The Unprotected

Chapter 13

Rion paced the cave, “Brendor, what do you think happened to him? If he doesn’t step through these vines soon, then I am going out to find him.”

Brendor looked worried “No, you must not look for him. I am sure he is okay, maybe he wandered too far and is sleeping somewhere, waiting for morning so he can see and find his way back.”

Rion didn’t look convinced, but he sat down on his thin camping mattress. “Fine, but if he isn’t here by late morning, then I am going to find him.” And with that, he fell back, closed his eyes and waited for sleep to claim him.

Brendor looked momentarily in to the fire thoughtfully, before climbing on to his own mattress and falling asleep.

Joban awoke at dawn to something wet on his hand. He slowly opened his eyes to see a fluffy animal sniffing his hand. When his vision cleared he saw the blackened shadow of a wolf. The wolf seemed uninterested in Joban, it was more interested in the deer Joban was resting his head on. Joban froze and his chest tightened with panic and fear. Joban closed his eyes tightly and felt his medallion heat against his chest, but nothing happened, his bow was out of his reach, so he had no hope of killing the wolf. He lay still under the tree and waited for the wolf to take the deer from under him and go.

Rion’s eyes snapped open. His medallion was burning against his skin. He hastily removed it, throwing it aside after much squirming and twisting in order to get it off.

“Rion?” Brendor asked in a hoarse voice, rubbing his eyes and yawning.

Rion didn’t say anything; he just continued to stare at the glowing medallion in awe.

Brendor raised an eyebrow and gazed at Rion intently, “Rion? Please answer me?”

“Uh, nothing. It’s okay.” He quickly shoved it under his mattress. Rion could feel the heat coming through the thin padding. He lay back down and waited for Brendor to fall asleep again.

“Er, okay then.” Said Brendor, he wore a confused look on his face. Eventually, he fell back to his mattress and began to breathe heavily.

When Rion was sure Brendor was asleep again, he slid the medallion back out and looked curiously at it. Its stones were shining dimly and the metal was still warm. Rion sensed something was wrong; he had to go find Joban, despite how early it was. Rion gritted his teeth and rose slowly, sliding the medallion around his neck. As he readied Tiya, he thought he heard Brendor get up, but it didn’t worry him, he was determined to get his brother back.

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