The Unprotected

Chapter 11

“Here we go,” Announced Brendor, looking in to a small hidden cave. “We’ll sleep here tonight.”
The boys observed their surroundings, gasping in awe at the beauty of the place. The trees were not that close together and there was a small clearing in front of the half-hidden cave. The space between the cave and the clearing of trees was quite flat, but the rest was slightly sloping downhill. The ground was laden with thick, green grass which the horses were eyeing hungrily. A small bird darted between the vines which concealed the cave, before flying to join his friends on a large tree branch. The forest birds were chirping, and an occasional rustle in the bushes hushed them, but only for a moment, before they returned to their happy, optimistic singing. The trio could also hear a running creek, not far from where they were.
Rion fastened Tiya to a tree that was next to some grass and stepped inside the cave. “It’s pretty good in here. Joban, come look.”
Joban entered, carrying their bags. Brendor stumbled in to the cave after tying Donath next to Teell and Tiya, and sat down.
“We’ll need to make a fire,” He gathered a few rocks and arranged them in a circle. “Rion, go find us some good fire wood, not wet or rotten, wood suitable for burning. Joban, in my left saddle bag, there is some arrows, hunt us something to eat. Meanwhile, I will do a few things, hurry back.” He removed his bow that was on his shoulder and handed it to Joban. Without another word, they all got to work.