Lips That Need No Introduction

Chapter 3

"Val I'm scared." A tear fell out of my eye as I sat on her couch one afternoon. The sickness had worn off but I now knew why it hit me to begin with.

She set down a cup of decaf coffee for me seeing as it probably wasn't a good idea for me to consume caffeinated drinks anymore. The alcohol was also out of the equation.

I stared down at the coffee for a second before shifting my gaze to the box that sat beside it still unopened, haunting me.

"Relax hun. It'll all work out alright. At least now we have an idea of why you were sick. Now go into the bathroom and when you come out I want to see a smile on your face no matter what the results are." She practically yanked me up and led me to the bathroom after grabbing the box in her hands.

I knew I could always count on Val to keep me in my right mind. She was balanced when I was far from it. When I called her crying saying I had missed a period she was immediately at my door hauling me out of the house. We stopped by the local drug store and picked up a test and were at her house within minutes. She wasted no time when a friend was in need. No phone calls had been made to anyone yet and I intended to keep it that way for awhile.

My main worry was what Zacky would think if I was indeed pregnant. We had both said we wanted to wait to have kids. We had used protection every time but apparently something went wrong the last time we had a romantic night in. I knew it had been the night before he left. That had to be it. There was no other explanation for it.

My shaky hands opened the box and pulled out the contents before setting everything on the counter. All that water Val had forced down me paid off and it was only a few minutes before the stick was sitting on the counter awaiting my reaction.

My heart raced as I sat on the counter. It felt like I was facing my doom while waiting. This simple word that would be revealed could completely change my life and that of my husband's as well. I looked at my watch and saw that the time was up. It passed too quickly. I stood up from the counter but still gripped the side of it to keep me upright.

Glancing at the stick I let out a shaky breath before leaving the bathroom. Val was standing against the wall as I walked out.

"I…I…" My voice failed me as I met her eyes and nodded weakly. I blinked and the next thing I knew I was slumped against the wall on the floor with Val by my side. Tears leaked from my tear ducts as I cried. I didn’t know if they were tears of joy or tears of sorrow just yet.

"Shhh it's alright hun. This is great news! I'm sure Zacky will be ecstatic!" Her arms wrapped around me and pulled me into her chest in a comforting manner. Would Zacky really be thrilled? Or would he be scared and leave me?

"But how do you know? What if he doesn't want it right now? What if this ruins his life and career?" My sniffles echoed throughout the hallway. Val pulled my head up so I was looking into her eyes.

"Katie. It's his child. It's half him and half you." She paused for a moment as she was thinking. "And that's actually a very scary thought right there." I let out a laugh realizing that she was right. Any child of Zacky's was bound to be a handful.

"But the point is, he's going to be thrilled. I just know he will be. And it won't ruin his life or the band. I bet the guys will be thrilled and will probably fight over who is the best uncle." I laughed and nodded as she helped me stand up. My tears were letting up as we moved to the kitchen table. I let out a big sigh as I sat down and stared down at my stomach where my child rested. My and Zacky's baby.

Our baby.

The thought made me smile as I rested a hand on my stomach.

"Are you going to be alright?" I looked up to see Val grinning down at me.

"Yeah. I am. I guess I better get used to crazy hormones eh?"

"Oh shit. This ought to be fun. So who are we telling and when?"

"Well, Zacky obviously. But I have an idea for that. I've thought about how I'd tell him if I ever became pregnant. But I need the rest of the guys in on it. Do you think they'd help me?" Her eyes lit up as if she had read my thoughts.

"Fuck yeah they will." She practically ran to the phone before dialing what I knew was Matt's phone number.

"Babe I need you alone in a room right now." Her franticness obviously led Matt to make a perverted comment back.

"Damn it Matt. I know I'm not on tour and can't be in a room with you! Just go somewhere where you're alone." She walked out of the room and came back in with another handset in her hand which she then handed to me.

I pressed the talk button before holding it up to my ear.

"Hey Matt."

"Katie! How are you babe?"

"We're getting to that Matt. Now hush. Are you alone?" Val was way too excited about this.

"Yeah I am. Now what the fuck is going on?" I chuckled slightly at Matt's confusion.

"Katie has something to tell you. But you have to promise not to tell Zacky just yet. Promise us Matt!"

"Alright alright. Jeez woman I promise. Now chill out." I laughed at the bickering couple.

"Matt," I started. "I'm pregnant and I want to surprise Zack."

"Holy shit! No fucking way! That's fucking incredible! Congratulations hun!" I could hear the smile in his voice. "So you said you wanted to surprise Zacky? What about the other guys? Can I tell them? Damn I'm gonna be an uncle! And the best damn uncle at that. Way better than the others." Val gave me a knowing look since she had said that was exactly what they were going to say.

"Matt chill out. Yes you can tell the other guys. Just not the daddy to be alright? But anyway, here's the plan that I need your help on." I could basically hear his ears twitch as he listened to my ideas.

This was going to be fun. Let's just hope Zacky is happy about it.


"So it's official Mrs. Baker. You are indeed pregnant. Four weeks along in fact." I grinned at the doctor as she smiled over at me. I sat patiently on the table as she brought the results back. I could have told her that though. What I really wanted to know was if I was alright to travel.

"I know that look. Yes you're clear to travel." I nearly jumped up from excitement and let out a small squeal. "But there are conditions." Well I knew that much. It was to be expected.

"You can fly but you need to be back in Huntington by your eighth month. I'm well aware after speaking to a Mr. Sanders that they have arranged medical care for you on every stop of the tour so you should be good to go. But you need to take it easy while on the road. No hardcore partying, no being around smoking, no drinking, etcetera. Alright?"

"Understood. Thank you so much." I smiled as she handed me the prescription slip for my vitamins and led me out of the room.

Leana jumped up out of the chair she had been waiting in and grinned at me as I gave her the thumbs up. The girls had all argued on who could come with me to my appointment and in the end Leana had won. I really didn’t think it was a good idea to bring four ladies into the doctor's office with me.

"So we're clear for takeoff? Literally?" I nodded as she did a little dance in the lobby of the Huntington General hospital.

"Woo! Ok let's go get your meds and then we shall go pack! Oh my we are going to need to do some shopping as well! You're going to need new clothes! And the baby too! Oh this is so exciting." She gushed as she led me out into the parking lot. Well, she basically pulled me.

I really hadn't thought about what she said but when it clicked it seemed to hit me like a ton of bricks. "I'm gonna be fat!" I whined as we got in the car.

She leaned over from the driver's seat and placed a hand on my leg. "Babe, there's a big difference between fat and pregnant. I'm willing to bet all of Jimmy's money that you're going to be the cutest pregnant chick in all of southern California." I laughed.

"Well I hope Jimmy is prepared to go broke then." She slapped my knee playfully as she started the car. The drive home was short and sweet. We walked into my living room and I was greeted with the other three bombarding me with questions.

"Alright! Chill so I can answer." They all stopped and sat back down. "I'm pregnant. Four weeks along and I'm clear for travelling. I just have to be back before my eighth month." Squeals erupted from Val, Michelle and Lacey as they all hugged me since it was now confirmed.

"Are you excited?" Michelle asked as I sat down beside her on the couch.

"Of course I am! I just hope Zacky will be too."

"Well let me tell you, the guys are sure excited. I had to threaten Johnny that he would get no sex if he let anything slip to Zacky." Lacey explained as she leaned forward on her elbows. I started laughing instantly because I could totally envision the look of horror on Johnny's face as Lacey told him that.

I sat back and rested my hands on my still flat stomach. I knew it was only a matter of time before I started showing. It would be soon. I also knew it wasn't going to be long before word got out that Zacky and I were expecting. I wondered how many death threats I would be receiving now.

"There's just so much to think about. I hope it all pans out right. I mean we have to turn one of the spare bedrooms into a nursery, shop for things, I have to start watching what I eat, the guys can't smoke around me anymore; I hate to say it but it looks like some things will be changing." I grimaced at the thought and could only see Zacky's face now when I tell him he can't smoke around me anymore. Not that it was a huge issue to begin with though. He knew I didn’t like it and was fine with going outside for it. Part of me was still worried though. I wonder if he would be willing to quit all together. I really didn't want my child around that while he or she was still young.

"It will all work out hun. Just don't stress over it. You've got eight more months and eight plus people to help you. Oh just wait until your parents find out!" Val squealed again for like the fifth time today. If there was one thing to get girls squealing it was talk of a baby.

I was glad I didn't have to worry, Val was right. Our group was so large that I knew everyone would be glad to help out.

It all seemed like a piece of cake. If only it really was. I just needed to take things one at a time. And first up was packing and putting my plan in action for Zack.
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