Lips That Need No Introduction

Chapter 4

"Oh come on Val! I can carry my own suitcase! It rolls for goodness sake! I'm not an invalid you know!" I complained as I trailed after her and the other three girls as we entered the airport.

"Not an invalid. Just pregnant." This girl made no sense sometimes I swear.

Groaning I slumped my shoulders and trailed behind them as they pulled my things. I think the guys were going to have a heart attack when they saw the girls had packed me three full suitcases of clothes.

It had now been a week since I had found out I was officially pregnant and I believe I had clothes for every trimester. They had gone shopping crazy and I think I was set. Of course I had no idea where all this stuff was going to go but they insisted they would make it fit on the bus.

My nerves had kicked in and I was still fretting over things. I hope the guys didn’t mind having a pregnant lady on the bus with them. The last thing I wanted was to become a burden. And there was still the doubt in the back of my mind as to what Zacky would think. I just hope he wouldn’t be mad. But how could he be mad? He helped in the process. As my dad always used to tell me, it takes two to tango. Or in this case make a baby.

"Can I please get a coffee before we get on the plane at least? Please?" I begged as we passed a Starbucks in the airport once we got checked in and through security.

"I think we can do that for you." Michelle grinned at me. I let out a sigh of relief as I made my way into the small shop.

I was in heaven once I had my now decaffeinated drink. If I was going to be on an airplane for six hours I wanted to have a treat first.

Six hours seemed like a long time to be in the air. I was excited to see the guys though. It would be well worth it.

The plans had worked out wonderfully. Zacky had no idea we were coming. As far as he knew, we were coming in two weeks time instead of today. The guys were currently in Tampa and had a show tonight that we would be there in time for. Brian was going to pick us up from the airport and take us straight to the venue where I would surprise Zacky on stage. It was a little more complex than that with what I had planned but I was by the guys that it would be no problem.

"Val I can carry my damn purse! Drop it woman!" I scolded Val as I saw her set to grab my purse for me as we stood up to board the plane.

Now this was getting out of hand. I wasn't even showing yet! Now if I was eight months along then that would be another story but that's not the case.

She dropped the strap of my purse and shrunk away as I glared at her. This was going to be a nightmare. I wasn't helpless you know. Grabbing the bag before anyone else could I pulled it upon my shoulder and walked up to the entrance to the gate. After handing the lady my ticket I walked through the walkway and onto the plane. Lacey was in front of me and so I just followed her to our seats.

First class was indeed a very nice treat. I was so used to flying coach but it was definitely a nice change for once. I was able to stretch out my legs and the chair was much more comfy. It even reclined slightly and had a foot rest.

Closing my eyes I finally realized how exhausted I was. After finding out I was pregnant, worrying over Zacky's reaction, having to set up doctors appointments, dealing with morning sickness, planning the trip to see the guys, shopping, and having to finish the daily house chores I think it was safe to say I needed some more sleep.

"Hey guys I think I'm going to take a nap for a bit. I'm flat out exhausted." A yawn escaped at the end of my sentence and they all looked at me before nodding.

"Take it easy hun. We'll wake you if you don't come to by the time we get there." Michelle smiled as she pulled out a few pregnancy magazines from her purse. I rolled my eyes realizing that I was indeed doomed. They were going to live vicariously through my pregnancy.

Just what I needed, I thought as I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Bolting up in my chair what felt like minutes later I realized that we were actually landing and I had been asleep the entire time. I rubbed my eyes groggily and yawned. I hated falling asleep and finding out I slept for hours only for it to have felt like minutes. That was the worst feeling ever.

"You're awake! And we're here!" Leana exclaimed loudly causing an older gentleman to glare in her direction. She didn’t seem to care though because as soon as the seat belt sign went off she stood up and immediately started pulling things down from the overhead bin.

"I'm still so tired." I said quietly as I stood up from my seat. I was actually really thankful I slept. It passed the time well. I hate those flights where you can't sleep and you end up bored staring out the window because there's nothing else to do.

"Just think, tonight you'll get to cuddle with your Zacky-bear in a hotel room while you two coo over your new baby!" I blinked as I digested Val's words and began to wonder if she had lost her mind.

"Zacky-bear? Somehow I don't see Zacky-bear cooing Val." She just swatted my ass with her rolled up magazine as I walked in front of her off of the plane.

"Just shush and keep your pregnant ass moving woman." I laughed but immediately stopped when I felt how humid the outside air was as it came through the cracks of the boarding hallway. This was going to be yucky weather.

The five of us made our way through the crowded Tampa airport in search of the baggage claim where we would be meeting Brian.

Thankful that all of the baggage claims were in the same place we found ours shortly after we arrived. Nothing had started coming out yet and we all were craning our necks for some sign of the lead guitarist that was still missing in action.

A squeal left Michelle's mouth and she launched through the air toward the black figure that we knew must be Brian. He wasn't alone though. Johnny sauntered up behind him causing Lacey to jump into his arms. I watched as they all hugged and wished the Zacky was here to hold me too.

All in due time.

The girls stepped away from their men and the two guys instantly turned to face me. Brian was the first to engulf me in a hug. His arms tightened around me as he placed a kiss on the top of my head.

"Congrats Kate. I'm so happy for you." He murmured gently. He held me at arms length for a moment as he stared at my stomach. His hand gently grazed over it. "Still flat. Damn. I was hoping you'd have a baby bump already." He chuckled.

"Soon Syn. Don't rush me on it." I winked before he released me completely so Johnny could take a turn.

I loved Johnny's hugs. They were always so gentle and sincere. I knew why Lacey liked to cuddle with him all the time. He was just comfy to be held by.

"I still can't believe the Zacky's going to be a dad. Congrats lovely. You're going to be an excellent mom." My cheeks rose as I grinned at his comment. I sure hope it was going to turn out to be true.

"Thanks Johnny. Let's just hope you're right." I said as I pulled away. He winked at me.

"Well if Zacky screws up, the little bugger can always come to Uncle Syn. I'll straighten the kid out." I stared at Brian bizarrely for a moment before bursting out laughing.

"Brian something tells me you're going to spoil the kid rotten. Not be the strict one. I honestly can't see any of you being strict." My pointed gaze caused him to crumble under his tough exterior. I was right.

Under all the tattoos and piercings these guys were all a bunch of softies. This baby was going to be one of the most spoiled rotten kids on the planet.

"There's our suitcases!" Leana said as she ran over to the luggage go round that indeed had our bags moving along on it. Brian and Johnny stepped up to the plate and retrieved each and every one of them as they came around to where we were standing.

"Holy shit man. How many suitcases did you guys need?" Val glared at Brian as he placed them all on a cart.

"There's a pregnant woman traveling with us now. We had to make sure she had enough clothes for when she gets bigger." I held my hands up in defense as Brian glared at me.

"Hey I had nothing to do with it! They all packed for me! Apparently I'm an invalid who shouldn’t even be lifting my own purse." This statement made Johnny laugh as he wheeled one of the carts out the door with us all in toe.

"Well get used to it Katie because once Zacky finds out I'll be amazed if you aren’t bed ridden around him for the entire nine months." I groaned knowing he was right. I think some parameters were going to need to be set before things got out of hand.

"I'm doomed aren’t I?" I asked them all as the van was being loaded and we all climbed in.

"Pretty much." Val nodded as she buckled in.

"This sucks." I tossed my head back on the head rest as I stared out the window.

"So Katie, do you have everything planned out for tonight?" I was thankful Johnny changed the subject because thinking about being treated like I was helpless was becoming depressing.

"I do. I just hope the fans don't ruin it for me. I hope it all goes smoothly. Where is Zacky being kept at?"

Brian's gaze shifted to me through the rear view mirror as he spoke while he drove. "He's at a golf course with Matt, Jimmy and Matt Berry." I nearly choked on air at the mention of a golf course. These guys golfing? Riiight.

"I know exactly what you're thinking. Just wait until you see the pictures when they get back. Jimmy left the hotel in a pair of red and black plaid pants and golf shoes. Funniest sight I've seen in quite some time." I looked at Leana before we all burst out laughing. Wow. I bet he had his glasses on too. And maybe even a polo shirt. Totally not Jimmy-like at all except for the glasses. I cringed at the thought and just prayed that Zacky wasn't wearing anything remotely similar. I may have to burn the outfit if he was.

I guess we'd just have to wait and see.


To put it lightly, I was currently a nervous wreck. Standing on the side stage next to JB I was literally shaking with nerves. His arm was resting around my shoulders as we stared out at the crowd that was awaiting the show.

"Are you going to be alright?" He asked as he sensed my nerves. This could either go smoothly or turn out to be a complete disaster.

"I think so." I nodded as he grinned and grabbed a mic from the side of the stage. As far as we both knew, Zacky was being taken to the hotel they were staying at with Jimmy really fast seeing as Jimmy had ever so conveniently forgotten his drumming shoes in his room. Far away from here was exactly where I needed him to be right now. The girls had all seen their guys except for me. Zacky was still oblivious to any of us being here and that was all part of the plan.

JB released my shoulders as he winked and walked onto the stage to a round of confused but excited voices. People obviously knew who he was.

"What the fuck is up tonight guys and girls?" He paused for a moment letting them all yell before continuing on. "Good good. That's what I like to hear. Well I would like to inform you guys that tonight is a very special night for us. You all get to be part of Avenged Sevenfold history in a sense." I could see the looks of confusion on the fans faces and began praying that this would all go well.

"I have a very special someone who wants your help tonight. Some of you may know her and if you're in tune with the band's personal lives then you should sure as hell know who she is, and who she's married to." He winked at me and I made my way onto the stage to a round of screams. I blushed lightly never having realized that people did in fact know who I was and could recognize me on the spot like this.

"I give to you the lovely Mrs. Katie Vengeance." He handed me the mic as I chuckled but he still stood beside me for moral support.

"What's up guys? You all having fun so far? Sweetness. Well I have a little something I need your help with tonight. But before I give it away I want your word that you won't spoil the surprise alright? This really means a lot to me so please don't ruin it. Alright?" A round of agreements followed and I was satisfied.

"Ok. So first off let me start off by saying that Zacky has no clue I'm here tonight. He's not expecting to see me for another two weeks actually. But you see, a few weeks ago I started waking up and feeling sick to my stomach. At first I thought it was a bug I picked up from Shadow's girl Val but I was soon proved wrong. It seems that Mr. Zacky V couldn't control his sperm on the night before the guys left for tour." Gasps were heard as people started putting two and two together. I laughed as people started yelling things out such as 'You're pregnant!' and 'Little Zacky V's!'.

Nodding I continued on. "That would be correct. I am indeed pregnant. This fact is one that Zacky also does not know. And this is where you guys come in. Still willing to help me?" I just wanted to make sure no one was going to back out and screw this up. I could totally see someone let something slip while the guys were on stage.

"Awesome. Alright guys here's the plan."

The crowd seemed to love the words that were coming out of my mouth as I explained what I wanted them to do. They seemed like a good group of kids and I was extremely thankful that they were up to this.

After saying goodbye to everyone JB led me off the stage and into one of the back rooms where I met up with the girls. Jimmy had called to say he and Zacky were back so we now had to sit back here to avoid being seen.

"So how did it go?" Lacey asked from her spot on one of the couches.

"It went extremely well. They all seemed happy to help. Now it's just up to Zacky. That's the scary part." Leana gave me a sympathetic look before getting up and coming over to hug me.

"It'll be fine. Stop worrying yourself. If he's not happy we'll kick his pretty little ass until he is." I chuckled lightly realizing that they would indeed follow through with their threat. I wouldn’t put anything past these girls lately. Nothing surprised me anymore.

I remained in my chair as the show went on. I could hear the crowd going nuts as they sang along to the guys' songs. It sounded like they were all having a blast.

I felt my heartbeat increase as JB popped his head into the room. His grin was unmistakable and I knew it was time. I slowly stood up and hugged each of the girls as they told me good luck. Why was I feeling like this was going to be the end of my life?

Telling my husband, of all people, that I was pregnant shouldn't be a big deal. It should be something easy. But when you didn’t know what his reaction was going to be, well, that’s when it became a scary matter.

The guys had just finished playing Afterlife and I was standing hidden on the side of the stage beside JB. Matt looked over and winked at me.

The crowd started cheering out of nowhere knowing that it was time for their part in my announcement. The guys all smirked but Zacky was looking rather confused.

"What's going on guys?" Matt asked the crowd. One girl in the front, whom we had asked to help us out beckoned to him to come closer.

Brian had since placed his guitar behind his back and was standing with his arms crossed. He was also standing closer to Zacky incase something were to happen. Matt gave a fake puzzled look as he leaned down closer to the girl. Zacky's expression was priceless though. He looked so lost as to what was going on.

Matt's reaction was extremely cheezy but I couldn't help but laugh. You could tell it was totally staged. Zacky seemed oblivious though.

"Ohhhhhh." Matt said as he pretended to talk to the girl. "You guys have something you want to say?" Cheers erupted as Matt grinned.

"Alright. It appears that the crowd has something they want to tell Mr. Zacky V here." At the mention of his name Zacky's eyebrow quirked up. I slowly slinked out onto the stage behind him so he wouldn’t see me.

Matt held up his hands and counted to three on his fingers.

"Congratulations Zacky! You're going to be a dad!" I watched as he blinked a few times before becoming extremely confused. Brian spun him slightly and turned his head so I was in his line of vision.

His eyes met my frame as I stood still and gave a small smile at him. It all unfolded so slowly and it felt as if it was happening in slow motion. His eyes rolled back in his head before he started to fall backwards. Matt and Brian had to catch him before he hit the ground.

The poor guy had fainted.

Gasps were heard as I rushed forward to where he was slumped in Matt's arms. Johnny was running off to get water and Jimmy had since come down from his drum kit to help. Matt and Brian placed Zacky down on the ground while I hovered over him.

"Come on Zack. Wake up." I rubbed his cheek lightly, thankful to be able to touch him again.
Johnny came back with water and handed me the bottle. I shook a little over his sweaty face and patted his cheek again. While I was worrying, the guys all seemed to be rather amused by the situation. Jimmy was even laughing at the fact that Zacky had fainted.

I watched as his eyes fluttered open. They were out of focus but then steadied themselves on my own. The guys helped him stand up once more and he wobbled slightly making me giggle. His feet brought him closer to me and his left hand reached out to cup my face.

"Are you really…" His voice trailed off as I glanced down at the floor before returning to meet his green orbs that were filled with apprehension. Well he didn't appear to be mad so this was a good sign.

"Yes. I am. A little over four weeks in fact. Something must have happened the night before you left." Silence filled the venue as everyone awaited his response. He glanced over at Matt for a second before turning back to me.

"Fuck yeaaaaah!" He screamed as he picked me up off of my feet and twirled me around in the air. "I'm gonna be a fucking dad!" My grin could have rivaled that of a kid who just got told he got to eat his entire birthday cake by himself at the moment.

I was ecstatic. And the best part was, so was he. He set me down before leaning in and capturing my lips in a very heated kiss. I was vaguely aware of the crowd that was now screaming various things at us but none of that mattered to me at the moment. The only thing that mattered was the Zacky was happy.

"I can't believe all of this. You being here, finding out you're pregnant, I'm going to be a dad. Oh shit I'm going to be a dad! Will you be here when I get done?" I laughed as the words left his mouth in a jumble. His eyes were searching mine and his grip on me was so tight it was like he was scared to let go.

"Yes I'll be here. I'm not going anywhere for awhile." His face lit up like a little kid on Christmas as he gave me another kiss and led me off stage.

"Don't leave here." I nodded before he turned around and went back on stage.

"So I think this next song is going to be dedicated to the lucky parents to be." Matt stated as the guys launched into playing Seize The Day.

It was the perfect song because at this moment all I wanted to do was seize the day with my new family and friends.
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