The Big Night

She sat, with her feet curled up to her chest, on the wrought iron chair. The meat was on the table in front of her. Piles of meat. All of her favourite guys hanging out, drinking beer and pretty much having a great time. Then he reached over to move the meat. She could see the muscles in his arms tense as he struggled to lift the heavy bowl. He looked at her and smiled. She had tried her best to look good tonight, in her new jeans and t-shirt. He seemed to notice. She’d had her hair done. He seemed to notice that too. She hadn’t seen him in a long time. She was afraid that the chemistry she thought they once had, had long gone. As he tried to maneuver through the throngs of people, he brushed against her. She felt her heart flutter. She sat quietly, not even listening to the conversations going on around her; completely in her own world. She thought it was the smoke clouding her vision, but it was actually the aroma of his newly-washed body. He smelt of soap and aftershave- absolute perfection. He was in shorts that night. As he reached for the BBQ sauce, she could see his perfectly toned calf muscles. All she could do was stare. Thinking about what she should say to him. Thinking about what she could do. When he spoke to her she said nothing. She had so many things to say to him. Things to make him see how she felt. That she almost leaped for joy when she’d found out he’d be here. But nothing came out of her mouth. Nothing.