Lips That Need No Introduction

Chapter 23

"I say we go to the beach." Johnny said thoughtfully.

"Why the hell would we want to do that? We live in a fucking beach city for fuck's sake." Jimmy threw back at him.

"Yeah? Well why the hell would we want to come to a beach city for vacation then huh? Answer that Rev."

I just shook my head playfully at the two bickering from my spot on the couch with Tevan on my lap. She was happily watching her uncles argue and was laughing. I was surprised she was sitting so still so I could pull her hair into her infamous water fountain pony tail on top of her head. According to Val it had become an iconic style for her since she wore it so often, partly due to the fact that it was easy and she would sit still for long enough to let me do it.

The door to the hotel suite opened quickly and the remaining guys walked in carrying bags of Mexican food for lunch. Thankfully I had just finished twisting the hair band around the tuff of hair on Tev's head because as soon as she saw Zacky she jumped off of my lap and went running over to him as fast as her small legs would carry her.

Zack was quick to set the bag he had in his arms down on the side table before bending down to scoop up the small girl that was now squealing at his feet.

"Dada back! Dada back!"

"Hey baby. Yeah I'm back. Were you good for mommy?"

Tevan looked thoughtful for a moment before nodding quickly at Zack.

"Good. Now why don't you go find your Uncle Brian and tell him you're hungry?" He set Tevan down and she went tearing into the kitchen area where everyone else was gathered now.

I stood up from my spot on the sofa and straightened out my jeans casually. Zacky was watching me and when our eyes met I walked closer to him. I stepped into his awaiting arms and he wrapped them around my waist. I leaned my forehead against his and smiled.

"I love you." He told me quietly as he tucked his hands into my back pockets.

"I love you too." I replied as I pecked his lips softly.

"I picked up something on the way home that you might want to see. It's sitting on the table in the entryway of the room. Go read it and come find me after alright?" I quirked an eyebrow at what he was telling me. There was a hint of a playful tone in his voice but I decided to listen to him.

He released me from his grip and gave my butt a playful slap before taking off into the kitchen with everyone else.

I watched him disappear through the door fully before I turned and made my way through the living room and into the entryway of the suite.

Sitting on the vanity that was against the wall was what appeared to be a magazine hidden amongst a bunch of car keys that belonged to various vehicles.

Upon closer inspection it was indeed a magazine, and a very special one at that.

I picked it up and stared at the photo of my family that now graced the cover of Alternative Press magazine.

Zacky was staring up at me tangled in cords with his guitar in front of him. He was holding Tevan in his right arm and his other was tucked around my waist as I leaned in and pecked his cheek innocently. That was still my favorite photo we took that day.

Written across the cover in bright blue were the words "Family With A Vengeance". I chuckled at the creative title and walked back into the living room while still surveying the cover. It had turned out nicely in my opinion.

I sat back down on the couch and flipped open to the page where the story started.
My grin only increased as I read the interview and was very satisfied that nothing had been misinterpreted or anything. It had turned out perfectly.

I was about to close the magazine once I read what I knew to be the closing line of the interview but I was surprised to see that it kept going.

So unbeknownst to Katie, we were able to catch up with Zacky once more to ask him a few more personal questions about his relationship with the girl he's tied down to without her being in the room to hear his answers. We figured it would give a bit more insight to the relationship that is surprising many fans and has many questioning just what's so special about this girl who stole the heart of the famous guitarist.

"So what was it about Katie that convinced you that you wanted to settle down with her? What told you she was the one?"

Zacky laughs quietly as he takes a drink of his water and gives a thoughtful look. "In all honesty, I just knew. She's so down to earth. It was funny when I first met her because I was such a dick to her but she took my jokes with a grain of salt. She could tolerate me which is something really rare these days. It's hard to find someone who likes you for who you are and not what you are. Katie saw me as Zack Baker, the stupid rowdy, twenty six year old typical California guy. Not Zacky Vengeance, rhythm guitarist with a big bank account. It's the small things that make all the difference."

"Small things tend to be a big thing in your life now. Especially a small certain someone. What's it like having Katie be the mother of your child?"

"Shit man. There's no one else I'd rather have be in her place. She's fantastic. Both of them are." Zacky paused for a moment before a grin spread across his face. "I can't even explain in words what it feels like to have a family of my own finally."

"Well how did the guys react to meeting Katie? Were they glad you finally found someone special?"

"I think they knew we'd be together before I even did." He chuckled. "Matt and Brian did a good job at pushing us together. Everyone liked Katie the instant she said hello to us. It was weird to think we would all get so attached to some chick who we decided to randomly call for a contest."

"She was from San Diego correct?"

"Right. She didn't have the best life going for her back then. She was barely making ends meat when we met. It eventually came out that she was getting evicted because the property manager wanted to redo the apartments she lived in and she had no place to go. I ended up offering for her to come stay with me and she's been with me ever since. I'd say it was the best offer I've ever made to someone because we both got something out of it. She got a nice home with new friends and I got a loving wife and daughter."

"Not to mention she got a famous husband."

"Well yeah but I don’t think she sees it that way. She never gets fed up of fans, she helps out with our web stuff, hell man, she even engineered our album for us and sang on it. If anything I think she's got her own fan base as well. Nothing goes to her head though. She's really calm and collected about things. The fame doesn’t get to her."

"But it used to get to you guys."

He nodded as he let out a sigh and ran a hand over his face. "It did. Badly. I can't even tell you the number of girls I slept with, the number of times I was totally shit faced, or the number of times I've done drugs when we were just starting out. When you become well known things start to be easier to get your hands on. Whether it's a girl for the night or some pot to smoke, it's so easy to get when you're famous. Not to mention it's hard to say no to. I've used girls and treated them like shit. I'm not proud of my past and there are a lot of things I'd go back and redo if I had the chance to."

"What made you stop?"

"Shadows' girl Val got her hands on us one night while we were on tour. She sat us all on the couch and proceeded to yell our ears off for the next hour. Told us we were all a bunch of losers who would never grow up and have a decent life if we didn’t straighten up. She threatened to leave the tour and ditch us if we didn’t clean up. I think what really got to me though was when she threatened to leave Matt if he didn’t quit this shit we were all into. She's been with him since sixth grade so I knew she was damn serious. It just made me think. I wanted to be able to have a relationship like she and Matt have at some point in my life and I knew that if the two of them were on a rocky point then I would have been no better if I had a girl waiting for me back home. It just really put things into perspective for me."

"I bet you're really grateful to her now."

"Hell yeah man. You've got no idea. Without her pep talk I probably would still be acting up and I wouldn’t have Katie by my side. She certainly doesn’t put up with any shit like that." He told me while shaking his head lightly. "Val's fantastic. She's really helped me out these days. I've fucked up a few times with Katie and she's always there for me to talk to. Gives me the girls point of view which is nice."

"Well you two seem happy together and that's nice to see. It's not everyday that you find a celebrity happy with their spouse."

"Thanks man. It's nice to hear that coming from someone who's not in the band. Katie and I are extremely happy together and I couldn’t ask for anyone better. I consider myself the luckiest guy in the world and wouldn’t change a thing. I'm very happily in love and that's all I could ever ask for. I'm in this for the rest of my life."

So there you have it. Zacky Vengeance has found his soulmate and seems to be one of the luckiest guys in the music industry at the moment.

Being a rockstar, husband, and father isn’t easy but Zacky seems to be handling it well. It just goes to show that rockstars are normal people too and we here at AP wish the "Vengeance" family the best. If you haven't already, go pick up Avenged Sevenfold's self titled album. You won't be disappointed.

I stared open mouthed at the secret interview I had just finished reading. Tears were slightly coming out of my eyes as I closed the magazine with my hands that were now shaking lightly.

"You alright?" My head snapped up at the voice that literally made me jump a mile.

Zacky was now casually leaning in the doorway watching me with concern in his eyes. I nodded my head and continued to let out soft sobs as he walked over and sat beside me. I curled up into his chest as I sniffed out loud.

He had said everything right. Everything I had ever hoped to hear from him, and the best part was that now everyone knew how he felt. He wasn't hiding anything from the public and he was secure in our relationship being out there in the open.

I grinned to myself as I inhaled his scent and loved how it was the same smell I had grown to love since the first time I met him.

He may not have been perfect and yeah he had screwed up a time or two but I was always the one he came home to at night and that was the best feeling in the world. He loves me more than any woman he's ever met and the feelings were mutual on that one.

"Is this a good cry or a bad cry?" I looked up at him and gave him a small grin.

"It's a good cry Zacky." He smiled back and nodded to confirm what I said.

"Well even though that's what it is, I'm sorry for making you cry. That wasn't the intention of the interview I swear." He chuckled softly.

"I know."

I tilted my head up and my gaze locked with his. I don’t know how long we sat there staring at eachother but eventually Zacky leaned forward and captured my lips with his own.

His hand came to rest on my back and my arms wrapped around his neck just in time for him to push me back so I was lying on the couch on my back with him on top of me. I gasped and moaned into his mouth as his hands began to roam under my top.

His lips shifted to the skin of my neck when a small squeal was heard coming into the room causing us both to freeze. Zacky's hands were still resting on my boobs and his lips were still pressed against my neck as we heard a yell.

"No! Tevan come back!" Matt's voice carried in through the door.

Zacky and I both turned our heads to see Tevan being scooped up by Matt who was quick to cover her eyes as she continued to giggle away. He was turning different shades of red as he shielded his own eyes before realizing that he couldn’t see where he was going and uncovered them.

"Sorry guys." He mumbled as he turned back around. "Tevan, it's not good to disrupt mommy and daddy." He told her playfully. "Let's let them continue shall we?"

Zack and I both watched them disappear back into the kitchen and close the swinging door behind them.

A frustrated groan escaped Zacky's lips as he brought his forehead down to rest on mine. He closed his eyes and groaned again, louder this time. "Fuck. I never thought my own daughter would be a cock block at the age of one."

"Sorry babe."

"Don't be sorry. I'll make it up to you. I've got a lot to make up to you actually." He told me quietly with regret still evident in his voice.


"No Katie." He cut me off daring me to finish my sentence. "I'm going to make it up to you. I don't care if it kills me but I will no matter what." His hand stroked the side of my cheek and I leaned into his touch. "I'm determined to be the best husband on the face of the earth. There's no more excuses."

"Get back here squirt!"

Zacky and I both sighed and turned to face the kitchen door as Tevan came running through for the second time, this time running away from Brian.

I scooted over some on the couch so Zacky could slide behind me on his side. Tevan came and placed her hands up in the air so Zacky reached over and picked her up before placing her on my stomach. She giggled and stuck her tongue out at Brian who had just stumbled through the door looking out of breath.

He narrowed his eyes at the toddler who was still poking fun at him. She sure had Zacky's personality all right.

"Damn Syn. Can't even keep up with my daughter. What the hell is wrong with you?" Zacky teased as he shook his head at our friend.

"She's fast! You've got your hands full." He replied as he scratched the back of his neck.
Brian looked at Tev again and gave a fake 'rawr' before lunging toward her. She dived forward so she was lying on my chest and wrapped her small arms around my neck.

"Mama!" She laughed as she buried her head in between me and Zacky.

"Come on toots. Let's let mommy and daddy finish talking."

"It's alright Bri. We're done." I grinned.

Tevan sat up and put her arms up toward Brian. "Unkie Bwi! Unkie Bwi!"

Brian's eyes widened at the use of his new name. He let out a cheer before taking Tevan into his arms and lifting her up high. She laughed loudly causing the other to come out of the kitchen to see what the commotion was about.

"She said my name! Take that fuckers!" He said as he smirked at the rest of the group.

"So?" Johnny said through a mouthful of taco he had just bitten into.

"Johnny." Lacey scolded while smacking him on the arm lightly. "Manners. You're niece is present."

He swallowed and then grinned at Lacey before giving her a peck on the cheek. "Sorry babe." He told her before taking another bite of his taco.

"Futer." My eyes widened at the word that came out of Tevan's mouth. She looked at Brian who was looking like he was about to have a heart attack at her attempt to say fucker. His eyes were twice their normal size and his face was becoming red with embarrassment. Zacky sat up and send his friend a glare.

"You…" He said dangerously.

"Tevan hun. That's not a nice word. Uncle Bri is sorry for saying it. Don't use that word alright? It's a no-no word. If you want Uncle Brian to live then don't use it alright? I think your daddy is going to kill me now." He babbled nervously to the toddler.

Zacky to say the least, looked livid. His eyes held fire and he looked just about ready to strangle Brian. "Zack. Calm down. You're no better about swearing so you have no right to be mad about it."

"I tried warning you guys." Val said as she shook her head in disbelief.


"Shi…crap." Zacky mumbled under his breath. I closed my eyes and let out a deep breath before standing up and walking to Brian and Tevan. I lifted her from his arms and gave everyone a glare before taking her into the kitchen.

I sat her down on the counter and stood before her firmly. "Tevan, that's a bad word hunny. It's not a nice word and we shouldn’t use it ok? Uncle Brian is going to be in trouble with Auntie Michelle for saying it. It's not one to use alright baby? It makes mommy sad when I hear it. Do you understand?"

Her small green eyes stared at me in sadness. She let out a sniffle knowing I was upset about her using it. She was a smart girl, it didn’t take her long to figure it out.

"Sowwy mama." She sniffed as she threw her arms out for me to lift her up again.

"It's ok baby. Just don't use it again alright?"


I was really amazed at how well Tevan was developing in her early years. She was only barely one year old and she was able to understand most of what I said sometimes. She still worked off emotions though and that's what I tried to use most of the time to get her to understand things.

I lifted her off of the counter and set her on the ground. She toddled out of the kitchen and back into the living room with me in tow.

Zacky surprised me when we walked in and I had to take a second to register what all was going on. He had the guys all sat on the couch and was lecturing them about the importance of not swearing around Tevan. The girls on the other hand, were leaning against the wall trying very hard not to laugh. This was a side of Zacky that very rarely came out and when it did make an appearance it took everything in me not to go 'awww' at how cute he was.

"Got it?" He asked the four men who nodded, Matt rolling his eyes for extra effect.

"Zacky, I got it taken care of." I told him while Tevan ran to Johnny who picked her up and sat her on his lap happily.

"I know." He nodded before giving the guys one final warning look. "I just don't want a repeat of this with a different word."

"So what did you think of the magazine?" Matt asked me with a curious glint in his eyes.
I glanced over to where it was now lying closed on the floor beside the couch and grinned inwardly. "I loved it. It turned out really nice I think. I couldn’t have asked for a better interview."

Matt gave me a knowing look and I just shrugged in response. It was true. It might not have been the answer to what he was really referring to but I figured that would be kept between Zacky and me for now.

"Ouch! Tevan let go!" Johnny wailed suddenly. I brought my hand up to my mouth as I saw that Tev was now standing on Johnny's lap and had grabbed hold of his nose ring. At the sound of Johnny's complaint she immediately let go of the silver ring and dropped her hands. Johnny rubbed his nose gingerly and let out a whine.

Tevan lifted one of her hands and placed it on Johnny's cheek carefully. He watched her and a smile spread across his face as she leaned in and placed a kiss on his other cheek gently.

"Awww." Lacey cooed from beside him.

"Johnny I want a baby." She said very seriously as she took Tevan from him.

"Babe." He blushed. "Can we not discuss this now?" He mumbled as the other guys started giving the two mushy looks.

Lacey's gaze turned to the guys who immediately shut up. "Watch it boys." She warned.
I contained my chuckle as I sat down on the floor in between Zacky's legs that were outstretched. He wrapped his arms around my stomach and rested his chin on my shoulder.

"Tonight, you and I are going to have a nice night to ourselves." He mumbled into my ear as he nibbled my earlobe.

"What about Tevan?"

"She's staying in with Matt and Val." He replied. "So it's just you and me, all night. That means I can have my way with you with no complaints or interruptions." He finished seductively. Chills traveled up and down my spine as he continued to nibble away at my skin.

"How do you know I won't complain?" I could feel his mouth turn into a smirk against my skin.

"Because you love my dick inside of you way too much to complain."

I missed this side of Zacky. It seems like since we got married the fun, teasing, flirty side of him has become hidden most of the time. I can honestly say I missed the playful jabs and perverted jokes he would make at me.

"We both know I make you moan like no other. And there's no mistaking you love it with the way you squirm underneath me as I make love to you."

"I might admit to that." My flirty reply earned a reaction from him that surprised me only slightly. He growled as I felt him grow behind me. I chuckled as his length began poking me in the butt.

"That's not nice of you." He mumbled.

"All's fair in the world of love my dear. You of all people know that." I poked fun at him.

"Hmm I'll remember that. You're in for a rude awakening tonight then babe."

"Bring it Vengeance." I grinned as I leaned around and pulled him in for a passionate kiss.

Tonight was going to be a fun night.
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