Sequel: Total Drama Couch
Status: This is no longer going to be updated since, to put it quite simply, I've lost all interest in not only the (poory devised) plot, but also the band. Sorry and thank you to all the loyal readers! I will keep this up if any of you (or myself) feel like reliving some terrible writing, haha.

My Heart Says That I Just Can't Quit

Dedicated to Amalia 'cause she's cool like that. [ you should stalk her now ]

I do not own any of these songs, lyrics (the titles), or the band (although I very much wish I did).
  1. I Just Wanna Hear You Say that You'll Be Okay
    "Hun, if this boy was worth it, he would've been here early."
  2. Got Me Right Back Where I Started
    "You didn't tell me you had a girlfriend."
  3. It's Too Late, It's Too Far
    "She said sorry, stop being a bitch."
  4. Wake Up Late at Night with You on My Mind
    "Getting tampons... With Thomas?"
  5. Now That You Got Me Lost Then Found
    "I have to admit, feeling Jayk's huge bicep and Thomas's heavenly touch at the same time is basically ***ic."
  6. Never Ever Thought We'd End Up Like That
    "You know… I guess you're in a love triangle now! Welcome to the club!"
  7. I Just Get Half of You
    "Why are you still with her?"
  8. Anytime You Fall I Won't Let You Down
    "It really kills me inside to see David hurt you like this. If you need anything -- anything at all, I'll be here, okay?"
  9. It's Gotta Be This Complicated Girl
    "What the ***..." (Dedicated to all the loyal readers.)
  10. No I Can't Quit, You're My Bad Habit
    "And that's the magic of the Spy Kid!"