Lips That Need No Introduction

Chapter 6

I loved the warmth of a blanket covered bed in the morning. There was just something about feeling warm and cozy when the outside air was cold that just felt right.

I was slightly awoken when part of my source of warmth left me however. The arms that had held me all night for the past week were now gone from around me. I felt the bunk shift slightly as Zacky got up. Snores were still coming from the other bunks so I assumed the others must have still been asleep. Must have been why Zacky closed the curtain quietly.

I snuggled further into the blankets as I struggled to keep warm without him by my side. I eyed the clock that was on the shelf at the end of our bunk and saw it was seven in the morning. I let out a small groan as I closed my eyes for a few minutes.

If there was one thing I hated about myself it was my inability to go back to sleep once I was woken up. Usually if Zacky was still in bed I could doze back off but if I knew someone else was awake then it was almost impossible. I tossed the covers back in a huff and slid the curtain open before climbing out of the bunk. Making my way into the bathroom I felt a wave of nausea hit me once again. It happened every morning since I had been back and was becoming the typical routine. Zacky was usually there to comfort me but today I knew he was in the front room doing something.

When my stomach finished emptying itself I pulled my toiletry bag out from the pile where everyone's resided and proceeded to brush my teeth to get the nasty taste out of my mouth.

Once I was finished my feet carried me through the bunks and I quietly opened the door that led to the front room. The snoring was blocked out as I shut the door behind me and turned to face the room.

Zacky was currently sitting on one of the sofas with a small table propped in front of him. His face was half hidden behind his laptop screen. His black rimmed glasses were perched on his nose and a cup of coffee was sitting next to the computer with steam coming from the top. A ghost of a smile graced his lips as he picked up the steaming cup and gingerly took a sip. As he looked over from the screen as he set his cup down his eyes caught sight of my form standing near the door way.

"Well good morning gorgeous. What brings you out here so early?" He stood up and neared the sink.

"I woke up when you left. And then that damn morning sickness hit me." He frowned as he poured a second cup of now decaf coffee and set it on the table beside his own. A grin formed on my lips when I saw he was still in his dark blue plaid pajama pants and a Misfit's t-shirt. He was so cute in the mornings.

"I'm sorry I woke you up." He said as he came over and hugged me. I pressed my lips to his in a good morning kiss and he led me over to the table and sat me down.

"So what are you doing up this early?" I looked skeptically at the laptop screen and saw it was opened to

"Oh. Well since I know next to nothing about pregnancy I thought I'd do some research. I found this page that tells you exactly what to expect each week of the pregnancy both for the mother and for the baby." His smile lit up the entire room as he spoke about our child. I simply loved it.

"Zacky you are too cute. I've never known a guy to be this into it before. So what does it say about week five?" His fingers moved over the mousepad and clicked on the correct link. His right arm draped itself around my shoulders and pulled me closer.

"Well it says that there is still morning sickness, and maybe an increase in how often you go to the bathroom. But that's about it." I laughed as I watched his face contort as he mentioned the bathroom thing.

"Are your boobs sore?" I nearly spit out my coffee at his question. It was so totally random for him.

"Say what?" He chuckled as he leaned in close to my ear. His hand that was draped over my arm gently pushed the fabric of my shirt forward so that his finger could rub under my right boob through the material.

"It says that your boobs might be getting sore. And also that your areolas should be darkening." The way he projected his voice gave me the shivers. It was so deep and husky. "I might just have to check for myself." His finger reached up and poked the nub that was now obtrusively poking against my shirt. I let out a small squeal and swatted at his hand.

"Zacky stop." My whine didn't get me far and I ended up having to grasp his left hand in both of mine. That didn't stop his right one however. His chuckles matched my squeals and soon we had both wrestled ourselves so we were lying down on the couch. My chest was firmly pressed against his own so his hands weren’t able to poke my boobs anymore.

"Please tell me you guys didn't just have sex on the couch." Zacky and I both popped our heads up at the same time to look over the table at Brian who was scratching his head. His hair was sticking up at all angles and a yawn escaped his lips as he stared at us.

"Oh yeah Syn. We just got done having the hottest most passionate sex ever right here on the couch that everyone sits on." Zacky rolled his eyes at his barely awake friend. Brian glared at him before pouring himself a cup of coffee and joining us.

"So what the hell are you two doing up so early?" I shrugged as Zacky helped me sit back upright before he closed his laptop screen.

"I was checking to see if her boobs were sore yet." His initial statement made Brian choke on his coffee for a second. ZAcky laughed before answering truthfully. "No idea. Too excited to sleep I suppose." I was thankful Zacky answered because I didn't know what to say, especially after his first comment. My brain was fully awake yet still.

"I'm really happy for you two. You're both going to be great parents. Damn I want kids. How did you two get so lucky?" It was always fun hearing Brian talk about kids. We all knew he wanted a family someday. He loved kids even if it didn't always show. I knew he was going to have a blast around our son or daughter and would be a great uncle as well.

"It's called failed birth control man." Brian and Zack both laughed as I just shook my head.

"Shit I need to go by a drug store today. I'm out of those damn patches." I smiled, happy that Zacky had kept his word. It wasn't easy for him to resist having a cigarette but whenever he was itching for one I had decided a heavy makeout session was in order. It seemed to help and kept him happy. He complained every now and then about the cravings but he was doing alright. Michelle had been badgering Brian about stopping as well and I think he was just about ready to give it a go.

Oh and did I mention that I agreed to have sex with Zacky whenever he wanted if he actually quit? Yeah, that might be a key motivational factor as well.

"So how do you like being on tour so far Kate?" I chuckled as I contemplated my answer. Both Brian and Zacky looked scared of my answer even though they were brave enough to ask it in the first place.

If I was being honest, it wasn't that bad. It was sort of how I imagined it to be. The drinks flowed just about every night. The bus was crowded and you got almost no privacy which I expected. I can't tell you the number of times someone had barged into the bunk area while I was changing and vice versa. But I'd have to say overall it was fun being out with the guys.

"It's alright. Pretty much all I imagined it to be. I do miss being at home though."

"Don't we all." Brian laughed. " But hey its just quality time with your friends and family that you get out here. Friends, family, music, alcohol, and the good ole open road."

I coughed lightly thinking of all the things he had left out. "Oh and we can't forget the boxers lying all over the ground, people leaving the toilet seat up, farting in an enclosed area, watching you guys 'adjust' yourselves while walking around in the morning, leaving dirty dishes in the sink until they grow mold and stink, having to listen to couples having sex in the bunk above yours." At this point I glared at Brian because he and Michelle had the bunk above us. Zacky was well used to having to listen to other couples yet I was still slightly disturbed by that.

"Need I continue?" I crossed my arms over my chest as I smirked at the boys.

"No. We get the idea." Zacky grumbled as he stood up and put both of our now empty coffee cups in the sink. He rinsed them out however after my mention of the mold growing. I don't think any of us will ever forget Jimmy and his cereal bowl that he forgot about in one of the cupboards. That was disgusting and resulted in us having to keep a window open all day to try and get the smell out. How a guy can place his bowl in a cupboard while getting out a cup and forget it is beyond me.

"Hey now. It can't be any worse than at home." I looked at Brian skeptically.

"Brian, contrary to popular belief, Zacky actually keeps the house clean. It's only when you get all five of you together that it becomes a disaster."

"Well fuck you Ms. Pregnant Chick."

"Sorry Bri, Zacky already has." He groaned as I smirked at my comeback.

This was going to be a great stint on tour. I just knew it.


I rolled my eyes at JB as he brought me a beer while I stood watching the guys perform that night. "JB I can't drink, remember?" His eyes lit up as he suddenly remembered my nine month sobriety commitment.

"Oh yeah! I'm sorry. I totally forgot." I chuckled but stopped as Matt caught my eye from the center of the stage. He looked from me to JB and winked.

"Well fuck Zacky. It looks like your baby's mama has something she wants to give you." I looked from Matt to the beer and then to JB who was now grinning like a fool. He was a great liar I'd give him that much. He hadn't forgotten I was pregnant.

Zacky turned on the spot and saw the beer in my hand. "Shads he has to wait for that until after the show. We can't have them fucking on stage now can we?" My cheeks flushed at Brian's comment and I made a mental note to smack him one later on. Zacky howled as the crowd laughed before slinging his guitar behind his back.

"Oh come on Syn, everyone would love to see us fuck I'm sure. Then all these lovely girls could say they saw my huge fucking dick." Now I was really blushing.

He bent down slightly and held a hand out while beckoning me with his forefinger. His eyebrows were furrowed and I could see the evil glint in his eyes. I tossed my hands up in defeat before walking on stage with the beer bottle. Screams erupted for me and it was shocking to be honest. I waved to the crowd and crossed over to Zacky who was still grinning evilly at me.

I rolled my eyes as I handed him the bottle only for him to set it on the ground. His arms reached out and grabbed me before dipping me slightly as he pressed his lips to mine passionately. I blinked for a minute before letting my eyes flutter closed as he shoved his tongue into my mouth. I could hear the crowd going wild as well as the guys laughing from their respective spots.

"Let's give them a show shall we?" He mumbled lightly against my lips and I had no doubt I was the only one who could have heard him. I moaned in response as his hand slipped under my knees and brought me down onto the ground. He straddled my waist and I felt his hands leave my head. The clinking of metal reached my ears and I recognized it as the buckle of his belt. Oh this was going to be good. I moved my hands to push his aside and I undid his belt for him. His hands roamed under my shirt and started to bring it up. I felt him smirk against my lips as someone started choking on their drink on stage.

I groaned as Zacky abandoned my lips and turned to glare at Jimmy who was the one who had choked on his water. "Fuck dude shut the hell up. You're ruining my fucking moment." I couldn’t help but laugh at the frustrated look on Zacky's face. I looked at him knowingly and he sighed before standing up, but not before winking at me slyly.

He reached down and buttoned back up his jeans before buckling his belt once more. I adjusted my shirt that was now above my boobs and winked at him.

He reached down for the beer before taking a big swig and passing it to Matt. "Thanks for the idea Syn. Can't wait to finish it tonight underneath your bunk." He said as he placed his arm around my shoulders before he kissed my temple.

I winked at Brian who was looking rather pleased with the mini spectacle we had provided but also rather disturbed with Zacky's statement.

I shimmied out from Zacky's arm and started to make my way off of the stage. My eyes flew open as I felt a hand come in contact with my ass. I turned and snapped my teeth playfully at Zacky as he and the guys laughed.

"You all enjoy the show?" Matt laughed into his microphone. He received confirmation rather enthusiastically. "It's like free porn." He added as an afterthought. "Yeah, free porn with a pregnant chick." I stuck my middle finger up at him as I returned to my place beside Val who was laughing her ass off. "Well enough with the porn how about we get back to the real show?"

"That was amazing." Leana told me as the guys launched into yet another song. "Oh you should have seen the look on Syn's face while Zacky was eating your face. I think his eyes were going to fall out of their sockets."

"Yeah he was shocked to say the least." Lacey added.

"Well maybe that will teach him to watch his mouth. He just might get what he suggests." I winked as I turned and sat down on one of the large black cases that were sitting off to the side. I still had a good view of the stage and my eyes instantly traveled to Zacky's ass as he turned his back to me. He must have seen me looking out of the corner of his eye because he took extra effort to shake his ass a little. The black bandana that was hanging out of his pocket moved back and forth as he walked toward Brian for their back to back solo.

Camera flashes went off like crazy for the infamous pose. I swung my legs back and forth as I placed a hand on my stomach gently. I sure hope this baby was ready because it was sure going to grow up in one hell of a family.
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