The Unprotected

Chapter 10

“So, tell me about yourselves.” Brendor said when they were on their way again.
“What is there to tell?” Asked Joban.
“Well, we’re both sixteen,” Butted in Rion, “We’re identical twins if you haven’t realised. Uh, we like to spar although we’ve never actually held a real sword in our hands before.”
“And we turn seventeen in two months, the month of August. Last month of winter,” Added Joban. “What about you?”
“Um, okay. I am eighteen, I turned eighteen in March. I don’t know if I had any brothers or sisters. I didn’t know my parents, I only know their names, my mother’s was Salshell and my father’s name was Agend. Nevertheless, I am a warrior in Foron’s army and have been since I was fourteen.” He pulled out his medallion, as did Rion and Joban.
“Am I supposed to have a wizard’s medallion?” Asked Rion, looking sadly at Joban’s warrior medal.
“Well, have you ever considered you are meant to be a wizard? Wizards fight with both magic and weaponry. At Silverkeep, you will both learn how to make potions and how to cast simple spells, things like that, but wizards learn much more than that, as well as learning how to fight using swords, and bows. So, Rion, have you ever used magic?”
“Not really, but while I was digging today, before you arrived, I came across a rock and I was so angry and frustrated with it being in my way, I stared at it and it broke. It sort of just, crumbled.”
“Hmmm,” Brendor uttered, slipping his medallion back in to his shirt, “Well, here we are, boys. The Foron forest. We shall venture in a little and make camp where I find appropriate.”
“I’ve hunted in here before,” Joban said mindlessly, “I got this scar from when I was tracking a doe, I slipped on the wet ground and the arrow I had docked, cut my cheek…” He brushed his fingers over his scar and sighed.
Brendor’s words were laced with sarcasm, “Right, well I hope you are okay now Joban, and still wish to go in to the forest.”
“C’mon, let’s go, before it gets dark.” Urged Rion, eager to get going.
“Sure,” Agreed Brendor. “Let’s go in.”
And without hesitation, the small group slowly made their way in to the dark, misty forest.