Lips That Need No Introduction

Chapter 11

"It is so nice to be home." I sighed as I waddled into our house several months later. I was now eight months pregnant and couldn’t be happier to be off tour by doctor's orders. The last few months had been torture for me and Zacky.

Although it was fun being out with everyone, it was incredibly overwhelming and I really wasn't able to enjoy it as much as I should have. The word had been put out that the tour would have to be cancelled until further notice because Zacky V was awaiting the arrival of his baby girl. The fans were more than happy to oblige thankfully.

"I'd have to say I agree with you." Zacky trailed in behind me with a hand firmly placed on my back to help support me. Ichabod came running and leaped toward me causing me to squeal in surprise.

"Ichabod! Down boy!" Zacky growled as the puppy continued to try and get me to pick him up. He shrunk down to the ground as Zacky scolded him for jumping on me. He gave Ichy another small glare before finally leaning down and picking up the fur ball so he could greet me properly without hurting me. He licked my cheek a bit before Zacky set him down and shooed him off into the other room.

"My ankles are killing me." I groaned as I carefully sat down on the couch in the living room. I slipped my new converse off before bringing my feet up and onto the couch. It sucked gaining weight and having your feet swell. I had to buy a new size of shoes since my other ones no longer fit for the time being.

On top of needing new clothes I had to buy new bras, much to Zacky's excitement, as well as a new swim suit. At first I was extremely self conscious about wearing a two piece out in public but Zacky had informed me it just made me look incredible to him and that really was all that mattered.

Our plans from here on out just consisted of hanging out at home and going to the beach. The doctors had insisted I try to relax as much as possible and I think those were the two best ways. I also now had a doctor's appointment every two weeks to check on the progress of the baby. So far it all seemed to be going perfectly.

According to our families we weren't allowed to set foot in the nursery until tomorrow when they would all be coming over to unveil it to us. Zack's parents had a key to the house and they had informed us that the nursery was all finished and ready for the new addition to our family. Zacky had been a tad bit worried that his mom would go overboard and so he made Mattie promise that she wouldn’t paint the room pink. He had let slip that it was purple and not to worry, making both Zack and I more relieved about the situation.

Zacky made his way out of the kitchen and I noticed he had a very sly grin on his face. A grin that quite frankly turned me on like no other. I felt my insides squirm as his feet carried him closer to me. Something about him right now was causing my hormones to start moving in full swing. I blinked a few times hoping the aching feeling would go away but my attempt proved to be worthless.

"Lay down." He ordered in a dominant tone as he continued to move closer at a slow pace. I gulped but did as told. I wiggled slightly so that my head was comfortably resting on one of the random pillows. Zacky came over and squatted down beside my head. One of his hands slowly tucked a stand of my hair behind my ear before he placed a kiss on my forehead and stood back up. I watched his backside for a second as he walked to the opposite end of the couch and bent over to lift my feet up. He held them in the air as he sat down on the couch and then let them fall into his lap gently.

He just sat there for a moment and I wasn't quite sure what he was going to do. I closed my eyes lightly for a moment trying to just relax.

"Oh!" I gasped as I felt his calloused hands start to massage my ankles. This was heavenly. My ankles had definitely become one of my weak points when it came to strength. They just weren't used to having to carry around the extra weight and it often caused them to swell and hurt incredibly bad.

Zacky chuckled lightly as he concentrated on relieving the pressure in my feet. His thumb lightly ran over one of my black sparkly painted toes and pinched it lightly. As his hands ran over the underside of my foot my toes curled at the same time I let out a soft moan.

"Is someone getting turned on by a simple foot massage?" I opened my eyes and glared at Zacky's taunt.

"Stuff it." I retorted. His hands stopped their ministrations and he cocked his head at me.

"Oh I'll gladly stuff it since you offered." I was about to protest his twist on my words but he had already stood up and was starting to pick me up. He seemed to pick me up effortlessly and it reminded me of just how strong he was. I clutched to his neck as he carried me up the stairs in a hurry.

"Zack." I sighed as he laid me down on the bed. He climbed on top and crawled over to me so his face was inches from mine. I gave him a knowing look as his smirk appeared.

"If you want this, we'll make it work." His hand gave me goose bumps as it trailed up my thigh.

"I need it Zack. Damn it I need it bad." I groaned as my hormones became stimulated once again. Pregnancy does some weird things to you and one of my top struggles was my need for sex. The cravings started when we hit the seven month mark and they just seemed to intensify. Zacky never complained of course. He loved every minute of it. The worst was when he would tease me and hold out on me just to see how bad I wanted it.

"Alright babe. Just give me a minute." He hopped off of the bed and quickly crossed to the bathroom for who knows what reason. All I know is I was getting fed up of waiting.

"What the fuck Zack." I whined as he shut the door behind him. The need continued to grow deep inside of me and I knew if he didn't come back soon there would be hell to pay on his part. I was way beyond horny at this point.

He walked out a minute later with his cell phone to his ear. Standing up while glaring, I made my way to him and snatched the phone. Looking at the screen I saw Brian's face staring at me. Zacky looked rather shocked that I had taken his phone but then his face turned into an amused look.

"Brian." I cut off something he was saying about a new riff he had written.

"Oh hey Katie. What's up?"

"Zacky is going to have to call you back later. He's going to be very busy in a minute and probably won't be able to reply for the next hour or two." Zack's eyes widened and I could practically hear the smirk on Brian's face through the phone.

"Busy eh? Your horniness kicked in I take it then?"

"You would be correct." A deep laugh left his throat.

"Alright. Go fuck Zack senseless. Have him call me later."

"Will do. Bye." With that I hung up the phone and then proceeded to turn it off. I set it on the night stand and resumed my place on the bed.

"What the hell was that?" Zack asked while chuckling.

"That, was me telling Brian to go away so we can make love." My grin was innocent, but his was anything but.

"I'm afraid I can't let us do that just yet." My jaw dropped and I pouted as he climbed back onto the bed. He sat up against the headboard and stretched his legs wide apart before patting the spot between them. "Come sit here. I would have you lie down on your stomach but we both know that won't work very well."

Knowing very well that he was right, I moved so I was sitting between his legs and stretched my feet out straight in front of me.

His arms pulled me back further and then rested on the hem of my shirt. He gently lifted it up and over my head before tossing it off of the bed. He ran his hands down my arms and then back up to my bra straps. Slipping them off, he undid the clasp and then added the lacy fabric to the pile on the floor. I shivered lightly as his hands moved over my back and started rubbing it roughly.

My head flopped forward so my chin met my neck and I closed my eyes in ecstasy.

"Tonight is all about you babe." I couldn’t even reply with words, all that I got out was a soft moan as his hands massaged every inch of my skin. His hands contrasted so well with my soft skin. The calluses on his fingers just made the feeling even more pleasurable. The amount of pressure he applied to certain spots was just right and I could feel the knots that had built up come right out.

"Oh my." I gasped out as his hands moved around to my front side. I fell back into his chest as he cupped my tender breasts and started tracing light circles on them. My eyes slowly rolled back in my head and I closed my eyes as my head rested against his chest. I fought long and hard to control my breathing and so far it was working for the most part. My toes curled into the bed comforter as his fingers traced around my pert nipples. I could feel my lower regions starting to react to his touches and I wasn't sure how much more of this I could take.

"Zacky. I…I don't think…" I had to pause my sentence to catch my breath and get my brain back in order.

"Just relax babe." His soothing words fell into my ear as he laid his head on my shoulder. As much as this felt like torture, it felt just as much like pure heaven to me. I didn’t know how things would unfold seeing as it would be sort of difficult with my protruding belly, but apparently Zacky had a plan.

He moved his hands from my now sore breasts to my thighs. I felt his body shift and he moved around in front of me before gently helping me lay back. He slid my pants off and moved up so he was hovering above me.

"So I've been told that sex during the end of the pregnancy is supposed to be fucking amazing." My breathing was becoming heavier and heavier as his face inched closer to my own. I could feel his breath against my face and shivered at the sheer contact of it.

“I happen to have heard something similar.” I replied, chuckling against his lips.

He backed up some and removed his belt and tossed it aside, causing my heart to race. He stood up, and he was just about to remove his pants, when he held a finger in the air.

“Oh no you don’t! I’m way too horny to wait any longer!” I shouted, getting up and forcing him back on to the bed as best I could.

He laughed as I removed his jeans for him. His boxers and jeans met the growing pile on the floor as I held his manhood in the palm of my hand.

“Do you still have something to do now?” I cooed, knowing the answer perfectly well.

“Yeah, I do.” He said, flipping me over gently onto my back again.

I sighed as he bent down and began kissing my inner thigh. Every time his lips made contact with my skin, a moan emerged from my lips. The contrast of his warm lips and his cool rings added to the growing pleasure. He stopped for a moment, shifting slightly before he was at my lips, kissing me roughly, which made me grow more excited than I thought possible. As he pushed into me unexpectedly, I yelped. As he continued to thrust though, I became slightly uncomfortable. My facial expression must have shown my discomfort because he slowed down while he gazed down at me.

“What’s wrong babe?” Zack asked, stopping all motion.

“Nothing." He looked pointedly at me and I cursed myself for being so bad at lying to him. "I just don’t feel like I’m getting enough out of this, and I think I would rather be on top for once.” I honestly admitted, almost instantly regretting saying that by the downtrodden look that came over his face.

Zack let out an aggravated sigh and let me shift over so I was on top of him. As I began to crash down on him, everything seemed to bother me in that instant. Things still didn't feel right. I wasn’t getting any arousal out of this at all like I should have been. My boobs and stomach felt fat and I felt fat. I hated this side of me so much and all I wanted to do was break down and cry. I felt so huge and disgusting at the moment.

“Zack, this isn’t working for me.” I threw my hands up in the air as I pulled up and off of him before settling on his thighs. “I’m sorry.”

“Well, it’s working just fine for me. What’s the matter?” He asked, with a look of concern coming over his face.

“I just hate this. I’m sitting up here and my stomach is huge and my fucking boobs are flopping all over the place and I hate it. There is nothing romantic about this to me. Maybe pregnant women this big shouldn't be having sex. I just don't feel sexy like this.” I said, getting extremely frustrated with his lack of understanding, yet I was happy for his concern.

He moved me over so I was lying on my right side, and he was lying right in front of me.

"Babe you are incredibly sexy to me. No matter your shape or form. You'll always be the woman I'm in love with. Let's try something different alright?" This time when he began thrusting into me from the different angle, everything went smoothly. I was more comfortable lying down like this.

Zack kept placing kisses along my neck which were enhancing my feelings even more. As he continued, my body began to tremble. I don’t know why this felt so much better now than when I wasn’t pregnant, but it did. It felt like normal sex, multiplied by ten. Zack bit down gently on my neck which caused my nerves to jump all the way down to my lower regions.

“Oh fuck Zack.” I groaned as I tightened around him and climaxed.

Even when mine was over, I knew his was going to need some more work, so I continued to let him hump into me. I let my hands trace down his muscular torso and onto his inner thighs where I continued to rub. I heard his breathing become shaky and faster.

“Oh shit Katie!” He shouted, pumping faster and faster.

I felt him inside me and it felt so good. I didn’t want it to stop. After he was finished, I wasn’t about to let him pull out. My pleasure had picked back up again and I knew I was heading for another climax.

"Keep going Zack." I said, as he moved faster and faster. He grunted and I could feel him start to throb inside of me. “Oh shit!” I screamed at the top of my lungs as I threw my head back and clenched around him for the second time tonight.

His eyes stared into mine and I knew he was getting close as well. The look on his face was determined though and I could tell he was suppressing it.

"Come on gorgeous. Just one more for me; with me." He coaxed as he kissed my lips intensely.

My breathing was already quite ragged as his motions continued at a steady pace, never slowing. I wasn't going to last much longer and I could tell neither was he.

Zack pulled away from my lips as his back arched at the same time mine did. Both of our screams filled the house as we came together for the final time. I closed my eyes to try and get a hold on my breathing for a second.

"Fuck, I love you so much Katie." Zack told me in a shaky voice as he fingered a lock of my hair. I opened my eyes to see him smiling tiredly at me.

"I love you too Zack. More than anything in this world." I reached up and ran my thumb across his now flushed cheek.

I was relieved as he scooted closer to me and pushed back inside slightly having not removed himself from me in the first place. It was almost a sense of security having him stay inside of me after having sex. He knew I loved it and it made me feel at peace. There was just something about being physically connected with the love of my life in the most intimate way possible that made me feel like I was on the highest cloud possible.

Zacky pulled my small but awkward shape into his chest as he wrapped his arms around me and our baby. By now our breathing had calmed down and I was starting to see just how tired I was. I guess three consecutive orgasms would do that to you though. Especially in the pregnant stage.

Zack and I continued to lay in silence and every now and then he would lay a loving kiss somewhere on me out of affection. His hand had since found the back of my head and had moved it so our foreheads were touching softly. I sighed lightly as his fingers ventured through my hair and started gently rubbing my scalp. I draped one of my arms over his waist and tucked my other one under the pillow we were both sharing at the moment. I scooted even closer to him if it was possible and wound our legs together to make sure he wasn't going anywhere tonight.

"Let's get some sleep shall we?" He whispered after pressing a light kiss on my now swollen lips.

"Ok." I whispered before letting out a yawn. "I love you."

"Love you too beautiful." His words brought a slight smile to my face and I knew I would be sleeping well tonight. This was one night I would never forget.
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