My Scars Are Yours Today

Chapter Two;

Ivy sat in silence, staring at her reflection. Dark purple shadows hung just below each eye from lack of sleep and her once tanned, healthy skin was now a ghostly white.

“You won’t hurt me this time and tell me to do things?” Ivy asked her reflection unsurely.

Ivy, if I ever did that before, it was to help you. I’m only here to help you, honey. I see the things that you seem not to manage to. I’m just like a helping hand.

“Fine,” Ivy uttered. She strangely felt at comfort talking to herself again. It wasn’t like when Alfred or Bruce tried to speak to her, no, Jinx already knew every little secret so she had nothing to hide.

Great! Now lets go out and look around this city.

“It’s 3am, I’m not going out. Plus this city is full of Mobs, I don’t really want to die yet.”

Oh, don’t be such a spoil sport. If anything happens to us, you can blame me. You just need some fresh air. You haven’t left this room in days.

Ivy shivered slightly at the cold nights air that attacked her arms and bare shoulder blades.

“Why wouldn’t you let me wear a jacket?” Ivy whispered, shuddering at the coldness that surrounded her. She walked down the sidewalk; leaving the area that Wayne Manor was situated in and walked further into the dirty city and its crime filled streets. Ivy wasn’t nervous, oh no, when Jinx was with her she seemed to spout confidence but that didn’t stop her from becoming agitated whenever they passed a homeless person or an alleyway.

I’ve already told you Ivy! You need to pay more attention – it’s a small social experiment. We’re looking for someone to get you back to your old self, like how you used to be when we were younger.



“But I told you that I didn’t want to get back into that stuff Jinx,” Ivy muttered angrily.

Chill! I’m doing this for you. How do you expect to survive in this city hmm? Be careful when walking past this upcoming alley. There is someone there. Be prepared. Ivy sighed and saw what Jinx had been talking about. At the opening of the alley stood a man whom looked a mess. She shuddered and consciously wrapped her arms around her body.

“Hi there, why don’t you come and warm yourself up by the little fire I have going,” Ivy looked at the man and took in the rags of cloth that he wore as clothes and the stubble that seemed to want to take over his grubby face.

“No thank you, I must be going,” Ivy whispered, the cold plaguing her body with goose bumps. She turned to walk away from the man but a calloused hand gripped onto the top of her arm.

Don’t seem weak!

“Oh no, I insist,” He drawled out. He pulled Ivy close to his body and the stench of alcohol made the young girl cringe and gag. She squeaked in surprise as she was pushed into the alley way and against the wall.

“So pretty,” He gushed, hands touching her body.

Come on Ivy! Defend yourself! Ivy raised her knee and let it collide with his groin however the man seemed to wince but that was it. She groaned in remorse though when she saw the small pistol he pulled out of his pocket.

“You bitch, what am I supposed to do now?” In turn, Ivy’s harsh whispers under her breath seemed to confuse the drunken man.

Punch him in the nose hard enough to break it. Get the gun from him, hit him over the head with it and then run. Ivy did as she was told and the man fell to the floor unconscious. She stared at him for a few minutes before leaving the alleyway, breathing heavily and walking down the sidewalk again.

At a girl! Now we just need to keep that- shit! Ivy move! Everything went black.
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Holy crap I hated that chapter O__O. I apologise for how badly it was written.

So anyway, i've finally got everything back from my old laptop now so I should hopefully begin to update generally every week or something.

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