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Chasing the Moon

Paint A Picture To Last Forever

“How’s she doing?” Aiden asked worriedly, holding me tightly.

“She’s just sleeping. Don’t be such a big baby,” I mumbled teasingly, rocking my baby girl back and forth in my arms.

“Oh, hush,” he begged, kissing Hailey’s forehead. “It was a close one, though. You two scared me.”

“I’m sorry, sweetie. Next time I’ll try not to scream when I’m pushing a freaking baby out of my uterus!”

“Well, that’s a little gross,” he mumbled, laughing at my irritated gaze as he sat down on the couch beside me. “I’m kidding, but you really do paint a picture, huh?”

“Oh, bite me!”

He raised an eyebrow and I giggled as he tried to look seductive while trying to get a crying baby to stop squirming.

“Ah, the sexy daddy look. You pull it together, eh?” I giggled, watching over our little girl.

As expected, Gavin had been a breeze. He was the absolute epitome of health. But Hailey had been another story. She had the exact same thing as her father, so we kept the emergency number close by at all times. Aiden went absolutely baby fever when we had brought them home.

I swear, if he could breast feed them, he would yank them from my arms in a second!

I gagged, laughing when Aiden glared. He surely knew that I was envisioning it yet again.

“You’re such a jerk,” he grumbled.

“I’m the jerk? At least I didn’t scream profanity at my best friend at our wedding when he showed up!”

“I thought he was trying to talk me out of it! I’m sorry! What do you want from me, woman?”

I smiled, glancing over at our wedding picture. We had taken a picture with Aiden’s parents, my parents and sister, and Jonathan and Lucy. But the picture also had captured Zach and “the guys” excluding Marshall, of course. It had made my lifetime when he had shown up.

Oh, and Nicholas was going to be a father soon. He’d met a girl he’d fallen for in less than a day—a real sweetheart. He finally understood what I saw in werewolves. Celeste was still hanging all over Zach, too. But I was just happy that they dropped in from time to time. Zach dropping his death threats to Aiden also lightened the mood, too.

“When do you want to head over, Gabby?” Aiden asked me suddenly, letting Gavin chew on his finger.

“Oh, we can go now if you want. I just don’t want to be too early.”

“Oh, Lucy will be delighted if you’re early. Then she can set up another harebrained scheme to get me as far away from you as possible.” He smirked.

“Will Leanne be there? And Nick?”

“Oh, of course. If one of them is there, the other is bound to be a centimeter away. Really, the guy hovers!”

“And you’re one to talk?” I joked.

“Aren’t you funny?” he mumbled dryly, snagging his keys out of his pocket and standing up. He helped me up beside him.

“Oh, wait!” I begged, handing him Hailey. As he juggled two kids, I darted upstairs and grabbed their baby blankets. “Can’t forget that.”

“There’s nothing manly about a blanket!” Aiden rolled his eyes.

“Want me to take your Baba blanky from you?” I teased. Mischief danced across his eyes.

“Not my Baba!” he cried in mock horror.

“That’s what I thought,” laughing and shaking my head playfully as I shut the door behind us. “My poor, tough man.”

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