Let's Leave the Edge and Fly

Both their families have been long time enemies. What each family doesn't know is that their kids have been seeing each other behind their backs. What will happen when both their parents find out about the secret relationship? Will Kevin and Michelle convince their families to get along and accept their decesion? Or will they run away for the life of their dreams?
  1. Fear May Take Over, but I Love You
    “Don’t worry, Kev, nothing or no one will ever bring us apart,”
  2. Just So You Know, I'd Lie
    Was history repeating itself with Kevin and I?
  3. Inked for Life
    “Did you just say, thank you very much, in French?” she questioned with a shocked look on her face.
  4. My Beautiful Rescue
    “I’d rather you date a girl than that crazy haired boy! He’s trouble along with his entire family! Do you not know that?”