Downfall of Arms and All Things Beautiful

Chapter 4

I slung my gun over my shoulder and picked Chris up gently. I was going to bury him.
Crouching low, still with Chris in my arms, I ran quickly and cautiously towards the end of the beach, hiding every now and then behind various rocks and large sand dunes.
The beach stretched on for ages, but finally, I got to the end of the battlefield and hid in a small, sandy cave. I placed Chris down and his head lolled pathetically to the side. Tears blurred my vision as I began to create a makeshift grave.
It must have been hours before I had finished the hole properly. When I was done, I picked Chris’ cold body up again and placed him carefully in the grave. As I began to heap sand on top of him, a small, blood-stained piece of protruding paper caught my attention. I reached down and took it from the breast-pocket of his army uniform. It was a letter.