A Daydream Spills From My Corked Head

Chapter 8

Everyone was asleep except for me.

I was still sitting in the same booth.

Brendon was passed out on the couch. Lauren had fallen asleep, too. She was using Brendon's shoulder as a pillow.

How cute.

I was starting to doze off.

I checked my phone. It was four twenty. I looked acrossed at Ryan. He was sound sleep. I set my phone back down on the table. It made a thump noise. Ryan opened his eyes.

"Sam?" he mumbled.

"Hi" I smiled, nerously.

"Have you been awake this whole time?" he said, rubbing his eyes.



"I'm not sure. I just wasn't tired." I shrugged.

"I'll be right back." Ryan got up and headed to the bathroom.

When he came back, he slid in next to me.

"Aren't you cold?" he asked.

"Sort of. Do you have a blanket or something?" I asked.

He looked around.

"Nope. I don't. But let's improvise, instead." he said, putting his arm around me. "Come here."

I hesitated, rested my head on his chest.

"Well, since we're alone-ish now...how about that kiss?" he said.


He lifted my chin up until I was looking into his eyes. He smiled. Then his lips found mine. It wasn't as long as I expected it to be. I pulled away and rested my head back on his shoulder. Before I knew it, I was asleep.


I woke up to snoring. I opened my eyes and looked around.

I had fogotton that I fell asleep on Ryan. I sat up, trying not to disturb him.

I glanced over at the couch. It was Brendon who was snoring.

I checked my phone again. Only nine o' clock.

"Ryan, " I whispered, "wake up."

"Hmm..." he said, moving. He jumped, "Oh. Morning, Sam."

"Goodmorning," I said, grinning.

I moved slightly away from Ryan. It was so cold, that I decided to slide back. He was warm. It felt nice.

Spencer walked into the room, yawning loudly. He stopped when he noticed that I was laying on Ryan's shoulder. He raised one eyebrow, then continued walking.

"Well, hello" he said.

"Hi," we said back.

He grabbed a bagel. Then went over and turned on the xbox.

"What's going on?!" Brendon shouted, rolling off the couch onto the floor. Lauren rolled with him, also hitting the ground. Her eyes shot open.

"What the fuck?!" she yelled, just as loud as Brendon.

"Morning," I waved.

She stood up and straightened herself , and took a seat by the window.

"Hey guys, are we moving...?" she asked.

All eyes shot at Brendon.

"What? Moving?" he said, looking out the small window, "well, that's not good."

"The bus driver probably just took off to the next venue on the tour." Jon suggested, walking into the room.

"Where might that be?" I asked.

"Florida, I believe." Spencer said.

Florida? Are you serious? That's half way across the country! Well, sort of. I can't believe it. Why did they even offer for us to stay if they knew we'd be leaving? Sure, Brendon 'forgot.'

On second thought, Florida might be fun. It'll be an adventure. I just gotta keep reminding myself that.
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