The pain of just your simple touch

Kiss Kiss

He said nothing in return, either he was asleep or didn’t want to say anything. So I closed my eyes and fell back to sleep, I was happier now with Frank there to keep me warm, damn hospital blankets and their thinness.

“Miss Liust, wake up please, Mr. Iero?” It was the voice of that stupid nurse.
“I’m sorry, seems your IVs have fallen out.” She said in an angered tone.
“And sir, you aren’t supposed to be in the same bed as her.” The anger was evident, and I opened my eyes a little bit, enough to see Frank crawling off the bed and into his chair. The nurse shoved the needles back into my arm and I cringed at the pain, I was fine doing it myself, but not someone doing it to me.
“Um, when am I allowed to leave?” I asked my nurse. She shot a fake smile at me.
“Noon, I think.” She said, in a chipper tone, I looked at the clock, it was nearly 11 now.
“Thanks.” I said sort of drawn back as she shoved another needle in me. She walked out of the room without a word.
“Frank I can’t afford this,” I sighed,
“Doll, the hospital is referring to you as a special case, and they aren’t going to make you pay for this.” I stared at my ceiling; fucking great even to them I’m fucked up.
“K… I want to leave. I’m tied of laying here, its been two days.” I groaned, and sat up. He leaned onto the bed.
“As soon as we leave we’ll go to the park, sound good? As for right now, we have to wait for the doctor to come see how you are doing.” He smiled at me.
“I will hold you to that.” I said, leaning closer to him, our noses were almost touching.
“K.” He whispered, tilting his head slightly. I leaned in, centimeters more. We were so close.
“You know, I never got to give this back.” I whispered, maybe even thought. I closed the gap, pressing my lips onto his, but was forced to pull away, only after a simple second. A doctor had entered the room,
“Fuck.” He muttered, I nodded, leaning back onto my pillow, and him into his chair. Stupid doctor.

“Miss…. Liust, you wont be suffering any long term damage, and seems you will only have a few small scars. The bruising will fade, but you’ll need to stay on the pills the psychologist prescribed. As for everything else, you’re fine and free to go.” He called a nurse to take out my wires, fucking hell was I waiting.
I was already dressed by the time my nurse came. She just turned and left when she saw me. I grabbed Frank’s hand and I pulled him outside.
“Finally, I’m FREE!” I pulled his hand and we started in the direction of a park.
“Told you I’d hold you to it.” I giggled as I jumped on a swing, but I missed and ended up on the pebbles they put down instead of sand. I didn’t care at all. I was so happy to be free and out of that place.
A hand extended towards me, and I grabbed it. I giggled as Frank pulled me up, so easily. I let myself fall into him, like one of those old fashioned movies. My arms were pinned and his were around me. I felt a raindrop fall on my nose, I ignored it, I looked in his eyes, and he into mine. I tilted my head slightly, and he leaned into me, my eyes closed a little, and his lips fell onto mine.