My Scars Are Yours Today

Chapter Six;

The room was pure white and hurt Ivy’s eyes as she awoke. Her head pulsated and she wanted so badly for the dreadful feeling to go away. Her hands were bound behind her and handcuffed to a simple wooden chair which her upper body and legs had also been bound to.

“Hello?” She croaked out, only to have no reply. Was she being left there to die? What had she ever done to the Joker to anger him?

“Why are you doing this?” She whispered brokenly with tears already in her eyes.

Oh pull yourself together Ivy, you’re a wreck.

“I wouldn’t be in this situation is it wasn’t for you!”

For God’s sake Ivy, you just don’t get it. I truly am trying to help you. You and the Joker would make a great team!

“No! I’m not an idiot Jinx. This is all about you. You want to help him, you got me into this mess, you are the reason my life is on the line.”

Don’t be stupid-

“I’m not being stupid!” Ivy yelled out into the empty room before sobbing quietly. She lowered her head, breathing heavily as her brown hair hung limply around her face. The sound of the large industrial door being unlocked and opened startled Ivy and she immediately ceased her sobbing.

She refused to look up as she heard several footsteps coming towards her. Two rough hands grabbed her shoulders and held her still as others unlocked the handcuffs and untied the rope that bound her to the wooden chair. She kept her eyes downcast and refused to believe she was being set free as that would just get her hopes up.

Ivy’s hands were left tied as she was forced to stand and she was walked out of the room. She kept her eyes to the floor and followed the stained carpet on her journey down a dim hallway. The rest of the building was nothing like the white room and was dirty and dark instead.

Going past a few of the rooms Ivy could hear talking from within them as well as laughter. She ignored Jinx the best she could and tried to relieve the painful pressure that the rope had on her wrists.

You even going to try and get free, Ivy?Jinx’s voice ran through her head making the throbbing feeling worse. Ivy knew that she had a point and so pulled all of the strength that she had left together and kicked out violently. She’d caught the three of them off guard but wasn’t quick enough as one of the goons slammed her against the wall viciously with his hand wrapped tightly around her throat.

Once she’d stopped trying to free herself, he slowly released her and instead gripped her shoulder and arm in a vice like grip. Another goon did the same to her other side and they walked down the hallway with her.
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Okay... so that was quite fillerish. But I promise you, it's more interesting in the next chapter.

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