Lips That Need No Introduction

Chapter 2

I smiled down at the little curly haired dog as he pranced up to me with his black skull leash in his mouth. I sighed before sitting up from my flat position on the couch in the living room and took the leash into my own hands. Ichabod barked with excitement as I attached it to his collar and stood up.

I really hadn't been feeling good lately but I figured some fresh air would be good for me. A bug had hit me apparently and had been keeping me up and near the porcelain throne for a good part of the early morning hours. Val had just finished battling with the flu and I figured I must have gotten it from her somehow.

Tugging on one of Zacky's sweatshirts I followed Ichabod out the front door and into the chilly afternoon. It may have been fall but no one ever said that the beaches were warm year round. The chilly air nipped at my face as it blew in from over the ocean.

Ichabod was a smart dog and already knew our typical path to the beach. He walked it frequently with Zack and I in the mornings. We had a tendency to go for a walk on the beach after walking to Starbucks for a morning coffee.

His paws hit the concrete with each trot and eventually the invisible prints turned into paw prints in the sand as we reached our destination.

My stomach churned a little bit as he dragged me along the beach. I sure wish I would feel better. This flat out sucked.

It didn't take us long to reach our typical empty spot on the beach and I sat down in the sand before unhooking Ichabod so he could go play in the water. That dog took after his dad; hyper and loved the water.

I pulled my knees to my chest and wrapped my arms around them. A vibrating in my pocket broke my train of thought and I pulled it out to see I had a new text message.

I love you. I grinned seeing the name Sexy Hubby above the written text.

Love you too. How's your day? I flipped it closed and waited for a minute.

Good. The guys are all sleeping. I miss you. Be home later for a call?

Sure will be. Talk to ya then.

Zacky had held to his promise and called me everyday since he left. Sometimes more than once actually. He knew I wasn't feeling well lately and was getting sort of worried. I tried to tell him I was fine but I don't think was ever going to listen.

Ichabod came trotting back and I shielded myself as he shook water all over the place. A stick with seaweed hanging off of it was held in his mouth and he looked up at me to take it. Grinning I took it and took the seaweed off before launching it into the air making him go run after it. He brought it back and barked excitedly as I messed with him some before actually throwing it again. He was so funny.

"Oh Ichabod. You're a mess." I muttered as I hooked him back up to his leash so we could head home since I was getting cold. His black fur was now covered in sand and it looked like he was going to need a bath. Just what I wanted to do when I was feeling sick.

We made it home and I saw the mail man was just hopping back in his truck after coming from the front door. Furrowing my eyebrows I opened the gate and walked up the path before spotting a brown box sitting on the ground by the door.

Leaning down I picked up the brown box under one arm and then placed the sandy puppy under my other. He wasn't about to go tearing through the house when he looked like that. He would get sand everywhere. Walking in I placed the box on the counter before making my way into the bathroom where I filled the tub with warm water.

I placed Ichabod in the water after there was enough and rinsed him off. For liking the water he sure struggled a lot.

"Fuck dog. Hold still!" My grumbles fell on deaf ears however and by the end I was almost as wet as he was. Mumbling under my breath I set him down after drying him off and watched as he went skidding out of the room. Realizing that I needed a change of clothes I too went sliding out of the room and changed.

Heading back down the stairs I suddenly remembered the package that remained unopened on the kitchen counter. I grabbed a knife from the knife block and headed to the package to see who it was from.

The corners of my mouth tugged up in a smile when I saw the familiar scribble that I missed so much.

Not waiting any longer I cut open the box and was greeted with a mess of packing peanuts. Lying on top was a card that had my name written on it.

I slowly opened the card and read the note that was inside.

My lovely wife,
Besides being busy playing I've been working on some new things for the clothing line as you well know. Well, I also had a little something made just for you. I hope you like it and the other small things I've picked up along the way. Miss you so fucking much.
- Z

I set the card down and began to pull the peanuts out of the box. I smiled as I pulled out a few Hard Rock café guitar pins from various cities. Zacky had started a collection for me and was determined to make sure I had one from each city where there was a café. There was one from Orlando, Washington DC, and Chicago so far. I set them down before reaching in and pulling out the newest Vengeance University shirt in my size. I already knew about that though so there must still be something else in there.

I flipped the box over and heard a clunk among the peanuts. Pushing them aside my eyes landed on a small black box.

Taking it in my hands I slowly opened the lid and gasped at the sight that greeted me. Inside rested a small silver deathbat necklace. There wasn't too much detail to it. It was basically just the outline with no features inside. But upon closer look I saw that there was indeed something inside the outline of the bat.

Engraved in the silver wings were two sets of initials. One read ZJB and the other was KCB. Our initials. Inside the middle of the bat was a heart made of tiny blue jewels.

I sat there staring at it for several seconds before the tears welled up in my eyes.

I pulled the necklace out of the box and gently let it slide between my fingers. It was cool against my skin and I undid the clasp before clipping it around my neck.

My sobs brought about another wave of nausea suddenly and I hurried back into the bathroom.

This officially sucked.

Zacky's Pov

I missed her. Plain and fucking simple.

Two weeks was a long time. Too long for my liking. It was a totally different feeling being on tour knowing there's someone waiting at home for you who won't ever leave you. At least, I don't think she'd leave me.

I brought my beer back up to my lips and gulped down a bit more as I slouched back into the booth that we were sitting at in the bar we had chosen for the night. As fun as it was, it was quite apparent that everyone missed their girls. We were still wild and crazy but there was just that spark in the eye that was missing.

In my case, the spark in my heart felt gone as well. I looked down and caught a glance of the gold band wrapped around my finger. My mouth tugged up in a grin at the thought of the owner of the other piece of the set. The owner of my heart as well.

The fans had seen it. Fuck, Matt had even flat out told the crowd I was now a newly wed and completely embarrassed the fuck out of me about it. All in good fun mind you.

It felt weird being the only one with a wife and no longer a girlfriend. But I guess in a sense it held more security in my mind. Security was a good thing to have.

"Zack it's your round for drinks fucker." Brian said from his spot as he pretty much pushed me out of the booth. I flipped him off but went to the bar anyway after recalling that it was in fact my turn.

"Can I get five shots and five beers please?" I asked the girl behind the counter. She stared at me for a minute before winking.

"You and your friends look like you're having fun tonight." Her voice was flirtatious and I rolled my eyes as she deliberately bent over giving me a good look at her ass. No need to be a slut for me sugar.

"Yeah. We are." When she turned around to face me I placed my left hand on the counter hard. Her eyes trailed down to my hand and landed on my ring. Exactly what I was hoping for. Eyes wide she blushed and turned back to the bar in haste. Without saying another word she handed me the tray of drinks and scurried back off to the opposite end of the counter.

As much as I loved the attention, there was only one girl I wanted it from these days. And that girl was thousands of miles away.

"Drink up guys." I said as I set them all down on the table.

"Dude was she flirting with you?" Jimmy asked as he downed his shot immediately.

"Yeah man. But I'm telling you, this ring sure saves me from having to give a shitload of reasons why I'm not interested. Never thought I'd say this but I fucking love it!"

"So how's she doing with having you gone anywa?" Brian asked.

"She's hanging in there. Been feeling a bit sick lately though. She's got me worried. Claims Val was sick and she must have gotten it from her." Matt nodded his head confirming that Val was indeed sick a few days ago.

"She took Ichabod to the beach today. Little spaz was covered in sand and she had to give him a bath. That didn't go over well apparently. That's usually my job. Not hers. When I hung up with her she said she was feeling sort of sick again and was going to go to sleep." I frowned a bit at the thought of my baby being sick and me not being there to take care of her.

"Well let's just hope it's just the flu she's got." Johnny said as he gave Syn a sideways glance.

Confusion swept me like an ocean wave as I turned to face him.

"What the fuck is that supposed to mean?"

"Well, dude I'm just saying, if she's been sick in the mornings, maybe there's another reason that she's sick."

Realization dawned on me as the thought of what could cause a morning sickness went through my head.

She couldn’t be. We always used protection and she was on the pill. I knew she was.

She was right? Of course she was. I had even taken her to the doctor to get a refill on them.

But what if it didn't work? What if one of my condoms broke? She would tell me right?

"Dude relax. I'm sure she's just got the same flu that Val said she had. I'm sure she'll be better soon." Matt tried to reassure me but it did little to actually help.

I nodded. It's just the flu. It's got to be the flu.

But what if it wasn’t?
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