My Scars Are Yours Today

Chapter Three;

Bruce sat at the breakfast bar with a newspaper in his hand. His dark brown hair was messy from sleep and he was dressed in grey sweat pants and a white wife beater. The aroma of bacon filled the kitchen as he read over a newspaper article concerning the Joker. Alfred turned with a plate full of food and placed it in front of the man of the house.

“Is something wrong Master Bruce?” Alfred asked worriedly as Bruce’s grip tightened on the newspaper at hand.

“The Joker is out of Arkham. He showed his face at some kids eighteenth birthday at two this morning. Gordon had told me that he’d escaped and this mornings stunt was only for publicity – you know, like to show that he’s back,” Bruce uttered and put the paper down onto the bar.

Wake up! Ivy, wake up!The voice seemed to be a lot louder than usual and Ivy gripped her head in pain.

“Jinx, be quiet,” She groaned, burying her head into her pillow – her pillow? Ivy immediately sat up and stared around at her room.

“How…?” She whispered in confusion. The last thing she remembered from earlier that morning was being jumped after leaving the alleyway.

I don’t even know myself. We’ll just have to be better prepared tonight.

“Uh, what ever you say Jinx,” Ivy grumbled, pulling herself out of bed and sitting in front of the vanity. She looked into the mirror and touched the sensitive spot on the side of her head. On closer examination she found that there was a shallow cut there – presumably from when she blacked out.

What confused her most was that the cut was clean and seemed to be healing fine and it wasn’t a bloody mess like it should have been if no one had touched it for five hours. Even the hair around the cut was clean of blood.

“So what are we going to do today?” She asked, trying to take her mind away from her confusion.

Well I think you should get to know your uncle a bit better. After all, it’d be best if you knew the guy you are living with.

Bruce Wayne sat in his office within Wayne Manor and looked through the Joker’s Arkham files. He wrote notes down before a knock sounded throughout the room.

“Yes?” The door squeaked open and instead of hearing Alfred’s voice like he’d expected, he heard the timid voice of his niece.

“Uncle Bruce?”

“Oh, Ivy,” He stated surprised as he saw her stood in the door way nervously, “Come on in,” Bruce was surprised to say the least as she hadn’t left her room for over two weeks and now she was suddenly in his office with him. He inconspicuously moved some papers over the Joker’s file on his desk to hide it from prying eyes.

“So, what’s up?” He asked with a small caring smile. She sat down in the spare chair on the other side of the desk to him.

“I just wanted to talk to you for a bit. Get to know you as I haven’t really made much effort these last few weeks… but if you’re busy I‘ll come back later,” Ivy said shyly but trailed off after noticing the papers covering his desk.

“Oh no, I’d rather spend time with my family than work,” Bruce chuckled softly but Ivy looked unsure. They sat in silence for a few minutes with Ivy being too shy to start the conversation.

“What’s your favourite kind of food then?” Bruce finally asked with his famous smile adorning his lips.

“Um, Italian I guess.”

“Great! I know this really nice Italian restaurant. I’ll ring up and reserve a table for tonight.”

“Bruce, I don’t have any fancy clothes or anything, just jeans and knowing you, this place won’t let me in if I’m wearing those,” Ivy stated looking down at her hands and playing with them.

“Well that gives us a chance to have further quality time now, doesn’t it?” Bruce asked with a smile before standing up and going over to the sixteen year old who hadn’t quite caught on to what he meant.
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