The pain of just your simple touch

You're Ruining My Life

"That ought to teach you to defy us again you stupid whore."
He had left me naked on my bed, crying, bleeding, and bruised. I wanted to run away, run to Frank, but I couldn't. My windows were nailed shut, and my door was locked from the outside.
I wiped away my tears, crawling to the closet and getting myself dressed. I changed my sheets and left the other ones in the corner. I laid on my bed and stared out the window.

I reached for a box I hid under my bed, an assortment of needles, pins, knives, and razors were scattered within. I pulled out a pen and outlined a design. I grabbed a sharp looking razor and pressed it to my skin.
"You're ruining my life." I whispered. I glared at it, then threw it across the room. It struck the wall and fell to the floor. I heard the metal, it was so tempting.
Stop for him.
Why would you do that? He doesn't care about you.
I'm getting fucking sick of your bullshit, she doesn't NEED to feel anymore hatred.
So get a fucking clue and leave

How about I don't, this little whore ain't never gonna get rid of me, she is too weak, to weak to love, to weak to hate anyone but herself, too week to fight back, too weak to stop.

I wrapped my hands around my head
"Shut up shut up shut up!" I cried to myself.
I wanted to sleep,but that gave the voices free run. I wanted even more to go see Frank, and it killed me. I reached into my box and pulled out a knife, i slid the box back under my bed and walked to the window, carving out the wood around the nails, until they were far enough out for me to pull out easily. I dropped the 5 nails to the floor and quietly opened my creaky window. I pushed the screen out and set it down gently. I slipped out my feet, then fell out. I shut the window behind me.
"Frank, please be home." I whispered.
I snuck around the back of the abandoned house next door, then went out the gate on the other side. I stayed on the one side of the street and ran for it. The 10 minute walk took only 5. I stopped running at the end of Franks street, he was only a few houses down. He was sitting on the steps to his house smoking when I saw him.Then he was smoking while running towards me.
"Rina. How did you get away? Are you alright?" He said hugging my tightly. I winced, crying in pain.
"I'll tell you if you let go" I cried.
"I'm so sorry doll." He let me down and walked me to his house. Flicking the smoke away.
"I took the nails out of my window and ran for it, and, well, not really." I turned my head, i could bear to let him see me like this.
"Let me see what he did." He demanded.
"Inside.." He nodded, opening the door for me. He brought me to his familiar room, only now it looked better, black and red walls, void of any foreign material.
"Le me see." he repeated.I felt tears coming from my eye as my hand went to the side of my shirt. I slowly, lifted it up.