The pain of just your simple touch

I'll Kill Myself

“Mhm, it's Frank.”
“So, spill.”
“Well, my mom is drunk as hell, her boyfriend is there... and I'm late, by a few hours.”
“You’d have gotten in trouble?”
“I am in trouble. I just wanted to put of going home till tomorrow.” I lied and hoped he believed me.
“If there’s anything you aren’t telling me, you know you can tell me.” He took my hand and sat beside me. He looked in my eyes I went to answer, I wanted to tell him, but I looked away.
“There’s nothing else.” I heard him sigh.
“I saw them, the bruises. I saw you when they attacked you, they never hit your legs, or your arms.” I pulled my knees in to my chest and cried. Jay was going to kill me, he had told me if I told anyone, he’d kill me.
“You can come here whenever you need to, k?” He gave me a hug and a tissue to wipe my eyes.
“But I have to call the police...” My eyes went open wide. I jumped on him,
“NO, no, no, no!” I reached for the phone in his hand
“Why not, that’s abuse, its my obligation and responsibility to call the cops, or an ambulance.” He yelled fighting me off of him.
“He’ll kill me, or I’ll kill myself.”I let myself fall onto him, I wrapped my arms around his neck and he wrapped his around my waist, I shuddered in pain when he did so.
“Sorry.” He whispered.
“I rolled off him and onto my back.”
“I wont call as long as you come here often and as long as nothing else happens.”
“K,” fuck. What am I supposed to do about tomorrow? He’ll see bruises.
“So, tell me about yourself.”He broke the silence.
“Well, I'm 15. I have no friends, I cut, and I get beat up all the time. My Moms a drunk, her boyfriend beats me, and this is probably the first conversation I’ve had with anyone in a long time...How bout you?” I laid against the wall and closed my eyes.
“I'm 16, I just moved here with my mom, my dad used to beat me, and well, he got arrested. So we moved here to forget all that stuff.”He tried to look in my eyes, I was staring out the window.
“So, why didn’t you just leave me? Like everyone else.”
“Cause. It made me sad to see someone as beautiful as you lying there, dying.” He said sweetly. I let a smile form on my lips.
“Thank you, that’s the first time I smiled in years.”
“Your welcome.” I leaned in and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He smiled back at me.
“I’m really tired, do you mind if I go to sleep?” He laughed,
“Yeah, of course.” I slipped under the covers and closed my eyes. I was sure he’d have slept in another room, but he laid down beside me, facing the door. I pressed myself up to the wall in a ball. I didn’t sleep well, my mind was racing in fear of what Jay would do to me.