Lips That Need No Introduction

Chapter 7

"Why the fuck are we stopping again?" I glared at Jimmy who groaned from the couch on the bus.

"Because oh pregnant one is having cravings." Matt rolled his eyes. Tears welled up in my eyes as their tone implied they were annoyed. I stood up and stomped my way into the bunk area. I threw the curtain open and climbed into the bunk before sliding it shut noisily, almost tearing it from the hinges.

I was now through my first trimester. Lovely month number three was starting and so were the typical pregnancy symptoms. I hadn't had too many cravings lately but I could feel them starting. And for weird things too! Like today it was chocolate ice cream and pickles; together. Gross, I know. I can't help it though! You never knew when a craving would strike and when it did it was all that mattered to you. It went along with the mood swings that I was now experiencing as well. Hence why I started crying when the guys were talking. The smallest things could set me off and they often did.

"Dude shut the fuck up! You know she can't fucking help it!" Zacky was often the one to stick up for me and my offset emotions. I just didn't get it though. If Val were pregnant Zacky wouldn’t be complaining and Matt would be stopping the bus for every small thing she wanted.

I wasn't that picky or mean. At least I hoped I wasn't. A silent tear rolled down my cheek and I tried frantically to wipe it away. I heard the bunk door open and footsteps trotted along the narrow corridor to my current sanctuary. I sniffed lightly as I heard the steps stop. I rolled over onto my side and faced the wall of the bunk, away from whoever was standing beside me.

I heard the sliding of the curtain and felt the bunk shift as someone sat down. A hand was placed on my back as someone rubbed it.

"I'm sorry Katie. I didn't mean to sound so mean." I glared at the wall as Matt expressed his apology.

"Just go away Matt. Leave 'oh pregnant one' to herself." I mumbled. There go the mood swings again. Damn you hormones.

Matt sighed. "Alright. I'm just really sorry though." I felt him stand up and slide the curtain back in place.

Maybe this was all a mistake coming on tour with them. Maybe I should have stayed home. No one likes a cranky pregnant chick.

"Maybe I should have stayed home." I mumbled out loud to myself.

"But if you did then I wouldn’t be able to see your gorgeous pregnant self and enjoy being around you during it."

The voice startled me making me jump and hit my head on the top of the bunk. Clutching my chest I turned and saw the curtain slide open to see Zacky's grinning face. It held a little sorrow though and I imagined it was probably due to my previous comment that wasn't intended for his ears.

He sighed seeing a tear escape my eye and climbed into the bunk beside me. His arms wrapped themselves around me and held me close. Tear after tear fell onto his Iron Maiden shirt but he didn't care.

"I don't think I like being pregnant." He chuckled at my statement before kissing the top of my head.

"But you're cute when you're pregnant. I can tell you're finally starting to show." His hands moved to me stomach where they gently rubbed over the tiny bump that was indeed starting to show.

"It's so hard to envision my child inside of you but every time the thought crosses my mind I get this fucking giddy feeling. It's exciting knowing that you and I both took part in the creation of our child. I can't wait." I smiled at his words. It was funny how at times he could be the tough ass guy that he was portrayed as yet then there were times when he was the sweetest guy in existence.

"And as for the guys they can kiss my ass. They need to suck it up and keep their damn comments to themselves. If it was their girl they wouldn’t be saying a fucking word." It was comforting hearing him confirm my earlier thoughts. I sighed and nodded knowing he was indeed right about that. I still felt bad though.

"Zacky can you go tell the bus driver not to stop? I'll just wait until we get to the hotel." The craving was passing thankfully. He looked at me with a worried expression and then sighed and stood up from the bunk.

"Sure. I'll be right back." I shivered slightly at the loss of warmth that his embrace provided. I could hear voices in the other room bickering about something and I had a feeling it was Zacky chewing the guys out. He returned just a few minutes later and had a scowl on his face.

"Those fuckers are pissing me off." I closed my eyes as he climbed back into the bunk and couldn’t help but feel bad. I was the reason they were all frustrated. It was all because of me.

"Zacky…" He held up a hand to stop what was going to be my concerned statement.

"Don't say anything. It will all pass. I just want to lay here with you."




"Forget it Matt. I know you're sorry. I'm a bitchy pregnant woman. I know that. I'm sorry if my hormones get the best of me sometimes."

His eyes were downcast as I started to walk away but he was quick to grab my hand.

"Wait a minute. Let me talk. I just want you to know that I really am sorry for being an ass and so are the other guys. We're just not used to it. It's not like you to be this way and I know it's only temporary. We'll all try and be better about our attitudes and comments from now on. If you ever need anything just let us know alright? I don't want you keeping things bottled up because you don't want to be a burden. You're family and family is never a burden as far as we're concerned." His words made me feel better about the situation.

"I'm sorry too Matt. I don't mean to be this way. I just can't control it. I just wish these damn hormones would take a chill pill for a bit. I can't keep up with them anymore." He chuckled before pulling me into a hug.

"Just think though, only six more months and we'll all have a new little niece or nephew to spoil. It'll go by quickly. It will." I sure hope he was right.

"Are you two done having you're make-up session? I'd like to have my wife back now." Val smacked Zacky lightly on the arm for his comment as the two of them approached where Matt and I were standing next to the bus outside.

"Yeah we're done. You can sweep her off her feet now Zacky." I laughed when Zacky took Matt's words literally and picked me up bridal style.

"Thanks man. We'll be back in a little bit." Our destination was a mystery to me but I waved from over Zacky's shoulder at the couple that was now entering the hotel lobby. Zacky eventually set me down beside a rental car and helped me get in.

He drove down a few of the local main roads before pulling into a grocery store parking lot. He grinned as he led me into the store by my hand. As soon as we entered my cravings were back. They always said pregnant ladies loved their food and I now see why that saying holds true.

"Get whatever you want." He told me as he grabbed a basket to push. I took off trotting lightly down the ice cream aisle in search for my beloved chocolate flavored treat. I pulled out a half gallon container and placed it in the cart before adding a few smaller containers of Ben & Jerry's mint chocolate cookie. Zacky followed me as I then hit the condiments row and placed my jar of sweet pickles in the cart. Bags of barbecue chips were added as well along with some caffeine free sodas that I could drink. Zacky insisted on grabbing some beer for himself. He liked to keep his secret stash from the guys since they tended to drink it all whenever he bought it just for himself. Our cart was only slightly full when I decided I had enough odd snacks to keep me satisfied for awhile.

"Oh wait. I need something else." Zacky stated as he steered the cart down the personal hygiene row. Was he out of toothpaste? Nope, walked past that. Deodorant? Nope, not that either. I rolled my eyes as he stopped in front of the condoms and tossed a box into the cart.

"Zacky you do realize you don't need those while I'm pregnant right?" He looked at me weirdly for a moment before realization dawned on his face. I giggled lightly as embarrassment also came through as well. Well, we all always knew he wasn't the brightest crayon in the box but that's why I loved him.

"Shit." He blushed lightly before putting the box back on the shelf quickly. "Brian stole my last one the other night and I just had it in my head that I needed more." I patted his arm as he hung his head in embarrassment as we walked back to the front of the store.

"Zack, chill babe." I said as we loaded the contents of the basket onto the conveyor belt. After paying we left and drove back to the hotel. Zacky grabbed some bags and so did I much to his dismay.

As opposed to each couple having separate rooms on a floor we actually had an apartment type room on the very top floor. It was supposed to have the common room and kitchen but then each couple had a separate room the branched off from there. It was going to be interesting to say the least.

We entered the top floor by use of our key in the elevator and stepped out into the common room which was huge. Only two couples were currently occupying the room and they happened to be Jimmy and Leana along with Johnny and Lacey.

"Where's everyone else?" I questioned as I set my bags down on the kitchenette.

"Fucking." Jimmy snickered causing me to scrunch my face up while Zacky laughed.

"Go figure. We always knew the twins had a lot of stamina." I watched as Zack pulled out a plastic bowl from one of the bags and a plastic spoon to go with it. He used the spoon to put some chocolate ice cream into a bowl before turning to me. "And you want the pickles… where?"

"On top please." The other four looked at me with grossed out looks while I grinned like a little kid. Zacky's nose wrinkled in disgust as he placed a few pickles on top of the ice cream. He handed me the bowl as I sat down on the couch and he took a seat beside me with a beer in his hand.

My eyes lit up as I placed a spoonful into my mouth and savored the taste. Johnny made a gagging noise but I rolled my eyes and pointed my spoon at him.

"Hey now. Shut it. You can't do a damn thing about pregnancy cravings. I'll probably look back at this and be just as grossed out but right now this is the best thing ever."

"That is just disturbing. Pickles and chocolate ice cream. Dude your kid's going to have one weird ass appetite." Zacky nodded at Jimmy who was eyeing the beer that Zacky held. He took a swig of it and placed it between his thighs.

"So you're finally starting to show! A little bit anyway." Leana chuckled as she stared at the small bump of my stomach.

"Yeah. Twenty bucks says soon I'll look like a beached whale."

"Damn it. Can't take that bet because it's true!" Zacky chucked his beer cap at Johnny who just shrugged as he threw it back.

"Wow that was good." I stated as I licked the spoon and set the now empty bowl on the small table on the other side of Zacky. I yawned and decided to stretch out on the couch. My feet rested on the left arm rest while my head was placed in Zacky's lap. I curled one of my hands under my chin while letting the other rest on his leg. I heaved a sigh as I relaxed into his lap. His leg was cool against my ear and I knew it was because his beer had been resting against that spot. One of his hands tangled in my hair and messaged my head, relaxing me.

"I can't wait for our next show." I rolled over slightly so I was looking up at Zacky. He let out a small aroused groan and I blushed realizing that I had placed my head on his boys. Scooting over slightly I still looked up at him to see if he would elaborate.


"Because it's supposed to be sold out. Those are always the best. The fans are so dedicated during the show especially if they know it's sold out. It just sort of adds to the fun." I looked at him weirdly thinking that he gave an odd explanation. He wasn't telling me something.

"Not to mention after we're plan on getting plastered." Lacey mumbled as Johnny looked at her with a frustrated stare. Zacky hadn't mentioned that to me. Was everyone going out to get drunk? I sat up and looked around to spot a guilty look on each face, including Zacky's.

"Is everyone going out after to get drunk?" Silence ensued and I was becoming frustrated. I mean sure they all still drank but they often toned it down so I didn't feel left out. The word "plastered" however, let me know there would be no limits. Chances are I would be the only one not getting drunk. I tried to avoid the bars because just the atmosphere was now overwhelming for me. I fretted over the baby all night.

"Umm well, we were planning on going to a bar after." Jimmy spoke slowly.

"That doesn't answer my question." Now let me tell you there is a big difference between getting drunk in the hotel suite and getting drunk at a bar. When it came to these boys the bars were the nightmares. They went all out. If everyone was going to get drunk I would be the one who had to get them all back. And I being in my current state wasn't feeling up to that.

"I was going to tell you later. We all just need some time to let loose and relax." I glared at Zacky as I stood up.

"Oh and I don’t? How the hell am I supposed to let loose when I have to deal with nine drunk people and a baby on top of that? You know what? Don't answer that. I'll be staying here by myself." Scowling I stood up and noticed that the previously missing two couples had now poked their heads out of their rooms to observe what that commotion was about. I growled lowly before walking into the only vacant room and slamming the door behind me and locking it.

I flopped down on the bed and sighed. Taking a few deep breaths I got myself under control and realized that yet another massive mood swing had just hit me. Yes I was extremely frustrated that no one had told me of the plans, but I think I was even more frustrated that I couldn’t join in the fun. I'd be the odd one out and that was never fun. Typically something like this would seem minor to me but now with my hormones out of whack it hit me a little harder.

The door knob jiggled slightly and I glared at it, happy it was locked. I heard mumbling before whoever it was gave up. Chances are it was Zacky but right now I didn't want to see him either.

The room was silent with just me in it. Every now and then I could hear people talking outside the room but I just remained on the bed and stayed quiet. The knob jiggled every now and then but I just ignored it. What seemed like hours passed and eventually a knock came through the wood of the door.

"Katie? We have to go do the show now, are you coming?" Zacky's voice was soft and laced with guilt. I stood up from the bed and unlocked the door before opening it a tad bit so I could look out.

"No. I'm just going to stay here." I didn't see a reason to go when I'd just have to catch a cab back here after by myself. I might as well put in a movie and catch up on my sleep while they partied the night away.

Zacky's face drooped and I knew he had been hoping I would change my mind. "Are you sure?" I saw the others standing behind him a ways away but I knew they were listening. I shot a glare in their direction before turning back to Zacky.

"Positive. Have a good show." I gave him a weak smile, secretly hoping that maybe someone would come back and keep me company after but I knew that probably wasn't likely. They would all get drinking and forget about me.

"Alright. We'll try. I love you."

"You too." I mumbled before shutting the door and locking it again. His defeated sigh was heard through the door but right now I really didn't care.

"Well it looks like it's just me and you tonight little one." I told my baby.

Surprisingly enough the night passed quickly. Zacky had tried to call me a few times as had Val and Brian but I just ignored each call. I ended up catching the second half of Finding Nemo on tv before I passed out on the bed.

My sleep sure felt short lived though. The sound of something banging against one of the walls echoed through the suite as I was startled awake. Loud voices greeted my ears and I knew they were all back. Glancing at the clock I saw it was four in the morning and groaned.

Deciding I had better unlock the door so Zacky could get in I stood up from my slumber.
I twisted the knob and cracked the door open to see everyone stumbling around the room. Eyes were bloodshot on every single one of them.

Brian was the first one to spot me standing in the doorway and he sauntered over to me. "Kaaaaatie you missed out on some fucking great booze tonight." His voice slurred as he spoke and all eyes turned to me.

"Brian I can't drink. I told you." I said in an aggravated tone. I knew this would happen.

"Oh yeeeah! Because you've got Zacky's spawn in you. Damn Zacky you sure ruined her. She's sorta bitchy too." I glared at Brian and then turned to see Zacky laughing.

His eyes were red and puffy and he clutched the counter to try and stay upright. "Yeah man. Babe why are you being such a bitch lately? You're sure no fucking fun anymore. I wish you hadn't gotten pregnant in the first place. It's such a hassle." Tears welled in my eyes at his words and I quickly blinked them back. Val and Michelle gasped as they looked between me and Zacky.

"If that's what you think Zachary Baker than you can sleep on the fucking couch tonight and not have to deal with me and my bitchy self!" My screams seemed to quiet everyone and even looked to sober up Matt and Leana who turned worriedly to Zacky.

It was almost as if Zacky realized what he had said because he stood up straight and tried to apologize to me but I had already turned heel into the room and locked the door behind me for the third time tonight.

"Babe open up. I didn't mean it. I'm sorry." I threw a pillow at the door and shouted for him to go away. My head was buried under a pillow as the tears shuttered through my body and landed on the sheets.

Somehow I knew tonight was going to suck; I just didn't expect it to be this bad.
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