My Scars Are Yours Today

Chapter Fifteen;

Ivy slowly awoke. Her head was pounding, her throat was dry and the memory of the fire in the station was filling her pained head steadily but surely. Someone had got her. Someone had returned and helped her. Looking around the room though, she realised that she wasn’t in caring hands but instead she was back in malicious claws.

The room was much different to any of the other ones that she had been in whilst being in the company of the Joker. However the boarded up window and small blood splatter on the carpet near the door proved to her that it was in fact he that she was dealing with again. Perfect. She was stuck in a room without her pills, any spare clothing, any food and God only knew how long she was going to spend in there alone. One thing was for sure though, she knew that mentally she couldn’t take any more pain.

At the back of her mind though she was actually concerned that she hadn’t seen the Joker yet and had only heard Gordon say his name whilst on the phone. She wanted to hear his manic laughter. She wanted to see his sadistic smile looming over her. It was an attention thing she realised, whilst the whole world ignored her as she walked on by, he had picked her out of the crowd.

“What the hell is happening to me,” She whispered and stood from the blue duvet covered mattress. Ivy paced the carpeted floor and then walked over and tried the door. Unsurprisingly it was locked so she began to pace again in frustration. She rubbed her temples and groaned out.

“Happy!” She suddenly exclaimed and remembered that the puppy had been with her in the station. She hadn’t dropped him had she?

The Joker watched Ivy through the small camera that was hidden in the corner of her room. It was only there so that he good keep an eye on her and make sure that she neither harmed herself or managed to escape. He could see her pacing and holding her head in her hands; it was only luck that his goon had managed to actually find her in the fire, as the plan hadn’t actually gone accordingly.

At the time when the bombs had gone off, Gordon was supposed to have taken the Joker’s threat seriously and hurried Ivy out of the station however there was a delay somewhere within the station. The green haired man looked down with a grimace when he felt a rubbing sensation against his ankles.

The small German Shepherd puppy stared back at him before whining and pawing at his trousers leg. He knew Bruce’s intent with giving the dog to Ivy and he wasn’t about to let that happen so instead had the dog get used to him so he wouldn’t seem a threat to the puppy’s owner.
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