A Daydream Spills From My Corked Head

Chapter 5

Once inside, Jon and Spencer ran right to the Xbox 360. I laughed silently to myself. Ryan slid into a booth, which was pretty much their table. Brendon walked over to the mini-fridge and grabbed a rootbeer, then sat down next to Jon. Lauren and I just stood there by the door, not sure who to follow.

"Hey girls, don't just stand there. Grab a seat." Ryan offered.

I accepted the offer and slid across from Ryan, into the booth. Lauren, on the other hand, plopped herself next to Brendon, joining the video game frenzy. This left Ryan and I all alone, which was slightly awkward. He decided to speak first.

"Comfty?" he asked.

"I guess so. . ." I stuttered.

"Alright then, let's get to know each other, shall we?" he questioned.

"What would you like to know?" I laughed.

"Hmm. . . How about your name?" he asked.

"I'm Sam. . .Sam Robinson," I said, holding my hand out across the table.

Ryan stared at it for a second, dazed. He laughed, grabbing my hand. His hands were really warm against my freezing cold ones. We shook hands and I dropped mine, lying it on the table.

"I must admit," he smiled, "you have some pretty cold hands."

"Yeah, I know," I sighed.

I was so starstuck that I hadn't realized that the rest of the band were still alive. All I focused on was Ryan. Suddenly, a red shoe flew past my face, almost smacking Ryan in the eye.

"Learn to throw!" he yelled at the thrower of the shoe, which was Jon.

"My aim was off, that's all!" Jon called back.

Before I knew it, we had arrived at the restaraunt. I scooted out of the table and followed Spencer out the door. Ryan was close behind. I stood on the ground, waiting for the rest of the guys to get out of the bus. Brendon leadped off the steps, nearly tackling Spencer to the ground. Lauren burst out in laughter. Jon looked at her funny.

As soon as we got inside, I was surprised to see that we were left alone. No onverly-obsessed fans pumbled the band for autographs. They didn't secretly take their picture either. We slid into a large, somewhat circular booth. Our waitress was at our table almost instantly.

"Hey, I'm Carly, your waitress. Can I start you guys off with something to drink?" She welcomed, smiling eagerly. I was 95 percent positive she knew who was sitting in front of her. I felt a spark of jealousy light up when I saw the way she was looking at Ryan. I let it slide. We all ordered and she left at once.

"I guess you guys ought to leave her an autograph picture as a tip. She looked as if she was about to faint," I teased.

"I'm glad I wasn't the only one to notice that." Lauren agreed.

"Clever idea girls," Brendon said sarcasticly. But the others seemed to nodd their heads as if agreeing with Lauren and I.

Carly returned with our drinks. As she passed them out, I noticed she was eyeing Ryan the whole time. All I could do was glare at her.

Why was I letting this bother me so much, anyway? Ryan and I weren't dating. We met less then five hours ago. He hardly knew me! I didn't like him, or atleast, I don't THINK I do. Besides, I doubt he would like me. I'm pretty sure he has higher standards. I was going to have to get over this, quickly.

We ordered, ate, paid, and left in a flash. As I was walking out the door, I noticed Jon slip a piece of paper with scribbled black writting all over. I rolled my eyes and laughed. I walked beside Lauren on the way back to the bus.

"Are you having fun?" she nudged my side.

"This is pretty awesome," I admitted.

"Did you see the way Ryan was looking at you?" she said, quietly. My fast twisted.

"No. . ." I said, curiously.

"Sam, he seemed really into you," Lauren confided.

"Ha. You're kidding," I laughed, climbing into the bus.

That thought didn't even hit me. Ryan didn't like me. I didn't like him. But what if he really did like me? I needed to sleep.
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