The Unprotected

Chapter 9

After about an hour and a half of riding, Joban yawned,
“Can we stop for five minutes? I sort of have to, you know…” He grinned and blushed.

Brendor laughed, “If you can just wait for ten minutes, we’ll be at the edge of the Foron forest.”

Joban screwed up his face, “Okay, but Teell is making me jump up and down, so if she makes me go, then it’s her fault.”

“Aww, don’t blame Teell. Brendor, do you think this track is getting a little hillier?” Rion questioned, smirking at Joban.

Joban turned pale, “Uh oh,” He exclaimed, stopping Teell. “Wait there!” He called over his shoulder, as he ran behind a bush.

Teell whinnied and stomped he hooves. Rion stifled a laugh as Teell followed Joban behind the bush.

“Three, two, one…” Rion counted down, waiting for a cry of surprise from his twin.

“Aghh, Teell!” Exclaimed Joban as Rion reached zero.