The Unprotected

Chapter 2

“There you are, boys. Come sit down for lunch, or it’ll go cold.” The boys’ mother, also known as Linnet, hastily handed Rion and Joban bowls of soup, her thin garment fanning out around her body.

Joban groaned, “Aww, not this again? Why can’t we kill one of the chickens? I’ll do it…” His eyes shone as he pictured a real weapon in his hands, him swinging down...

“Well, if we had any chickens,” Linnet said, interrupting his fantasy. “But a fox has been stealing them.”

Joban scowled and sat down. Holding his nose, he ate the soup quickly, pretending to spew behind Linnet’s back when he was done. Rion rolled his eyes and laughed silently, quickly stopping when ever Linnet would turn and stare suspiciously at the boys.

“Mum,” Rion took off the object from around his neck and held it up so his mother could see. “What do you think this is? We found it in the ancient tree near the cornfield.”

Linnet turned quickly, brushed her beautiful auburn hair out of her eyes and gasped. “That,” she said, looking at the dangling object in awe, “Is one of the medallions from long ago. Only the great fighters and wizards possessed those. You found it in our tree?”

Rion held it in front of his eyes and looked at it closely for the first time. On the medallion was a star with a special stone at each of the five points. There was a small hole in the middle of the star, and it looked like something could be placed or slipped in there. He flipped the medallion over and there were 5 symbols. Symbols, which were also carved some places in the tree.

“It looks like this medallion was a wizard’s.” Linnet explained, taking the medallion from Rion. “Wizards used their medallions to summon power from air, water, earth, fire and even spirits. The warrior medallions looked slightly different, I was told, and were made by wizards, who weaved spells of power and strength in to the metal. The warrior medals were the same size and shape, but instead of a star symbol, it was the symbol of the King in which they followed. The warrior medallions also have two stones, one orange to represent power, and one black to represent strength.”

“So what do these stones represent?” wondered Rion aloud.

“Well, this red stone represents fire. The blue stone represents water, this white stone is for air, brown is for earth, and the purple stone is for the spirits.” Linnet handed Rion the medallion back.

“What’s that hole for?” Joban asked when everyone was silent.

“I’m not sure, but it’s time for you boys to go to work. Off you go now.” She paused, “Oh and boys, if you find another medallion, please tell me. It is very important that I am notified if you do.” Flashing a charming smile at the boys, she turned and departed for the other side of the house, leaving the twins confused.

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