Lips That Need No Introduction

Chapter 5

The show was incredible and it seemed like Zacky was on cloud nine the entire time. He played with such energy and commitment. The rest of the girls had since joined me on the side of the stage and we had been jamming to the songs the entire time.

A Little Piece of Heaven had just finished meaning that the show was now over. My eyes widened as Zacky practically dropped his guitar on stage and came charging at me. I looked warily at his sweaty body but he paid no mind and scooped me up bridal style anyway. I hated to admit it but I even missed his sweaty smell.

"We'll meet you guys at the hotel." He yelled over his shoulder before running off with me in his arms. I giggled at his excitement as he took me out the back door and led me to an suv that was parked nearby but out of sight to the fans. He somehow, don't ask me how because I don't know, managed to open the passenger door and set me inside before closing it and running to the driver's side.

"Why the hurry?" I asked as he sped out of the parking lot and off into the night.

"There's a lot to talk about. I want all the little details. And based on that little stunt earlier I believe the guys already knew so therefore it's my turn." He turned his head so he was facing me slightly before looking back at the road.

It didn't take us long to get to the hotel. It was a nice one and Zacky was in such a hurry to get into it that he almost tripped on the plush carpet in the lobby twice.

"Sit." He said as he pointed to the king sized bed that was in the middle of the room. Chuckling I did as told and went to lay down.

A smile spread across my face as I watched him strip down to his black boxers in the room. He threw his clothes into a pile on the floor before disappearing into the bathroom. His head poked back out and told me he was going to take a really fast shower so he didn’t stink anymore and then we would talk.

I closed my eyes and let my mind wander as I heard the water turn on in the other room. I was so thankful he was happy. Things could not have gone smoother. Well, except he didn't need to faint on me. That was pretty funny though.

He was right when he said he was going to shower quickly. He emerged not long after he went in and this time had a towel wrapped around his waist. It was the first time I actually got to take a good look at him since I had been out here. In the scurry of things I hadn't really been able to just observe him.

He had clearly lost some weight over the past few weeks which honestly surprised me. I thought there would be an apparent beer belly but I was pleasantly surprised. His chest was more toned than last time and I could see his muscles ripple as he leant down to get a shirt out of his bag.

Moving my gaze from his torso it landed on his hair. My eyes widened slightly when I noticed it now was laced with patches of blonde among the black. Well that's different. I wonder how that came about and why I didn’t notice it before. His arms still had the same tattoos on them as far as I could tell. But you never knew when a new one would surface so maybe I would have to do some looking.

I watched as he threw his shirt on over his head and then removed his towel. I smiled as he glanced at me. I loved having the right to look, and touch, since I was his wife now. He chuckled lightly and pulled his boxers on making me groan in annoyance.

He turned to face me and made his way over to the bed. Climbing on he fell next to me and pulled me into his arms.

"So." He started as his hand snaked under my shirt to rest on my stomach. "Tell me everything. I don't want any detail left out." I smiled as I retold him of my morning sickness and how it really wasn't the flu. I told him about the tests run at home and at the doctors. I explained the conditions on which I was allowed to travel and how Matt had helped me set up doctors. I explained about the clothes that the girls had all bought for me and how it took up three suitcases that were still with Brian I assumed.

"So it's really real. I'm going to be a dad." He sighed. I nodded and watched as he rolled over and propped himself up on his knees. He crawled over next to me and hovered above my stomach. I watched with interest as he gently lifted my shirt, exposing my still flat belly.
His fingers trailed across my skin and he let one of his hands rest on my side. I shivered as I felt his cool lip rings press against my skin. I giggled as he kissed my torso and then leaned back up.

"Hello little one. I know you're probably still the size of a bean but I'm your daddy and I'm going to spoil you fucking rotten." My giggles increased as Zacky spoke to my stomach. He was so cute.

"Oh you find this funny? That I'm talking to our child? I'll show you what's funny." Before he had even finished his sentence his fingers started tickling my sides. Squeals replaced my giggles as I struggled to get away from his grasp. His hands showed no mercy as he continued to tickle me much against my protests. My legs were flailing and a grin was stretched across his face.

"Ok! S-stop! P-p-please Zack!"

"Tell the baby that you're sorry for laughing at me." His hands hovered above me as if in warning that he would keep going if I didn’t do as told.

"I'm sorry for laughing at your daddy." I said with a frown down to my stomach. Zack seemed satisfied enough with my apology. He brought his hands down and laid back down on the bed beside me. I rolled over so I was facing him and cuddled into his embrace as he held me close.

"So what happened to your hair?" I questioned once I got my breath back and was able to bring a hand up to run it through one of the few blonde patches.

"Ah. I lost a bet with Brian. It was back in Dallas when we were playing in an arena. Everyone knows he tends to mess up once or twice when playing in big venues. So I made a bet with him that he couldn’t play the entire show without messing up. We even had JB watch and keep track. Obviously I lost and ended up with blonde patches. It's not too bad is it?" He asked while laughing.

"No. I actually rather like the look on you. I do have to admit though, you're looking an awful lot like Johnny with it." He rolled his eyes before nodding.

"Yeah I know. He's actually thinking about going back to his mohawk though so we won't be alike for long. So tell me more about this baby. I'm so fucking excited." His grin reappeared on his face. My heartbeat increased at his excitement. I was so happy still.

"Well, I honestly don't know much other than I'm pregnant. I haven’t told our families yet but we should probably do that soon before they see it online somewhere."

"Oh fuck yeah. I can see my mom practically yelling my ear off as to why she had to find out from some fansite and not from us." Ironically I could say the same thing for my family.

"Yeah no kidding. Hmm what else? No gender yet. No weird cravings have surfaced yet, I'm not super horny like I've heard you can get sometimes." A look of amusement crossed Zacky's face at the mention of the horniness.

"Well it's a damn good thing you can still have sex while you're pregnant then." I chuckled at his statement knowing that this pregnancy definitely would not hinder our sex life in any way. Zacky was a creative guy I'll tell you that much.

Our chatter died down from there and we just laid there enjoying being in each other's embrace.

"I missed you." Zacky's voice finally broke the silence after a few minutes.

"I think I missed you more."

"Not possible. Not at all fucking possible. Just ask the guys." I leaned up on one of my elbows for a moment as I looked down into his eyes.

"How about… you show me just how much you missed me then?"

I giggled as he flipped me onto my back in an instant and proceeded to free me of my clothes.

His lips attached to my neck quickly and trailed kisses up to my ear.

"This is how much I fucking missed you."


"Damn this bus is crowded." I stated the next morning as I climbed up onto it only to be greeted with eight faces grinning at me and Zacky. Apparently we were the last couple on the bus.

There was no reply as there was a swarm of hugs headed in our direction. I was picked up and swung around gently by each and every guy and I think Zacky got a man hug from each one as well as a hug and kiss on the cheek from every girl.

Zacky took our bags into the bunk area before returning and sitting with me on one of the couches.

"Dude I am so going to be the best uncle." Matt boasted to an uproar of protests from the others.

"Fuck no man! The little bugger is going to like me the best because I'm the tallest." I laughed at Jimmy's statement seeing that there really was no correlation between height and who the favorite uncle was.

"You're both wrong. I'll be the best because I'm going to teach it how to play the bass." Johnny gave a knowing look to Matt who just laughed.

"Uncle Brian is clearly going to be the favorite simply because I'm the fucking coolest and not to mention I play the same instrument as the daddy here." He said as he patted Zacky on the arm who sat between us.

"Hey! No you don't!" A smack was heard as we all turned to see that Michelle had smacked Brian's hand which was reaching for a cigarette from his pack that rested on his leg.

"What the fuck!" All of the girls gave Brian a stern look before pointing to me. I shrunk back into the couch knowing that this was going to happen sometime.

"Oh. I guess we're all banned to outside then. Well this fucking sucks."

"I'm so sorry Brian." I said sadly while looking at Johnny too knowing he was one of the other smokers in the group.

"Not a problem babe. Don't feel bad about anything." Zacky's arm wrapped around my shoulder as Brian spoke.

"I guess that goes for me too obviously. Actually now that I think about it, this would probably give me a reason to try and quit seeing as I have been trying for years and have never been able to." I turned to face him slightly.

"Would you really do that?" I was so thankful that he had suggested it so I didn’t have to. That would have been so uncomfortable for me to ask.

"Hell yeah. Anything for you and our baby." A chorus of aw's echoed through the bus making Zacky glare at everyone. "Shut the fuck up guys."

"No way man. Zacky V has gone soft on us all." Jimmy teased earning a pillow to the face courtesy of Zack.

"I have not gone soft. There's just certain things that I'll sacrifice for my new family. Because unlike you all I actually have an official one now." He squinted his eyes and stuck his tongue out at them all. His arms reached out and grabbed me around the middle. They pulled me into his chest and I giggled as he placed a big wet kiss on my cheek.

"Oh fuck you Vengeance." Brian huffed as he hugged Michelle. She looked over and smiled at me and Zacky.

"So have you thought of names yet?"

"Oh holy fuck! Names!" Johnny's exclamation started immediate chatter about baby names and Zacky and I were left in the dust. I swear these guys were treating my pregnancy as if it were their own!

While Brian was trying to convince Matt that clearly Brian was a better name for a boy than Matthew, Zacky leaned over to whisper in my ear.

"Do you have any ideas?"

"Sort of. I kind of like Tevan for a girl. It's different." He hummed thoughtfully for a moment.

"Tevan Baker. I like it. I was sort of thinking Blake for a boy. Blake Baker."

"I like that Zack. I like that a lot." I smiled thinking about the little one that was growing inside of me and what a joy it would be to name him or her.

"Dude, B comes first in the alphabet. Therefore Brian is clearly a better fucking name!" Matt swung his pillow at Brian as he scowled at the guitarist for his lame attempt to prove why his name was better.

"Matt has less letters.

"But Matthew doesn't!"

"Oh for goodness sake you two stop! Please!" I laughed at Val as she placed her hands on her temples and shook her head as she tried to get the two to stop arguing.

"At least I'm not a junior or have Elwin as my middle name." Brian just flipped Matt off as he heard his barely audible mumble.

"Well while you all discuss what you're going to name our kid, me and my wife are going to go chill in the back room." Not really wanting to go rest I tried to protest but before the words could leave my mouth I was being lifted up and carried into the back room of the bus.

"Zacky put me down! I can still walk you know!"

"Well no shit? You mean your legs didn't up and leave you in the middle of the night?" His sarcasm didn't amuse me and I just huffed and crossed my arms.

"Oh come on Katie." When I didn’t reply he sighed and set me down on one of the couches in the back room before lying down and pulling me down next to him.

"I guess I had better get used to mood swings. I have a feeling they're going to be the fucking death of me." I smacked his arm which caused him to laugh but inside I knew he was exactly right on the money.

I was going to have to try extremely hard to keep myself in check so I didn’t make everyone else miserable through the next eight months. It was going to be hard, I already knew that much. Especially with this group. You never knew when the smallest joke or jest would set you off.

"I'm sorry." I murmured lightly into his chest.

"It's perfectly fine babe." He assured me as his hands came to rest on top of my own which were on my stomach.

"Brian would you shut the hell up?!? Your name is not fucking better! Get a fucking grip!" Matt's shout echoed through the bus and was followed by a loud thunk and laughter.

"Never a dull moment." I smiled as I leaned up and kissed Zacky's pierced lips.

"Never." He agreed.

"Fuck dude! Get your fat ass off me!"

Boys will be boys I suppose.
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