hurt I know how you feel, and I don’t know what I would do if they came back, and your demon is back, and I’m gonna repay everything you’ve done for me, by saving you.”
A small smile grew across his face.
“Its worth a try isn’t it?”
“Fine Rina, we’ll do it.” He finally said.
“I promise, this will all be done and over with soon sweetie.”

Go ahead, make it seem like you care, I give it a few days before you cant stand not having a drink, cant stand another day without a joint. C’mon Rina give in; you know you’re the whore his dad thinks you are. You don’t really care about him, or what he’s going through. Don’t start to think that just cause they are gone for now their gone forever