The Unprotected

Chapter 23

A/N: here is what I've written on chapter 23...

Soon enough, the morning came, with Joban feeling rather sore, having slept on the straw all night, and Rion refreshed and eager to get to their school. After breakfast, Brendor, Joban and Rion bade Tirdor, Celeste and Dwayne goodbye. When they were finally out of the gates, Brendor caught Joban waving goodbye again, to Dwayne.

“Joban,” Brendor began, “You know, you can still visit them on the weekends…” Joban turned and nodded. Secretly, when Brendor was looking else-where, he turned around and continued his waving session with Dwayne.

When they had finally reached the school (which took about five minutes, since it was only around the corner from Tirdor’s), the boys dismounted and followed Brendor up the smart, paved walk-way, receiving curious stares from the windows of the dormitory building. While Brendor went inside to announce their arrival, Joban and Rion waited patiently outside with the horses. Nothing too bad happened while the twins waited outside, except that Donath decided the banner hanging next to the entrance looked tasty, and began to grind his teeth on it.

Twenty minutes later, Brendor emerged from the building, shortly followed by another creature of some sort. Neither of the boys could identify exactly what it was, but Joban seemed very interested in its appearance, while Rion’s mouth was slightly open with disgust, his right eye twitching when ever it moved. The strangers’ very green eyes were like a cats’, with the pupils narrowed to slits. His nose was blackened, and upturned, and his chin was held high; obviously, he had quite a lot of authority at the school. The stranger’s cheek bones were very prominent, although, his mouth, which was twisted in a sneer, was almost the same as a humans’. He looked at each of the twins in turn, his cat-like eyes travelling from their heads right down to their toes. The twins were also studying their toes in embarrassment, looking at anything apart from… it.

Brendor cleared his throat, causing the awkward silence to shatter, “Rion, Joban, this is Galgar. He’s the headmaster for Silverkeep.”