Downfall of Arms and All Things Beautiful

Chapter 2

My feet ached. My head hurt. My heart felt empty. I felt alone, despite the people crouched next to me and the many bodies that lay strewn all over the bloody beach. I pressed my back against the rough rock and looked up. The sky was cloudy and grey and the waves crashed just in front us, adding to the noises of death and murder. The perfect scene for war and combat.
The boy on my left was panting, hard. I turned to look at him. He had his eyes tightly shut, probably wishing he wasn’t here; his face was dirty and his black hair was plastered to his face from sweat. He was one of the friends I had made in this hell. Chris opened his eyes and glanced at me. He shrugged and ran out from behind our rock, shooting at our enemies. One by one, everyone left our ‘safe spot’, including the nurses, to join in the conflict.
I bit down on my already bloody lip and looked down at my boots. I groaned in displeasure as the sea water swirled around my feet. I would have to leave from behind this rock or be washed away. I gripped my gun tightly and emerged from behind the rock, holding down my green, meshed army helmet. Everywhere I looked, people were dying, bleeding and crying out in agony. Everywhere, there was anguish.

Suddenly, a familiar voice caught my attention. It was Chris. He was rolling around on the sand, blood leaking from his chest and leg. I began running towards him, screaming his name, but some of my other friends held me back. I could only watch, yell and struggle as a nurse worked on Chris, putting pressure on his wounds and trying to make the flow of blood stop. I finally gave up the struggle, but my friends did not let go of my arms. Chris groaned in agony and looked my way for a moment, his eyes locking with mine. I tried to shake off the boys again, but they held on tightly, even grabbing my hair. Chris reached out to me slowly. The nurse got up and moved to another person nearby. What!? Just leave him to die, while I am held back?
Chris’ mouth opened and closed. Then, his eyes flickered and he stopped breathing. I escaped the boys hastily and ran to Chris. I crouched down next to his body. His lifeless head remained where it was when he looked at me for the last, painful time. I shook him softly then vigorously, and turned his face so I could look into his dim eyes.