A Daydream Spills From My Corked Head

Chapter 7

Brendon was right. This little party was pretty fun. Spencer and Jon's girlfriends came over. I think their names are Mandy and Carissa. We were in the middle of a Would You Rather/Truth or Dare game. It was Brendon's turn. He looked at Spencer.

"Would you rather have tree branches as arms or a foot made of jello?"

"Wtf, Brendon? I'd have tree brances as arms. That way, animals could live on me." Spencer answered proudly. Everybody laughed.

The game got boring, really quickly. Jon had a new idea.

"How about we play Spin the Bottle? But twist it up a bit." he smirked.

"Explain, evil genius," Brendon said.

"Well, you spin the bottle. Whoever it lands on, you can either kidd or choose not to. If you decide not to, that person can ask you truth or dare. But you have to do whatever they ask you. Sound fair?" he explained.

Everyone looked at each other, then nodded. Everyone except for Ryan. He seemed as if he was in his own little world.

"Alright! I'll grab a bottle," Brendon said, jumping up.

We all moved into the middle of the bus and formed a circle. I plopped down inbetween Lauren and Mandy. Ryan sat across from me, still spaced out. Brendon placed the bottle in the middle of the circle and sat down next to Lauren. Jon came in with a camera and sat down next to Carissa.

"I thought we should get this on camera," he shrugged. There wasn't a single protest. I found that odd.

Brendon went first. The bottle spun around and around then pointed at Carissa.

"Brendon, I'll knock your teeth out," Jon threatened.

"Fine. But I know you think I'm sexy, Carissa," he winked at her. She pretended to gag. "Truth or dare?"

"Umm. . . dare," she said, nervously.

"I dare you to yell 'Brendon is sexy' as loud as you can." he grinned.

Carissa yelled, completing the dare. Then she spun the bottle. The green tip pointed directly in my direction. Oh shit.

"No way. I'm no lezbo. Truth or dare, Sam."

"Dare." I said blankly. Hey, I guess i'm up for a challenge.

"I dare you to sit in Brendon's lap for the rest of the game."

Was she crazy? Everybody 'ooo-ed.' Brendon smiled as I walked over towards him. I noticed Lauren shoot me a jealous look. I'd rather have it be her than me. He looked up towards me.

"Have a seat," he smiled.

What a pervert. Why the hell was I doing this anyway? If he tries to touch me, I'm pressing charges. Well, maybe not. I awkwardly sat down in his lap.

"Here, I'll make it comfty," he smirked.

Suddenly, his arms were around me waist. Talk about awkward! This was insane. I was just waiting for Lauren to jump up and rip my head off. She just looked away. I rolled my eyes and spun the bottle.

Seconds later, the bottle was pointing at Ryan. All eyes shot at me. Brendon clapped.

"Dun dun dun," Brendon teased.

My face turned red. Kiss Ryan? This is pratically a dream! I wouldn't move from Brendon's lap. I just couldn't do it in front of everyone.

"Are you gonna kiss him or what?" Spencer asked.

"Uh. . ." I started to say. But I was interupted by a loud ringing noise. It was Carissa's phone. She pulled it out of her pocket, and flipped it open. I could hear someone yelling from the opposite end. She mumbled a few things, then hung up.

"Sorry guys, Mandy and I gotta go," She said, standing up.

The game was over. I said goodbye to Carissa and Mandy then watched everyone follow them out the door. I slid back into the usual spot in the booth. As I waited, I pulled out my phone to check what time it was. Wow. It twas already one in the morning. Lauren and I should be leaving. The band probably wanted to sleep or something.

Looking at my phone again, I noticed I had a text from my brother, Shane. I read it and hit reply. The door to the bus flew open, making me jump so bad that I dropped my phone. It was only Ryan.

"Wow. Sam, you're really jumpy," he noted.

"Yes, and you're really odd." I replied.

He slid acorss from me. "Thanks." he smirked. I narrowed my eyes.

"You never answered the question."

"What question?" I asked, suspicious.

"If you were gonna kiss me."

"Oh. . ." I franticly tried to find words. "Well, I figured you didn't want to kidd me. And I didn't want to infront of everyone and you barely know me."

"I never said I didn't want to kiss you. Sure, we barely know each other, but it was only a game. Besides, we're alone now."

I smiled. My heart was pounding.

The door opened again. Brendon jumped through, followed by the rest of the band. Ryan became tense instantly.

"What's going on Ryro?" Brendon smiled.

"Oh, not that much. Just uh. . . chatting." Ryan replied, nervously.

Brendon looked at Ryan suspiciously.

"What? We were only talking."

"Okay, okay. Chillax, Ross." Brendon said.

He walked over and sat down on the couch, followed by Lauren. She plopped herself down right next to him just like a little puppy dog.

"Hey Lauren, shouldn't we get going? It's already like one thirty."

"Oh shit, Sam! You're right." Lauren said.

"Well, why don't you guys just stay the night?" Brendon offered, "We'll have a sleepover."

"Brendon, sleepovers are for thirteen year olds. We're 19." I said.

"Fine. I'm still calling it a sleepover." Brendon pouted, "So, how about it?"

"Sure. Why not." I agreed. Lauren nodded.
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