Never Meant To Be

Luminescent Yellow Eyes .

“Stop her!” one of the werewolves commanded. With a low growl Terriana ran to the entrance of the door, blocking Tamara’s way.

“Out of my way Werewolf.” Tamara said with a low hiss.

“Make me, Vampire.” Terriana said fiercely, her visible yellow eye shining in the dark as they glared intently at the girl of a different race. Tamara’s fangs protruding out of her mouth as to intimidate the Werewolf in front of her, Terriana did the same with her slightly longer Werewolf fangs.

“I’ll make you then.” Tamara threatened.

“Ooh, you think you’re so big, just because you’re the fiancé of that Heir to the Vampire Council.”

“Since when did a Werewolf like you grab hold of that information?”

“Do not question my intellect, Tamara Varyen, eldest daughter of the Varyen Clan, engaged to Brendon Urie, eldest son of the Urie Clan, who is heir to the Vampire Council throne.”

“You see Ms. Varyen, my friend Terriana comes from a clan of Werewolves, who are skilled at gathering information.” Camilla explained.

“The Demilia Clan takes pride on our information gathering skills. We are swift, we listen quite intently, and we can camouflage ourselves in the shadows.” Terriana said proudly.

“It’s hard to believe, when that sickly yellow eye of yours just stands out.” Tamara said, meaning to insult the Werewolf. She heard another growl from her, making Tamara smirk as she continued. “If your clan can blend in the shadows, then your clan is probably useless at daytime.”

Tamara was able to swiftly move to the side as Terriana attempted to attack her out of fury; Patrick acted instinctively as he grabbed the smaller girl and held her there so she could not attack Tamara.

“Terri! Calm down!” Patrick said.

“How dare you insult my clan! I will not allow this!” Terriana roared angrily.


“Well you Vampires are just as useless during daytime as you say our clan is! You can barely go outside without wearing those stupid cover ups just so you could hide that sensitive skin of yours! You Vampires are as worthless at daytime as those Ghosts at night time!”

“TERRI THAT'S ENOUGH!” Patrick said in a commanding voice. Terriana shut her mouth, still glaring at Tamara, who just stood there stoically.

“And may I point out Miss Varyen, that you could’ve just transformed into a bat and flew out of here, instead of just running.” Camilla pointed out, causing Terriana to chuckle lightly, making Tamara glare at her.

“She is weak from being exposed from the sun too long, if you two want to continue insulting her then I won’t tolerate it. As heir, I wish for you two to treat her kindly while I am away.” Patrick said, letting go of Terriana, who had calmed down.

“Where are you going Patrick?” Camilla asked.

“I’m going to meet with the Vampire heir, to inform him that his fiancé is quite safe in our hands.”

“I’ll come with you, as your cousin I—“

“No Cami, you have to stay in case Terri gets into another brawl with Ms. Varyen, I’ll be going with Mikey, so don’t worry.”


Brendon leaned on a wall in an alley, as he watched his small cousin pace around anxiously, both were waiting for someone.

“Mari, stop pacing, you’re making me dizzy.” Brendon said.

“I can’t stop pacing Brendon, a Werewolf has Mara! I can’t possibly calm down!” Marianne said.

“Tamara will be fine, she won’t let some Werewolves take her down so easily.”

The two Vampires felt another presence, a presence that was somehow a little colder than the usual. A smug smile played upon Brendon’s lips as two light spheres appeared before them, slowly transforming into two transparent human figures who were Frank and his cousin Naomi.

“Glad for you two to join us Frank, Naomi.” Brendon greeted.

“Hey Brendon, Marianne.” Frank said, greeting them both individually.

“So, what’s all this fuss about?” Naomi asked.

“My fiancé, she seems to be in the hands of the Werewolves.” Brendon said, Frank and Naomi’s eyes widened in shock.

“How?” Frank asked.

“That’s what we’d like to find out.” Marianne said venomously, obviously not pleased at the fact that her best friend has been abducted by people of the different race. There was a sound of movement, and the four teenagers turned to where they had sensed it. They saw two wolves at the site. One was of a reddish-brown color, and the other was of pure, rich brown, both their eyes a luminescent yellow. Brendon straightened himself up from the alley wall as he cleared his throat.

“It’s nice to finally meet you, Patrick Stump, heir to the Werewolf Council.” he said. The two wolves howled eerily as they slowly transformed into their human forms.

“Same to you Mr. Urie.” Patrick said.

“Where’s Tamara?” Marianne asked, almost immediately, making Patrick turn to her.

“She’s still being taken care of by two of my female Werewolf friends, one of which is my cousin. Do not worry, she’s fine. She just needs rest.” he answered.

“Don’t fucking lie to us you wretched Werewolf!” Marianne said, taking a step towards Patrick, only for the fellow Werewolf next to him to step in-between them. A young man with sort of long brown hair, wearing glasses.

“Don’t dare touch the heir with those tainted Vampire hands of yours.” he growled.

“How can you say that when surely you’ve touched the heir’s fiancé with your filthy Werewolf paws?” Marianne hissed.

“Mikey, don’t.” Patrick commanded softly, Mikey glared at Marianne for the last time before retreating to his former post beside Patrick.

“Marianne, come back dear cousin. We’re here to negotiate, not fight.” Brendon said. Marianne obeyed Brendon, though she was still glaring at the taller figure. Patrick noticed two other figures just floating there, silent in the midst of the two other races.

“If I remember correctly, you’re Frank Iero, heir to the Ghost Council.” he said.

“That is correct, this is my cousin, Naomi Iero.” Frank said, pointing out Naomi to them.

“What business do you have here?”

“Brendon has asked us to come, for back-up most probably.” at Frank’s answer, Patrick turned to Brendon with a confused look.

“Since when did the Vampires and the Ghosts team up together?” he asked.

“We haven’t officially teamed up, our elders don’t know about our secret friendship.” Brendon said with a smirk, Mikey scoffed.

“They’re lying, they’ve probably joined forced in order to destroy our kind.” he said aloud.

“We would never think of our friendship as a way of turning against the Werewolves. In our elders’ eyes we are still enemies, but then my cousin seems to have taken interest in these Ghosts.” Marianne explained, glancing at the Ghosts, her eyes lingering on the male of the two. When Frank felt someone eyed him, he turned to see Marianne, whose usually pale cheeks had grown pink as she turned away.

“Very interesting.” Patrick said. Brendon’s eyes wandered away from Patrick as he took notice of his male companion, who looked strangely familiar. He had the same, though darker, hazel eyes...

‘Gerard? No… it can’t be…’ Brendon thought as he shook his head.


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