Let's Leave the Edge and Fly

My Beautiful Rescue

Michelle’s Point of View

Waking up the next morning was harder than it was yesterday. A tingling feeling went down from the bottom of my neck to the bottom of my back. I’m guessing that the pain of the needle that had met my skin yesterday was taking its effect. I slid out of bed and made my way into my spacious white bathroom and stared into the mirror. First thing I noticed, was the necklace hanging around on my neck. I brought my hand up and held it tight in my hand. I sighed and just smiled feeling the butterflies in my stomach, again.

Turning on the hot water for the shower, I waited until it was warm enough to walk into the shower. I removed my slippers and set them aside by the sink. As I took off my warm robe, I heard a loud pound on my bathroom window. I quickly placed the robe back on and stumbled over to the window. As I opened the curtains, I saw a latter passing my window. More than sure, it was my dad putting up the Christmas lights on the house. I rolled my eyes and closed the blinds, then getting into my hot shower.

The hot water hit my back comfortably soothing the horrible pain off my back. It seemed to just relax every muscle in my body. I tilted my head back and let the water get absorbed by my medium lengthen brown hair. I reached for the shampoo and squeezed a perfect amount into my hand then massaged it into my scalp. The foam that was created washed down into the drain as the water hit my shampooed hair. After about fifteen minutes later, I was out of the shower with my robe wrapping my body and a towel wrapping my hair.

I opened my closet door and scanned through the clothes I had. Most of my clothes consisted of only skirts or dresses. A couple of jeans here and there, but that’s it. The weather outside was cold, and it wasn’t going to get any warmer. I snatched my comfortable sweat pants off the hanger and slipped them on. Afterwards, I grabbed my royal blue graphic v-neck t-shirt and slipped it on with a hoodie over it. I walked over to the mirror to make sure everything looked fine. Two thumbs up and I was off to the restroom to brush my hair and take care of other necessities.

Once my hair was dried and styled the way I wanted it, I walked over to the door and sprinted to the kitchen. Sure enough, my mom was standing over the stove cooking her famous chocolate chip pancakes.

“Good morning, sleeping beauty.” My mom greeted as she flipped the rounded pancake on the pan.

“Morning!” I smiled brightly as I felt the day giving me a great mood to start off for the day. I guess my mom sensed it since she gave me the weirdest look.

“Are you okay?” she chuckled as she leaned on the counter as she waited for the pancake to be ready to take out of the pan and put into the plate.

“Better than ever! Why do you ask?”

“No, I was just wondering because you’re usually cranky in the mornings.” She pointed out. So I wasn’t a morning person most of the time. But hey, things happen to change your mood in the morning. “By the way, where in heavens were you yesterday? I called you a million times, yet you never answered.”

Oh mother, I was at a tattoo shop, with Kevin. Yes, Kevin the boy who’s the son of the people you hold your anger with. Mom, but I love him! He means the world to me… yes, I got a tattoo, why do you ask?

I snapped back to reality and looked at my mom who was waiting for an answer.

“Oh, sorry… I forgot to tell you that I was over at Bella’s house to study for the big exam we have in World Geography next week, sorry.” I apologized and lied to her. I wasn’t about to tell her the truth. I was at my best with Kevin, and I wasn’t going to let anyone ruin it for me.

“Make sure you call me next time. I was worried sick about you… I thought something bad had happened, like a car accident. Especially since the roads are horrible out.”

“Mom, I’m fine. I’m here aren’t I?” I questioned as I grabbed an apple and she stacked the pancake on top of the others that she had already made.

“Yes, but still… I’m your mother and I have every right to know where you are at any time.” She reminded me. I mentally rolled my eyes and let out a huge sigh.

“Mom, I’m dating Kevin Jonas…” I blurted out without thinking.

“What?!” she exclaimed dropping the spatula from her hand. Her eyes bugged open and her jaw dropped.

“What? He’s a guy, I’m a girl… bad thing if it was another girl.” I joked trying to lighten up the mood.

“I’d rather you date a girl than that crazy haired boy! He’s trouble along with his entire family! Do you not know that?” she yelled and it was clearly heard throughout the house. Why? Well, because my dad came inside the house as he had finished putting up the Christmas lights.

“What’s going on? I can hear the yelling all the way out there.” My dad intercepted as he stood between me and my fuming mother. I didn’t respond anything because I knew my mother was.

“She’s dating a Jonas, after I have told her that she is to never make contact with that family.” She barked as she glared at me. If the saying, “If looks could kill,” were true, then… I’d be dead right about now.

“You’re dating what? Who?” my dad’s eyes did the impossible and got wider.

“I love him! And you can’t do anything about it!” I said stomping out of the house and making my way towards where Kevin was standing. He was leaning against his car as if he knew what was going on. I didn’t care about what my parent’s thought, I wanted to run away with my love, Kevin Jonas.

“Michelle, your dad is calling you.” My mom waved a hand in my face as I snapped back to reality once again. Wow, were the images scary. I was more than certain that I did not want to tell my mom about my relationship with Kevin.

“Sorry, I’ll be there in a min.” I said as I turned around and made my way outside. As I closed the door, I glanced over at the house I had been going to for the longest time now, but I didn’t see any sign of the family. It was really calm, compared to what it usually was. Joe would always be outside with his younger brothers Nick and Frankie, playing football.

“Michelle, can you give me a hand here, I need you to get those boxes of lights for me,” he informed me as he pointed over to the pile of light boxes that were settled on the ground.

“Yeah, sure,” I answered as I walked over to the set of boxed and took out the lights out of one of them. I handed them to my dad and excused myself to go inside and do some of my class work. He told me it was fine and let me go inside and take care of what I needed to do.


Sitting on my bed with my legs crossed, I flipped through the channels on TV. Nothing seemed to catch my attentions. Apparently they were al re-runs of last night. I sighed throwing the remote on the end of the bed and just laid down staring up at my ceiling. Without anything to do, I grabbed the pillow next to me and hugged it tight to my chest. Imagining that it was Kevin laying next to me right then and there. They way I wish it would be, the way I dreamed of it. Without any secrets kept from my parents.

“Mich, your phone keeps going off,” my mom barged in with the blackberry in hand. I smiled and took the phone in my hand and looked at who was the person who had sent me more than ten text messages.

“Thanks mom.”

“Who’s this person who keeps on bugging you?” she questioned suspiciously as she leaned on the door frame.

“Bella… remember that I told her that we were working on a project?” I quickly snapped and noticed that all the phone calls and messages were from Kevin.

“Oh, okay… well make sure to come down and eat something, soon.”

“Okay,” with that said, she left the bedroom, closing the door behind her. I sighed and quickly read the text messages on my phone.

01. Kevo Sunday, December 15, 2008, 10:37 AM.
Hey baby, how are you? Sorry I didn’t call you this morning, but I got occupied with all the work today. Joe and Nick both left with dad to go Christmas tree shopping. Along with mom and Frankie… and well I didn’t want to go. What’s up?

02. Kevo Sunday, December 15, 2008, 10:53 AM.
Are you even awake now? You usually answer me right away. I’m worried, Mich.

03. Kevo Sunday, December 15, 2008, 11:15 AM.
Don’t make me come over there and make sure things are okay! D:

04. Kevo Sunday, December 15, 2008, 11:27 AM.
Are you mad at me? Mich, answer me… please?

I smiled to myself and quickly sent Kevin a text message saying that I was fine, that I had just left my phone on the kitchen counter. I loved the way he always worried a lot about me when I didn’t text him back fast enough.

01. Kevin Sunday, December 15, 2008, 11:47 AM.
Sneak outside the house, and to mine… I have a surprise. ;)
♠ ♠ ♠
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