It Was Only Halloween

Chapter 1

On October 31, 1995, a major power-outage hit the small town of Silverfox, Ohio. The children were disappointed that no light would make their trick-or-treating routine creepier and more dangerous. But, that didn’t stop them from getting their hands on giant amounts of candy.
Ryan Ross, a fourteen year old, was excited about the blackout. This gave him the chance to scare all of the little kids. Plus, he wanted candy. Him and his best friend, Brendon Urie, met at his house to create their costume. Ryan decided to go as a mummy, and Brendon went as a vampire. Brendon wrapped Ryan up in toilet paper, and Ryan helped Brendon with his makeup. The boys grabbed their pillow cases and headed out the door.
The roads were filled with ghosts, goblins, and Disney characters. Brendon and Ryan fit in perfectly. Before heading towards the first house, Brendon bet Ryan fifty dollars that he couldn’t hit every house before midnight. This included the huge house up on the hill, which was said to be haunted. Ryan agreed. Brendon laughed, he knew Ryan wasn’t capable of hitting every house before midnight.
“I’ll do it, only if you come with me to the haunted one,” Ryan added.
“Are you kidding me? Of course I will. I don’t believe in ghosts anyway,” Brendon said.
Ryan rolled his eyes, Brendon was clearly bluffing. Ryan remembered the time back when they were five. Brendon and Ryan were having a sleepover at Ryan’s house. They were playing hide-and-go seek in the dark in Ryan’s living room, when Ryan’s dad came home early from work. Brendon got so scared, he had to go home early because he thought Ryan’s father was going to secretly kill him.
The boys walked up to the first house, collected their candy, and made their way to the next. Ryan checked the time. It was eight thirty. The night was still young. This bet’s going to be easy. Ryan thought.
After they had trick-or-treated all the houses in their neighborhood, the haunted house was the only house that remained. Ryan checked the time again. Brendon leaned over to check, too. It was eleven thirty.
“Wow. Those three hours flew by, huh Ry?” Brendon said, jokingly.
“Yeah, they did,” Ryan laughed, “Let’s get going. I’m starting to get tired.”
“More like scared,” Brendon teased, smiling.
Ryan laughed, “Yeah right, come on.”
They stood at the start of the driveway that wound up to the giant house. Ryan took the first step, and began to hike up the hill. Brendon followed nervously behind. Once they got to the door, Ryan hesitated before knocking.
“What’s the matter? Scared, Ross?” Brendon smiled.
“No, Brendon, I’m building up the suspense,” Ryan replied, “Is it working?”
Brendon remained silent. Ryan reached up and knocked loudly on the door, then waited patiently. No answer. He tried again, pounding on the door. This time, the huge black door creaked open. Their eyes widened. Brendon began shaking.
“Hey, uh, Ryan? I think this mean we should leave now. They probably aren’t handing out candy this year,” Brendon urged, nervously.
“No way, I’m getting that candy, Brendon. Remember the bet?” Ryan smirked, stepping inside.
“George Ryan Ross, are you out of your mind?!” Brendon shouted, grabbing Ryan’s shoulder, “This house is haunted. HAUNTED!”
“But the bet…”
“Forget about the bet. I’m not letting you go in that house!” Brendon said pulling Ryan back.
Ryan fought off Brendon and turned to go back into the house, but stopped dead in his tracks. A bright light coming from the doorway caught his eye. Ryan realized it was a pale man holding out a bowl of candy. He wore nothing but a pair of pants. His body showed that he was covered in scratches. Ryan looked down and noticed that he didn’t have feet, instead, he was floating.
“Candy?” he offered. His voice was faint, it was practically a whisper.
“Ghost!!” Brendon shrieked, running down the paved driveway, “Ryan! Run!”
Ryan grabbed a piece of candy from the bowl, and dashed instantly down the driveway. After he was a few blocks away from the house, he stopped.
“Easiest fifty bucks, ever,” he muttered to himself, smiling. Then he ran to try and catch up with Brendon.
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