The Unprotected

Chapter 15

Rion trotted between the trees, ducking when ever a low-hanging branch got in his way. As he went on, he could hear the stream more clearly, he must be getting close to it. The sun peeked through the trees, making Tiya’s coat shine magnificently.

Rion tugged his jacket tighter around his body, trying to block out the fresh, cold morning air. When he reached the flowing water, he began to go upstream. He was sure Joban would be near water in order to survive. After about ten minutes of riding, he noticed two figures coming towards them in the distance. His heart began to beat faster, he was certain it was Joban. He could feel it, his medallion could feel it. Rion clicked his tongue and urged Tiya to go a bit faster. As they drew close, Rion saw it was Joban… With a wolf!