The pain of just your simple touch

It Falls Apart

He walked through his house quickly and I slipped around back, I heard some shouting followed by an angry Frankie opening the window and pulling me in carefully. It hurt a lot more than I let on and cursed under my breath he looked terrified, like he thought something would go wrong, or he wouldn’t live to see his sad excuse for a father to be brought to justice.

“Are you ok?” I asked him.
His scared eyes stared back blankly. He turned a paler shade of white than he already is normally. He gave me a quick kiss on the forehead,
“Everything should be fine, I just don’t want to have to go through with it… but it’ll be for the best, for me, for my mom, for us, for the fucking world. Sweetie just, don’t make a peep.” He turned around and pulled a camera out of a drawer and handed it to me. “Just push this button as soon as he comes in and try to get good footage or it wont pass. Like I said, don’t make a sound please, not eve-”
There was a knock on his door,
“Frankie you fuck, open the door now.” His father’s drunken cries drowned out the warnings. Frankie pretty much stuffed me in the closet and slowly unlocked the door.
‘Beep’ the little sound came from the camera, and a red light flashed on.
I looked into the eyepiece and saw nothing, I cursed inside my head and started to panic.
“Frankie you little fuck head, I had to spend a week, A FUCKING WEEK, in there.” The sound of flesh on flesh rang out.

C’mon you little fuck up, don’t let the fucking plan go to waste, you little boy toy is about to get raped by his daddy right in front of you, and he thinks it will all be over right after, god knows if Frankie will be alive at the end of it, if not in the hospital.

I grabbed the lens and of course, lens cap was on. I pulled it off and could see perfectly. I saw the blood from the cut on Frankie’s cheek from his dads ring when he got slapped.

“C’mon little Frankie boy, you got a little break, even got a little pussy from your whore friend. Rina was it? You should invite her back over. Could have a little fun with her.” He was teasing Frank, pulling his hair, grabbing at his dick, laughing at the tears held back in Frank’s seemingly dead eyes. I tried to hold back the tears that were coming, from seeing the guy I love in so much pain, suffering so much, being killed on the inside, knowing how he felt and that he could do nothing, that I could do nothing but watch.

His father chomped down on Frank’s neck like a wolf on fresh meat. Frank tried to let out a cry of pain, but his father’s hand covered his mouth. When his father pulled his head back, there were bite marks. The flesh on his neck had gotten messed; I bit down on my lip to suppress my cries. Too bad for me, I didn’t do a very good job… next thing I knew… well his daddy was coming towards the closet, and here was me the ‘little whore,’ recording evidence to put his ass away. I hid it with the lens facing out inconspicuously next to me. Frankie was screaming at his dad, trying to stop him, but he couldn’t… he was too small, too weak, and too scared. The doors flew open and I was grabbed by my hair and dragged to the bed, where I was thrown at Frank, who grabbed me tightly.
“I’m sorry,” He whispered letting out his tears. All I could think was,
‘Fucking wonderful, here we go again!’