Downfall of Arms and All Things Beautiful

Chapter 8


Minutes later, it seemed, I awoke abruptly. I was no longer next to Chris’s grave. Nor in the cave.
I sat up and looked around the dimly lit room slowly, drinking in every detail. It was a fairly simple room. The walls were concrete, there was no carpet and there was only one, high window, which had bars on it instead of glass. On the wall opposite to the door, there was a stretcher with a stained pillow and mattress, and a stool in another corner. The stool had a glass of water upon it. There was a small flap at the bottom of the door, and a bottle, which was lying on its side, had obviously been shoved through it. On the walls and floor, there were brownish-reddish stains of some sort. I shuddered. The floor was cold.
It only took me a few minutes to realise, that I had been captured. I was in the Enemy’s cell.
I stood up cautiously, and pain erupted through my body. I staggered to the stretcher and fell upon it, groaning. I looked around the room again and noticed the glass of water for a second time. I was so thirsty. I needed that drink.
For about five minutes, I thought about the dangers of drinking something from the Enemy. But, at last I just couldn’t resist.
I tottered over to the stool and drunk all the water in the cup. The feeling of the cool water running down my parched throat was good.
Suddenly, I felt light-headed and collapsed on the stretcher again. Instantly, I fell asleep again.