The pain of just your simple touch

I'll Never Let Them Hurt You

“That’s it; I’m calling the cops, that’s the last fucking straw. I didn’t want you to go through that too…” He went over and grabbed the phone; I just fell to my knees crying. I was covered in new bruises, scratches, and bite marks.
“Rina, what did he do to you?” He asked.
“He, he…”
“You have to tell me, or they can’t help you.” He yelled, at me, and I flinched.
“Fine, he raped me, and he beat me!” I yelled at him, and turned my eyes to the window. I had full view of the street, and Jay’s car was headed our way.
“Hurry, their looking for me.” I almost screamed.

“Police… thanks… My friend was raped, and beaten, by her mom’s boyfriend… She left… They are looking for her… 3396Nero… Frank Iero… Rina Liust… Thank you.”

“They’ll be here in 3, with an ambulance…” He sighed.
“Thank you Frank, you’re fixing everything, I mean, I met you, half dead, yesterday, and you’d swear we’ve been friends for years.” I said smiling, my eyes sore from the tears.
”Yeah, its weird, I guess it was just something I didn’t want for someone else, so I tried to fix it…” He reached his arms around me in a hug, and I leaned onto him, we sat there for the last 2 minutes before the cops and ambulance came to get me.

“Ma’am, Officer Lin and I will meet you at the hospital to ask you a few questions, ok. You’re friend can come with us.” I nodded and they opened the back door for me to get into the ambulance. I looked back at Frank; he gave me a weak smile and slid into the back of the cop car. I looked beyond the cruiser; Jay’s angry eyes shot daggers straight into my heart. My mom’s car had stopped behind the cruiser and he stomped over, grabbing my arm.
“Get in the car, now.” He growled. One of the officers came over and tried to get him to let go, I was crying, he was holding so tightly.
“Sir, you need to step away from the girl.” They said calmly. He turned and looked them in the eyes.
“I came to get my daughter.” I was scared, and mad. I bit down on his arm and he flung it away from me, letting go of my arm.
“I am not your daughter!” I yelled at him. He raised his hand and tried to bring it down across my face. I flinched, but nothing ever hit me, Frank was on the ground, jay was pinned under him, the cops were trying to get frank off of him. He let off and pulled me into a hug.
“My hero.” I whispered.
“Miss, could you please come with us?” A paramedic asked. I nodded and Frank held my hand to help me keep my balance as I climbed in. He jumped up after me; the medic frowned but got in and closed the door.
I looked out the window to see them putting cuffs on my mom and Jay. My focus dropped and I leaned on Frank, and he put his arm around me.
“They’ll never hurt you. I wont let them.”