You're in Vampire Country, Now

Say hello to the world's worst summary writer.

After a fatal car accident, one girl is thrown into a world of horror that she never believed existed.

Gerard's an ass, Frankie's jealous, Mikey's lonely, Chloe's at wits end, Tater's cheating, Ray's confused, Bob's ignoring, and Jen's pretending. What have they all got in common? They're all hiding from the truth.

I do not own MCR, Tater, or Jen. However, I do own myself and Sorrow.

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  1. When Our Cars Collide
    "...I heard a sharp ear piercing noise and felt something slam hard against my body. Everything went black."
  2. Things That Make You Go Mmmmmmmm
    "Frank sat down in his chair, folded his hands in his lap, and bit his lip as if he were a two-year-old about to be scolded by his father."
  3. Slip-Up
    "I wasted no time bashing the door in and grabbing Gerard by the collar or his red and black suit."
  4. Take My ***ing Hand And Never Be Afraid Again
    “You’ve been my best friend, and my worst enemy, and I just want you to be okay.”
  5. Truth
    "I stood up shakily, and bent over the dead body of my cousin."
  6. Zero
    "I used to stop and take time to enjoy the scenery; I used to actually enjoy life."
  7. S-I-N-I-S-I-N
    "Unfortunately I had another love. Michael James Way."
  8. Landslide
    "I wanted to know what was going on, and I wanted to know right then and there."
  9. But Where's Your Heart?
    "Suddenly I was on his bed, after being struck in the face by something very, very hard."
  10. Did You Get What You Deserve?
    "I guessed that he was trying to figure out who was more dangerous, Tater or me."
  11. Pre-Mid Life Crisis and The Infinite Sadness
    "It was time to watch the little Way brother sleep."
  12. White Riot
    "How about we tie him up and then stick needles into him?"
  13. Inverted Vertigo
    "I was so glad just to be able to hold her again."
  14. Did We All Fall Down?
    "I nearly passed out when I saw what was in the huge plastic bag that Jen was swinging in front of her face."
  15. And As The Blood Runs Down The Walls
    "Little Frankie Iero had gotten his revenge."
  16. Kick Me Like A Stray
    "I willed one last time for Gerard to do something. To my surpise, he did."
  17. Penguin Massacre
    "Thank you, sweetheart."
  18. October 24th
    "I can’t believe I saved that…"
  19. October 25th
    "And I just don't want you hating me for the rest of eternity..."
  20. October 26th
    "It'd been four days since anyone had seen Tater."
  21. October 27th
    "I couldn't let her live."
  22. Frankie, Dear (October 29th)
    "Didja miss me?"
  23. Flashback
    "I would've never forgiven myself, if I had killed my cousin."
  24. Litter (October 29th)
    "She'd thrown me into the sun."
  25. Ashes To Ashes, We All Fall Down
    "Then she found out we were all vampires."
  26. Traumatize Thy Neighbor
    “Everything after that was like some horrible, slow-motion dream…"
  27. Die, Die My Darling
    "I tried to put my arms around her. She pushed me away."
  28. Over The Stars
    FINAL CHAPTER (“Please don’t get eaten by wolves, my darling…” )