The pain of just your simple touch

Can I at Least Have Your Name First?

He slowly and gently laid me down on a bed, I thought overall the possible things he could do to me when he went to 'get me some ice'. I was amazed that when he came back, he did just that,only he had some alcohol and a rag to clean my cuts.
I held the Ice to my forehead and he grabbed my arm. I winced, the slight pressure hurt. I closed my eyes as he put some of the clear liquid onto the rag.
"This is gonna hurt." He sighed, pressing the rag onto the cut.
"OW FUCK." I screamed loud enough for the entire neighborhood to hear.He grabbed another bottle out and I tried to pull my wrist away, his grip was too strong. A cooling sensation ran through the pain, water, thank god.
"You know, that would hurt as bad if you didn't cut yourself so many times." He said as he lifted my shirt and cleaned up a bunch of little scrapes. He wrapped a strip of gauze and a tensor bandage around it.
I looked past him at a clock. 7:45
"Oh fuck. Kill me now." I groaned. He looked at me funny.
"Whats wrong?" I stood up in a panic, but came crashing down
"Wheres you're phone?" I barked at him.
"Here..." He handed me a phone from beside the bed. I Dialed my home number quickly.

"Hi mom, is it ok if I stay at a friends house tonight?"
I looked at um, fuck what was his name? and he nodded.
"You don't HAVE any friends you idiot."
"Yeah, I do. Her name is Laila."
"Fine, but your in for it from Jay"

I winced. He told me if i pulled any of my shit again, he'd rape me...
"What was that all about?" He asked,taking the phone from me. I looked away.
"N' nothing..."
"Bull shit, why did u ask to stay at "Laila's'?"
"Can I at least get your name first?"