Lips That Need No Introduction

Chapter 8

"Katie come on girl. You have to talk to him! He's a mess!"

"Well maybe if his arrogant mouth hadn't spouted off that bullshit then he wouldn’t have to feel bad!" Val cringed slightly at my anger but really, who could blame me? She was sitting with me in my bedroom a full day after the drunken rant by my husband. I hadn't seen Zacky and refused to let him near me if that was how he felt. He may have been drunk but there had to be some form of truth behind his words. At least now I knew how he felt.

I had tried to book a flight home this morning but everyone had been adamant about not letting me. They basically took away my cell phone and laptop so I couldn't do much of anything.

"Katie this stress isn't good for the baby. You need to just hear him out." I crossed my arms over my stomach and huffed. What else could he possibly say? That he was sorry? That he didn't mean it? If he didn't mean it then it wouldn’t have been said. It was as simple as that; or so I thought.

"Fine. If you're going to be stubborn then we have no other options." I glared at her as she stood up and left the room. I was lost as to what she meant by her previous statement but soon found out when the door opened and Matt and Brian came in with Zacky hoisted between them. They set him on his feet and bee-lined out of the room before I heard a scraping against the door. I glared at Zacky before trying to open the door only to find out it was blocked.

So now I was stuck with him. No way out of this one now. Upon looking at him I saw that his eyes had dark bags under them. His hair was disheveled and the eyeliner that usually was neatly traced onto his eyes was now smeared across his face slightly.

He shoved his hands in his pockets as he stood and stared at the ground.

"If you're going to talk I suggest you do it now." My mutter was low and held an aggravated tone to it.

"Can you at least sit down first? I just want you to relax with the baby and all."

"Oh so now you're worried about the baby? You sure as hell weren't last night Zacky!" He sighed as he looked at me pleadingly. I glared and allowed myself to sit down on the bed with my legs crossed. He took his hands from his pockets and started pacing in front of the bed.

"Katie I am so sorry." I opened my mouth to yell at him for the simple statement but he held his hand up.

"Please just let me finish." I closed my jaw and gave a small nod. "I know I screwed up big time. First of all I shouldn’t have left you here by yourself while the rest of us went out. At first I was mad that you weren't coming with us and that's where my aggravations got the best of me. Thoughts did start going through my head about you being pregnant and how it was starting to seem like a burden. I missed just having you be my wife. Not being a future mom. The more I drank the more the thoughts surfaced and by the time we got back I was completely out of it."

He ran a hand over his tired face and I took it he didn't sleep much last night at all.

"I sobered up within seconds of you yelling at me and I deserved everything I got last night. I didn't sleep at all but instead sat up scolding myself for being so fucking stupid. I love you more than anything on this earth and I can only hope I'll be a good father to our child. I kept having to tell myself that these next nine months will pass but until then I need to prepare myself for being a dad, not so much a rockstar. I'm scared to death of screwing up and last night I was scared to death of losing you. I'm not used to you having mood swings. You're so laid back usually and almost nothing can upset you. Now it's like I'm scared to even sneeze for fear of you starting to cry or some shit like that."

By now he had come to sit by me. My glares had softened up and I could tell he was being brutally honest with me.

"I'm scared Katie. I may not have shown it up until now but I'm fucking scared of being a dad. Alcohol seemed like the best way to relax last night but it ended up being my nightmare. I'm so fucking sorry!"

By this point he had taken my hands in his and was gripping them like he was afraid to let go.

"Zack, I'm scared too. I mean yeah I saw myself being a mother someday but now that it's here I'm so scared. Not to mention I'm so not used to these mood swings either. I hate not feeling like myself anymore. I hate not being able to drink with you guys, I hate the weird cravings, and I hate being pregnant in general. But you and I need to stick together through this. We can't start getting all up in each other's grills over this." I laughed slightly as he gave me a weird look because of my choice of words.

"You're right. And I realized the same thing last night. This is just a trial period for us. It's testing our marriage and I want nothing more than for this to make our bond stronger." I scooted closer to him as he opened his arms and welcomed me into his embrace.

"I think it already has." My tender voice carried to his ears and he grinned as he kissed my head lightly. "I love you Zack. But you have to just, be careful with me. This little one makes me feel like my hormones are going insane."

"I know. I've heard the horror stories of pregnant wives and the raging moods. One minute you're laughing the next you're crying. I guess I just have to suck it up and deal with it. And also not get so drunk next time. It's not fair to you to have to put up with me like that."

"That's very true. Now what do you say we go out and make sure the rest of them are still in one piece after their busy night?" I rolled slightly off of the bed before standing up straight on the ground. I wobbled a tad bit as I regained my balance.

"Woah there." Zacky's arms grasped my own and helped to steady me. I suppose my balance was suffering in this pregnancy as well. I knew it would only get worse the fatter I got as well. Joy.

"I'm okay." I waved him off before grabbing his hand and leading him out of the room.


One would think that after the previous night's fiasco that the partying would remain in the hotel room tonight. Unfortunately for me and Zacky that was not the case. After countless assurances that he wouldn't be getting drunk I allowed for Zacky to escort me to the bar that the rest of the band was inhabiting for the night. I figured that since Zacky had promised me he would limit the beers to no more than three it would be an alright night.

We stepped up to the cushy purple carpet that lined the sidewalk outside of the bar and went around the line to the very front. The bouncer took one look at Zacky and must have recognized him. He gave us a nod before removing the rope and allowing us entrance into the bumping club.

I looked around warily and was very aware of the amount of people that were already visibly drunk. Zack must have noticed my wary look because he gave my hand a gentle squeeze as we weaved through the crowd.

He helped me slide into the booth beside Leana before yelling that he would be right back with our drinks from the bar. Leana's arms were thrown around my shoulders as she pulled me against her small frame in a hug.

"I'm so glad you guys worked things out!"

"Me too. I hate fighting with him."

"That was your first fight though wasn't it?" Val yelled from across the table. I nodded sheepishly as they all aw'd over that small tidbit of information.

"Damn it Brian. Why can't we be like them?" Michelle asked him as he finished off his beer and grabbed another.

"Because you like the rough make-up sex too much." She hit his stomach making him arch forward a bit from the contact. "Hey now. You know it's true!" Michelle just glared at him while Val made a nodding motion with her head next to her sister.

The booth shifted mid-laugh for me and I felt Zacky's arm wrap around my shoulder after he placed a strawberry-lemonade on the table in front of me. I pecked him on the cheek before taking a drink. I had to give him credit for knowing what I liked.

"So where the hell are Matt and the boys?" Jimmy questioned in reference to the Bullet For My Valentine boys who were also on the tour. I had only crossed paths with them a few times so far yet I already knew they were great guys.

"Fuckers decided to try out a different bar." Johnny said as he rolled his eyes. Jimmy threw his head back and laughed.

"What the hell? Everyone knows this is the best bar around."

"I guess they'll just have to figure that out for themselves then." Zacky smirked as he finished off his beer and placed the empty bottle in the growing pile on the end of the table.

"Dude! Zacky! Here's your and Katie's theme song!" Matt laughed out loud as Hinder's Up All Night came on over the speakers. My jaw dropped at Matt's accusation but I didn't have time to retort seeing as Zacky had pulled me up and out of the booth and was now leading me to the dance floor.

"Zacky what are you doing?" I hissed as he spun me around and pulled me back into him.

"Aww can't a guy dance with his wife and baby?" I groaned slightly as I felt him pressing against my backside.

"Grinding isn't technically dancing you know." He chuckled and pressed his snakebites against the side of my neck in small kisses.

"Does it really matter?"

"Not really no."

"Then stop complaining." I yelped slightly when his mouth opened and he nipped at my skin with his teeth. I tilted my head sideways and hooked my forefingers onto his pinkies that were hanging out of my front jeans pockets where the rest of his hands were tucked away.

"Being up all night sounds like a good idea to me." I let a small moan slip as his fingers rubbed my thighs gently though the material inside of my pockets.

I was hard pressed for words as we continued dancing to various songs. I eventually started to feel extremely low on energy and Zacky took me back to the table where the other lazy couples were still sitting drinking. We sat back down and I just sort of stayed quiet while the rest of the group spoke about random things. Looking around I saw that the guys, minus Zacky, were all rather out of it. The pile of empty bottles had grown substantially. Jimmy had resorted to taking shots with Brian and everyone was now unable to hold still, making it extremely uncomfortable to sit there with them.

Looking to the dance floor I saw a guy stumbling uncontrollably. He tripped and ended up flat on his knees before he lurched forward and emptied the contents of his stomach right on the floor beside him.

Witnessing that event sent my emotions for a spin. Between the guys and girls who were now on their way to utter drunkenness and the people hurrying to help the guy who was now sprawled in his own vomit on the floor I was becoming extremely overwhelmed.

Zacky was watching me cautiously and I was desperately trying to hold myself together. My breathing was becoming heavy and I knew a few tears were close to escaping. I turned away from the group and buried my face into Zacky's shirt. Small sobs escaped as I clutched the checkered material that covered his tattooed chest.

"Aw babe what's wrong?" He whispered. I could sense a bit of nervousness in his voice. His arms hugged me close and I barely saw the others freeze in motion when they caught sight of me.

"I just feel really overwhelmed and tired. That guy puking really sent my insides for a flop and I just don’t feel good." I sniffled and could sense the nervousness about the table. "Can we go please?" I knew my hormones had gotten the best of me yet again and I hoped Zacky wouldn't flip.

I pulled away to see Matt looking at me with a scared expression. I let out a small sob and pulled one of the drink napkins to my nose. Silence ensued and I looked at Zacky again. He looked sort of disappointed that I had asked to leave. He looked from me to the guys and gave them a nod.

"Alright babe. We'll head back." Another sob wrecked through me as we stood up. I saw Johnny's eye twitch slightly as he looked at me oddly.

As we headed out I made the mistake of glancing in the direction of the man on the floor still, now surrounded with people trying to help, and lurched forward too. Nothing came up thankfully but my gag reflexes kicked in. Zacky hurried to my side and held me against himself as he rushed me out the door and into some fresh air.

My breathing calmed down as I leaned up against the side of the building. Zacky hailed a cab and helped me in. Tears were still coming down my cheeks and Zacky was being extremely quiet. I hope he wasn't mad at me.

"Zacky I'm sorry."

"Oh no babe. Don't worry hun. I understand. Especially after that guy puked all that shit up." Even he cringed as he spoke of the man. That was one of the grossest things I've seen in a long time.

I nodded against his shoulder as I yawned and closed my eyes. His left hand came up to the side of my head and held it against his body.

The last thing I remembered was him kissing the top of my head before my thoughts switched to black and I was out for the night.
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