The Unprotected

Chapter 22

Joban rolled over in the straw and opened his eyes. It was pitch black. When his eyes adjusted, he could only just see Dwayne’s outline on the straw next to him.

“Joban, are you awake?” Dwayne whispered in a hoarse tone. He shifted his body in the straw.

“Yes.” Joban replied, sitting upright and squinting in Dwayne’s direction.

“What time do you reckon it is?”

Joban rubbed the sleep from his eyes and yawned, “I dunno… midnight maybe.” He heard Dwayne groan and fall back onto the straw.

After a while, Joban sighed and collapsed again, “Maybe I should go back inside…” His voice trailed off and sleep once again claimed him, filling his head with pleasant dreams and thoughts.


A/N: sorry about the short chapter..

I have no more of my story written. (Well, I have half of chapter 23.)

-.- I'm not sure if I'm going to continue to write it.