The Unprotected

Chapter 17

“Oh you’re back.” Brendor said when they neared the campsite.

Rion tied Tiya back up next to the other horses.

‘Who is this man?’ Lansa asked Joban.

“Oh, Lansa this is Brendor. Brendor, this is Lansa.”

Brendor glanced up from what he was doing and raised an eyebrow, “Lansa? Honoured to meet you.”

‘See boys, Brendor knows how to greet me.’ She approached Brendor and rubbed against his arm, making him tumble over on to his side.

Brendor picked himself up and brushed off his clothes, “Well, Rion, Joban, I think we should get going, I want to reach Eldfort before dark.”

Joban rubbed his growling stomach and groaned, “Can we have something to eat first?”

“Joban,” Brendor said sarcastically, “You went to get the food last night remember, did you get anything?”

“Yes, I killed a deer, but Lansa mauled it, so I didn’t want to look at it anymore. Sorry.” He bowed his head.

‘Well sorry to have ruined your meal.’ Lansa huffed. She stuck her nose up in the air and began to walk off towards the trees.

“Where are you going?” Rion called after her.

‘I will be back quite soon, just you three wait there.’

“Can you hear her, Brendor?” Joban questioned when Lansa was out of sight.

“Of course. Why wouldn’t I be able to?”

“Oh, I was just wondering.”

The boys sat down and waited for Lansa to return.

About half an hour later, Lansa returned, with something in her mouth. The fur around her mouth was stained red and bloody and small feathers were caught in her fur.

“Lansa, what do you have in your mouth?” Wondered Rion in disgust. His stomach turned as she put the objects down in front of him.

‘Well, since you boys are hungry, I caught you some birds. Are you not satisfied?’

Brendor took the dead birds in his hands, pulled out his knife and began to prepare the birds to eat. He paused when he noticed Rion and Joban turning a greenish colour,

“What?” He asked, looking from twin to twin, “Oh come on. Seriously? Get used to it because soon you’ll be involved in a war. In wars people get their heads chopped off and swords and arrows penetrated through every part of their body. Wizards can even snap people’s bones with a single word or gesture. I think doing this is better than witnessing war scenes.”
When the twins said nothing, Brendor sighed, “Fine, I’ll go do this somewhere else. Meanwhile, you can get some water from the stream and light a fire to cook the meat on. Thank you Lansa for being so generous, you may go now if you wish.”

‘No, I shall stay and make sure Rion and Joban don’t get lost while getting the water.’

The boys glared at Lansa.

“We can get to the stream and back thank you.” Joban stated, rather accusingly.

Lansa wore a smug expression on her furry face, ‘To be sure, to be sure.’ She picked up Brendor’s empty water container in her mouth and began to trot off towards the stream.

The twins gazed at Brendor.

“Well, one of you had better go after her.” He said, shrugging.

Joban jumped up and ran after Lansa reluctantly. Rion stayed behind to start a fire and Brendor went a little way in to the trees to finish with the dead birds.